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Karma And Lessons

Karma And Lessons

Message from Maitreya:

A web-site viewer recently asked about karma, and asked if I could write about this. It is an interesting subject. For everything, there is cause and effect. On your spiritual path you have all done things that you are not happy with and which have hurt others. I have said this many times: there are no accidents, everything is meant to be. However, sometimes things can go awry or become more than they should be. Take my channel's father. He was meant to destroy her ego by his actions, and he did this, but he acted a little too strongly and caused pain and hurt beyond what he should have done. Yes, he destroyed her ego, but he also destroyed her in a way, because along with destroying her ego, he was supposed to give love, but this he did not do! This caused many problems for my channel as she grew up.

YOU are the one who decides if you have hurt someone above and beyond the lesson. You do this after your return home to our world, after you have been into the Hall of Mirrors. YOU are the one who marks your Akashic record that you need to do something to repay for that action. There can come a time where you can be free of karma in this world when all your karma is repaid. However, then you become responsible for instant karma. That is when your action creates an instant reaction, as it is not held over to another life, but immediately comes back to you in this incarnation. When this happens, one has to be very aware of thoughts and actions if one is to avoid doing this. This action is usually reserved for those who are on the spiritual path and those who are moving to a higher vibration. For not only does this provide instant karma, but it also teaches one about what thoughts and actions can do. The soul at this level is able to see how the thoughts and actions do create karma because it comes back almost immediately.

Let me repeat again that it is YOU and YOU ALONE who chose whether your actions have gone above what was necessary to repay the karma. Another question I was asked was: "What is karma and what is a lesson?" Karma is where you need to repay to a particular soul for past actions, and you have chosen to do this before your incarnation on the Earth plane. You make the choice to do this, and this applies to a particular individual or group. A lesson is where you choose to learn something special, such as patience, letting go of fear etc. This can be learned with anyone, and usually souls keep coming into your life to mirror this for you. When you have learned the lesson, the souls move out of your energy, and the issue is no more! There is a distinct difference between karma and a lesson. They are not the same.

There is much still to write on this subject, but for now this is all I need to write.



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