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The moving finger having writ moves on , and all your tears shall cancel not a word of it*.

The Law of Karma is The Law of Inevitability. Every cause has an equal reaction, even as it is true in the physical world so is it true in the metaphysical world throughout all its septenate ramifications, and holds for moral and ethical considerations also.This principal is of particular interest and importance to everyone, all unselfish deeds in the spirit of love and service have the effect of achieving merit for the positive and good things of life, but not necessarily in the present one. In the same way an evil life motivated by selfishness and regardless of the harm to others will result in physical limitation and negative experience in future lives, if not in the present. It can be seen from this that repeated lives in differnt personalities and environments are an inescapable conclusion for The Law to work out. Even thoughts are subject to"karmic scrutiny" day and night.

The suffering of the world is due to the actions and attitudes of the race as a whole over the centuries of recorded history, and long before that. The purpose of human life is to learn, and it seems we are still at the bottom of the class in the solar system "doing it the hard way",and so what cannot be enjoyed in life has to be endured. I heard it said that the reason suffering and distress of all kinds is so rife in the world today is because "karmic debts are being called in", in anticipation and preparation for the next phase of human development, and although this may still be centuries away, from the position of the gods earthly existence in the totality of its numerous lives is only a brief episode in the experience of an individual monad in The Cosmic Plan, and a mere eyeblink in Cosmic Time. However, as explained elsewhere opportunities for shortening the process are available in what could be regarded as an escape clause in The Plan, and as such is included in the various systems of Yoga of which the most potent of all is Karma Yoga in the form of service to humanity, in these days, as we are now being subjected to increasing evolutionary pressure by transmuting radiation from above. Like attracts like in terms of character and behaviour in the realms between lives, and applies equally to the upper and lower realms. The upper is referred to in the ancient eastern literature as Devachan, the lower are places where those with a preference for selfish competition and vice can prey on each other.These decisions are made by ourselves during life.

The Law of Karma underlies all the other Cosmic Laws, and there is no escape from it as it is wriitten into the very fabric of the "Omniverse". It is an essential part of evolution sweeping all life into higher states if existence, in which the human stage is the transition between the lower three worlds and the three higher.The Force behind it is The Impersonal Love of That which the Mystics call the "Cosmic Mother" of whom the most oustanding mystic of all in recent times, was Ramakrishna.

For the benefit of those who might like a bit of biblical confirmation of The Law :- "Vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord", and also from the Old Testament, "An Eye for an Eye ..... etc." which unfortunately has been used as an excuse for feuds in misinterpretation ever since. In The New Testament there is :-"Not one jot or one tittle of the Law but shall be fulfilled......" in a saying of Jesus, but most of all "As you sow ,so shall you reap!"is His most emphatic reference to Karmic Law.The Christian Church has replaced the teaching of Karmic Law by the "Washing Away of Sins by The Blood of Christ" and ritualised in The Confession. This is contrary to The Law and cannot occur, in spite if some misconceptions by the writers of the gospels.According to The Law there is forgiveness but NO Forgetting and is ministered impartially to us, by ourselves .

"The moving finger having writ moves on , and all your tears shall cancel not a word of it"*( Omar Khayam)

Universally The Law is administered by The Supreme Lords of Karma, and at the highest level of The Hierarchy maintains the balance betwen the Forces of Evolution and Creation against the tendency to revert to Chaos from which All arose in the Beginning. At least that is my humble conclusion.


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