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At this juncture it seems desirable to say something about the life on other planets, on the basis of what has been written above . The septenary foundation of the cosmos allows existence on the different levels, each of which has its peculiar type of etheric medium and corresponding type of substance. The higher you go in this "ladder", the higher the level of evolutionary status is to be found. The barren and forbidding nature of the planetary surfaces of the planets revealed in recent years denies the possibility of life existing there. And so it is, undoubtedly, and a very hard time we would have trying to establish a colony even on our moon. The whole principle of the existence of life on the planets, therefore, is that it exists on shall we say,"a higher dimension". To presuppose the development of a technology by a race which has reached that stage and to be able to translate themselves between the various levels and planes of existence, is quite in keeping with ancient tradition and metaphysical theory. Visits into realms which are are in a lower state of evolution than their own are to be envisaged as investigations and monitoring, and with the intent of interfering in a helpful manner as far as the Law of Karmic Limitation will permit. It is because of such restrictions that we are virtually in a state of quarantine.The evidence which is surely to be demanded is to be found in our night skies and strange tales of "encounters", which if true would indicate that some are from the lower echelons of the "elsewhere".

SATURN is the centre of influence in this solar system from which all aspects of manas (mind) derive and originate from the sun as described in more detail in the section on "manas". The inhabitants of Saturn have no "individuality" in the sense that we have and have spent eons of time in the solar system on the various planets and in other parts of the galaxy.They have reached that point of evolution to be described as "perfect" and in their next stage destined to qualify for integration with The Logos of The Sun, in accordance with the Law of Synthesis. Their lives have required millions of years to reach an acme of spiritual evolution beyond our imagination.

JUPITER is the centre of learning for the planets and visitors from other solar systems. Here again the bogey of the alleged impossibility of interstellar travel comes to mind of the reader, and as long as we restrict ourselves to the notion that the speed of light is the limit so it is, and yet this is held in doubt by some scientific workers.The answer of course, lies in being able to slip between the different dimensions of space, just as employed in the more imaginative sc.fi. stories, but this is not a story. The actual method depends on the manipulation of the "ethers", but as yet the existence of our particular variety has to be recognised officially. On Venus they are nearing the end of the 7th. round, whilst we in our profound limitation of the stage leaving involution for evolution, are still only a very little half-way in our 4th. round. The connection between the Earth and Venus is an ancient and well-established one being in opposite polarity, and there are biblical references to this in esoteric interpretations. Jesus came from Venus in his 4th. Aspect *; ( and is quoted in The New Testament as saying, " I am not of this world").There has been considerable debate as to whether he arrived via "a virgin birth", which is really none of our business anyway, but such a feat is not unreasonable in the face of techniques a million or so older than our own, and even our infant science seem to be on the way to accomplishing something of the sort. It very unfortunate that we behaved as we did and murdered him, thereby compounding our racial karmic debt, and yet in a subtle and indefinable manner manner we are better off for his sacrifice which He predetermined and carried to conclusion in a masterful way from beginning to the end, which at that particular time was deemed necessary to prevent a global catastrophe, the nature of which so far has been a closely kept secret .

MARS harbours an advanced culture which has passed through a similar phase which we are going through, but they have managed to avoid some of the pitfalls which has beset us on earth. On that etheric level above our familiar existence and mostly below the surface of the planet, they make it their business to provide spacecraft for the other planets, the most familiar of which are frequently observed and occasionally reported. They also make very large vessels capable of extragalactic probes, which are really whole cities with all the appurtenances for long voyages.One of these orbits the earth regularly at certain times of the year and for precise periods since the nineteen fifties, but is screened against telescopic and radar to avoid interference.The particular role of this vessel in earthly affairs requires separate treatment (Ref.chapter on the 3rd. satellite).Mars is the engineering centre of the solar system.

MERCURY is concerned with "communication", how did the ancients know that ?

Something has been included about NEPTUNE in the bit about .

VENUS is the planet most associated with the Earth and is in opposing polarity, Jupiter acts as a centre of learning and university to which people go from the other planets, and also from outside the solar system. Saturn is the home of what passes for The Interplanetary Parliament and Control in the solar system. The Saturnian Masters are the most evolved, next to the Masters of the Sun. There is a triune circulation of energies for every planet with two others. The solar system having a sort of ecology of its own, whatever affects one member is felt throughout the system, the atomic blasts on Terra for instance had repercussions on other planets, and the comet colliding with the planet Jupiter can be blamed for some of our earthquakes and volcanic eruptions perhaps,but that is pure conjecture. Ships fom Venus and Mars have been patrolling the galaxy for a million years. Jesus is a Venusian and came to earth in his 4th.Aspect.

A triune relationship exists between our Sun and Sirius and one in the Pleiades, and I suppose the same applies to the galaxies.


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