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Karmic Astrology

Karmic Astrology


What is karmic astrology ?

This is not beginner's astrology. It is designed for the "old soul" or the "seasoned veteran" of many incarnations. Karmic Astrology differs greatly from conventional astrology. Where conventional astrology tells you what you are, Karmic Astrology answers the question: Why? Often issues appearing in an individual's life right now are the catalyst for the person's inquiry, and s/he has the maturity to realize that.

The answer to that question, "Why?", lies in what we bring into our present life from our past lives. Karmic Astrology assumes you already know what sort of person you are but are now wondering how that came to happen and what can be done about it. Rookies don't ask those sorts of things.

Karmic Astrology assumes that your current life is not just some random existential blip in a void, but instead is a part of a grand sweep of cosmic evolution which has been going on for who knows how many eons over who knows how many lifetimes.

We're talking about the Big Picture here, the view from the top of the mountain, the answer to the question, "Why am I here?" We're talking about taking a look at the next step on the path the person's soul chose before returning to an Earth incarnation.

All the other services that I offer concentrate on your present life. The natal chart, for example, is a blueprint of your whole life, it describes your strengths and weaknesses, major life goals and so on. Astrological predictions on the other hand can help us to peek into the future of our present life and see what the stars have in store for us. In many respects, however, we are predestined from birth in the way in which we succeed, fail, suffer, find happiness etc. The question arises why some people are born under lots of positive influences and some are not? Shall we attribute our lot in life to pure luck or there is more to it?

The truth is that what we are entitled to in our present lives is not the result of some kind of a huge "cosmic lottery", but it is a logical consequence of all our deeds from past lives. No action that we project out there in the real world vanishes into the nothingness. Quite the opposite, every single action that we do remains written in a huge cosmic database and it is the total effect of these actions that determine our next life. Each person is born with certain talents - one is born to be a musician another one is born to be a successful businessman. Karmic astrology can help us to reveal why certain people are born with certain talents and what is the life pattern that leads to this. Usually, the soul quite naturally brings with it what it had learned (or what it hasn't) from previous incarnations. The conditions were different back then, and so were the parents, the country, the customs, but there is a certain life pattern which remains the same.

For example let's take a successful businessman, whose primary task in life is to make a lot of money. He has an office in a city tall tower, drives the latest model car and has a huge house and a motor boat. The soul of this person has never experienced this type of life style before, because all these technical advancements were invented relatively not so long ago. However, we can probably trace back this soul as a camel trader in Egypt, as a landlord in China or as a merchant in Middle Centuries Europe. Circumstances, customs and people were all different back then, but the life path was the same - accumulating material possessions for the sense of security which they give. On a higher level it can be seen that this soul still hasn't learned how to develop greater faith in God, because this is what ultimately gives the strongest sense of security. Until this is learned, this soul will tend to cling in various lifetimes to accumulating and dealing with material possessions.

The bad news is that every time that we develop one type of attachment or another, our destiny will veer towards the possibility of losing this attachment in order to examine what our real values should be. Alternatively, we may develop constant worries that we may lose the objects to which we are so much attached. In this case we still cannot be happy, due to the constant worries. The businessman, which we are using as an example may have a big house, car, boat and so on and yet could be a very unhappy man, because every fluctuation of the stock market can cause him serious worry. One way or another, the attachment to material possessions that this soul has and the unlearned lesson for the need of greater faith in God will shape the life of this soul around certain circumstances and will attract certain type of events into his life until this lesson is learned.

Thus, we see that our life patterns are not the result of who is born lucky and who is not, but are in direct relationships to our previous actions and what we have learned before and what we haven't. On this basis, all of us shape our destiny according to the spiritual lessons that we still have to learn. On the other hand, the gifts and blessings with which we are born are already almost always being developed to a certain extent in our previous reincarnations. This is the reason why we are entitled to them in the present life. This does not imply that one should not work on achieving his life goals and assume that he is simply destined to achieve whatever is written in his chart without any effort. Success in life is the result of 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Don't expect to see in your karmic report that in your previous life you have been for example Napoleon or Cleopatra The purpose of the karmic report is not to add some glamour to an otherwise dull existence and to draw you into some kind of fairy tale world. Quite the opposite - its purpose is for you to understand which of your actions before had led to the situation in which you find yourself now. By gaining this understanding you can start improving the conditions in your present life. I have heard from many people that they do not deserve the life that they are having. However, almost always when they obtain their karmic report they see that there is a good reason why they are in the circumstances in which they are.

For example it is easy to blame the partner for all the negative traits that he has and for everything bad that has happened to us. Very often the karmic report will reveal that we have been connected with this person even before. Very often people who have long relationships with another person (say more than 10-15 years) have been together before. Not necessarily they have been married, although this is also often the case. They may have been to each other brothers, sisters, parents or they may have been in a master-server relationship. The sexes also may have been reversed, because our spirits can reincarnate in both sexes. However, what is always the same is the karmic pattern, or the cause - effect relationship. If we have been abused in this lifetime, the chances are that we have done exactly the same to the other person in previous lifetime. On the other hand our actions in this lifetime will determine what we will experience in the next life. This is how the major, spiritual law of Karma works.

What does it contain ?:

-natal chart.

-detailed text (over 30 pages).

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