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Cosmic Law Light

Cosmic Law Light

Space is not empty. The universe provides crucial Light particles from
the sun, a real substance with weight and pressure, for the growth of
living things. But Light is also much more. Light energy provides
humans with the means of eliminating all "darkness in the world" by way
of the oneness of the Universe Energy Field.

Light will always defeat darkness by revealing information not
previously seen, and it's this force that empowers humans. It's the

What is known as the Technology of Light is the intentional and strong
focus of this powerful energy to specific targets. It may be directed
anywhere that a negative situation is perceived to advance
enLIGHTenment. The Light of information may be focused on "dark" minds
in important positions of earthly power who may then "change" their
minds. The technology is often used to assist open minds for personal
wellness and other benefits. Application of Light can infuse all
consciousness for change.

Timeless wisdom provides background;

"Darkness is a lack of information
that results in enslavement to fear,
and fear manifests in disharmony
in the physical world."

In terms of human government, fearful uninformed minds are dependent
and sometimes even addicted to earthly power, while minds in harmony
with the information revealed by Light, such as the Cosmic Laws, are
self-empowered, self-sufficient, and self-governing. Illumination
"frees the slaves".

The fear of "dark forces" and "evil" spirits has led many into personal
disempowerment, but the restored text of Revelation III, the Third Book
of the Apocalypse, sheds the Light of logic on the subject;
"If you know not the darkness, how
can you understand the light? If
there was only light, how could you
choose that which is sacred, for
only in the darkness can you see
the sacred light."

The information contained in Chapter 3, Verses 9-10, was brought to
Light in "Rising Out of Chaos" (1997) by Simon Peter Fuller.

With such information, and understanding the human power contained in
the Technology of Light under Cosmic Law, fear is baseless.

The bottom line is, as surely as the dark of night is followed by the
Light of day, so the darkness of past ages will be succeeded by the
beauty of enLIGHTened ages, and governments on the planet will work with
the Technology of Light for peace. It's for these reasons that an
AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION, in harmony with the natural Cosmic Laws of the
universe, is being advanced.


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