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Spiritual People with a Mission!

If you’ve ever felt that you are different, that you seem to march to a different beat, than most people around you – it is highly likely that you are a Lightworker! If you would rather study people’s psyche, rather than admire a beautiful body – you are most probably a Lightworker. If the paranormal world intrigues you and you’d love to visit another planet – you’re a Lightworker. If you believe in a special Soul Mate and that you are here on Earth for a special reason – you are a Lightworker. If you’d rather become enlightened than win a million dollars – you are definitely a Lightworker!

And lastly, if you are reading this booklet – then you are a Lightworker. The Universe has directed you here, for a reason. Read on ……


A Lightworker is a spiritually inspired person who has incarnated to Earth to bring spiritual awakening to Humanity. Through their special skills they are able to inspire others to seek out their own special paranormal abilities and follow a spiritual path. Anyone can be a Lightworker. Any age group, any sex, any race or religion.

Lightworkers born since 1971 are usually referred to as Starseeds and those children born from the late 1980’s as Love Children. Each have their own individual and combined tasks to perform.

Many Lightworkers chose to incarnate from the mid 1940’s onwards and are often called the Baby Boomers. They are now the parents of the Starseeds and the Grandparents of the Love Children. They chose Life plans which would enable them to take on the roles of parents, to encourage their Starseed children to develop their spiritual natures. They experienced the Hippy days of the 1970’s, free love and more radical thinking towards religion and community concepts. They were much more open, loving and lenient with their children and attempted to breakdown the stereotypes of male and female behaviour.

Women’s Liberation occurred during their youth and women gained more equal status in society with men. Racial integration and harmony has also occurred during their youth. Many Lightworkers incarnated spiritually to bring light to the planet, as nuclear threat and the cold war loomed menacingly over humanity.

The sighting of UFOs in the later part of the 1940’s (due to nuclear testing in the USA) and the threat that these aliens (The Greys) posed towards society, also encouraged the Lightworkers to incarnate at that time, to counteract this negative influence.

Many Lightworkers started the current New Age Movement. They broke away from traditional forms of religions and worship and began to explore their own psyches.

They have encouraged their own children to explore other religions and philosophies such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and other eastern concepts and have motivated self exploration in psychology, psychiatry and alternative counselling techniques.

Lightworkers have investigated and instigated new and ancient concepts and healing techniques such as reflexology, hypnosis, flower remedies, naturopathy, reiki etc. They have also been willing to open their minds up to controversial topics such as alien life, UFOs, nature kingdoms, other dimensions and angelic influences.

Many have led peace marches and protests and raised society’s consciousness towards these issues. They have developed a respect for mother nature and the animal kingdoms, developing organisations to promote these issues such as Green Peace. Lightworkers have developed a conscience towards those who live in Third world countries and refugees and actively promoted voluntary groups to aid these oppressed people.

Their contribution to human society has been invaluable. Yet, while many work in a third dimensional way, practical way, to aid the planet and it’s peoples, others have not yet spiritually awakened to their true possibilities as spiritual beings. So this is what the rest of this small book is aimed towards - waking up the Sleeping Lightworkers!


You need to realise that you are principally an angelic being with a human form attached, to make living in a third dimensional world possible, not a human being with a small soul, vaguely attached!

You are made up of four components – the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. Most people use three components every day. Their bodily activities, walking, eating, working, making love etc make up the physical aspect. Their thoughts, dreams and imagination make up the mental aspect, while their emotions travel the gamut from sadness to fear to happiness, daily.

Some people have a slightly awakened spiritual aspect to their lives. They celebrate Christmas and Easter or attend their synagogue, church or temple weekly or occasionally for weddings and funerals. However, they keep their religious or spiritual component in a small emotional box, to be brought out when needed, not as an integral part of their life.

Our spirituality should run over into all parts of our life and every minute of our life. Our spirituality should not be reserved for church meetings, but be part of our true nature.

Many religions promote the same attributes – self responsibility, unconditional love and understanding of higher spiritual forces. A Lightworker needs to integrate these three beliefs into their life, if they are to have a truly rewarding and contented life! And isn’t that what we all want?

Let us look first, at Self Responsibility. This means being accountable for one’s actions. Not blaming other people and outside forces such as fate or bad luck for what happens to you. Yes, certainly other’s actions can hurt and effect you for a short time, but eventually you can say "No longer!" and finish their power over you.

Once you realise that everything happens to propel you in a spiritual direction, even supposedly bad things, then you learn to voluntarily live your life from the highest intent. You no longer allow outside forces to overly affect you. You respect other people’s opinions and beliefs, but you now decide the direction your life will take, you take control of your life and accept what results from this!

Unconditional Love is an essential requirement for the Lightworker. Conditional love means- expecting a reward for the love that you give out, such as gratitude or love returned.

Unconditional love on the other hand means – loving everyone, regardless of how they treat you and expecting no reward for doing so. You do not make distinctions of race, creed or sex, you just love them for the true spiritual beings that they are! You may not love their actions, personalities or beliefs, but you do love their inner angelic being.

Higher spiritual forces refers to our belief in a Godforce or Universal energy which directs the world around us. It is omnipresent – always around us and omnipotent – all powerful. It is also all loving, all forgiving and indeed part of all of us. We are eternally connected to this higher force, although at times we may feel alone and abandoned. But, this is us pulling away from God, not God pulling away from us!

Part of this higher force is the angelic kingdom. There are many different types of angelic beings such as personal guides, teacher guides, archangels, nature devas etc. Light workers can learn to contact and communicate with these beings for knowledge, guidance, support and protection.

Once we have these three invaluable components working within us, we are then able to tackle anything the Universe guides us to! We are invincible!


We all incarnate onto the planet with two major priorities – to live our Life and World Plans. Yet, few people ever completely discover just what they are meant to do, during their lifetime and instead, spend most of their lives entangling themselves in karmic situations which are rarely resolved.

A Life Plan is a schedule of events you wish to occur during your lifetime which will bring you great personal satisfaction and spiritual growth. In your Life Plan are such things as career choice, sexual relationships, friendships, activities etc.

Many people spend their entire lives living up to other people’s expectations. They take on a routine job that their parents pick for them or marry someone suitable, but not their Soul Mate. They buy a sensible house and live in a conservative way. Even their leisure activities are ordinary and unfulfilling. Many people are quite happy to die at sixty, just to give up such a dull life!

Their true Life plan however, would have been to utilise their many special skills for their own satisfaction and enjoyment. Their artistic talents would have been fully developed and appreciated. Their imaginative houses built. Their adventurous leisure activities pursued and their true Soul Mate bonded to them. Their lives could be wondrous and exciting, not just conservative and dull!

Discover your Life Plan and begin to live it! Look at what you are good at, attracted to and create a job from it. Find a place you truly want to live and live there! Look for your true Soul Mate and love them! Take control of your life, in a loving way.

World Plans usually work in harmony with your Life Plan. However, as you do your daily work or charity work, you are working also, to help the planet and humanity. You are treating everyone that you come into contact with, as valuable and interesting. You have compassion and unconditional love for them. You want them to spiritually and emotionally fulfill themselves and you want the planet to be healthy, unpolluted and human friendly!

Not everyone can be a Mother Theresa or Gandhi, but you can be the most friendly, caring, warm hearted mother, father, brother, boss, employee in your town. You can be tolerant of all religions, races and creeds and help actively all people. Then you are living your World Plan!


The Universe is continually sending you messages that can help to increase your knowledge and help guide you on the most appropriate paths for yourself. The Universe wants you to be fulfilled and happy! These nudges and messages may be in books, in films, words from a friend, wisdom at a seminar or continual patterns happening in your life. Be aware, look for the divine coincidences or synchronicity. They are there, you've just overlooked them!

When you do something and there is always a negative response – stop doing it! When you do the right thing, everything flows and good results. Learn to change your expectations. Don’t do the same thing time after time, change your life habits and see what happens.

Ask for direct guidance from your personal angelic guides and the Masters. Then look for their intervention. Take the hints, cues and nudges, don’t walk around with blinkers on, as so many people do! It is a benevolent Universe!


First of all, clearly define just what you want in the perfect partner. Make a list of the top twenty attributes you desire. Now look at yourself, do you live up to these standards? If not, perfect yourself first! Like attracts like!

Now send out to the Godforce that you would like your highest Soul Mate to be directed to you NOW! By highest, we mean, the person most suitable for you, for your spiritual and emotional growth as a person.

In the past, you have probably been most attracted to the person, that is the opposite to yourself, the most unlike you! Your true Soul Mate however, should be very like you, not in opposition. You don’t want war – you want peace and cooperation! They will work to help develop your potential and you will do the same for them. No rivalry, no male/female stereotypes, just loving cooperation!

Look for them at the type of places, you don’t normally frequent, but would like to visit. Try spiritual seminars, art shows, dance lessons, nature walks, charities etc. Not bars, raves or other earthy, third dimensional haunts. You are looking for a fourth and higher dimensional person, not a spiritually asleep partner. Be prepared to wait for the right person at the right time, not merely accept wrong persons for a short time, just not to be lonely. Value yourself!


As we travel as a planet, out of the solid forms of the third dimension, into the fourth dimension of spiritual awakening, we experience many changes in our physical bodies and minds. Often our physical bodies become very sensitive, as they become more finer in vibration. They no longer tolerate certain chemicals or substances around us. You may find yourself becoming allergic to familiar perfumes and household agents.

Loud sounds and music may overly affect you. Crowds of people may become overwhelming and your activities will change because of this.

Electrical equipment may irritate you or you may find that you can’t wear a watch. You may find that you no longer need to eat meat or drink alcohol. Your Light body has difficulty assimilating these.

You may at times feel disoriented, dizzy, nauseous, hear strange noises or smell unusual odours. Your entire body is becoming sensitized to life, as a more spiritual being. Your interests may change, friends come and go and life styles make enormous changes. Just remember this is what you asked for in your Life Plan and after the initial discomforts, the rewards will be amazing!

You can then begin to perfect your paranormal powers – see auras, heal your body and mind, communicate with Spirit, astral travel, develop ESP and much more!


One of the most difficult concepts for Western people, is that of detachment. Allowing the Universe’s plan for you to unfold, as it should and not making great distinctions between good and bad.

For instance, the illness that makes you stop working in a routine job, may at first seem bad. But, if later you find a job that is more mentally and emotionally rewarding, that helps make you feel truly fulfilled – then was the illness a bad accident or a fortunate one? If you miss a plane, you wanted to catch and meet your soul mate in the airport restaurant – is that a bad or good event?

Don’t put provisos on life – allow life to flow. Don’t get too caught up in other people’s problems – these are their learning lessons! Offer help, but don’t do all the hard work for them – how else do they learn self responsibility?


Always work on perfecting yourself and don’t allow your ego to say that you’ve done enough! Read books, visit internet sites, do self help courses, attend seminars, talk and relate to others. Teach and learn! Find your talents and use them to help others and bring great satisfaction and contentment to yourself. Live your life, as you wish. Become as spiritual and loving as you can. Ask for divine guidance in all this and you can’t go wrong!

As a Lightworker you have great abilities and talents which can be used to promote peace and harmony on Earth. You can make great changes for good and make your life happy and personally satisfying and rewarding. Awaken yourself to your amazing possibilities and help to awaken others!

Love and Light


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