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Love Is Your Destiny

True Soulmate Love Is Your Destiny from the Messages from God

I am here, My beloved humanity. I am here, holding you perfectly in Love. And in that Love is your perfection. In that Love is your fulfillment. In that Love is the gift of your awakening to who and what you are. And in that Love lie the answers to every question that has plagued humankind - every doubt, every confusion, every pain. All the disillusionment. All of those things that have ever made humans pause and say, "but if God loves us, how is it possible that such negativity would exist?"

Now it is time for you to remember Love, to turn your precious faces back to Me. As My Love lifts you and warms your hearts once again, dear ones, you will know effortlessly all of the answers. Because the moment you say "Yes" to Love, the moment you allow the warm sun of Love to thaw the frozen core of fear within you, it will be obvious. It will be obvious from that moment that you have been playing in the shadows. It will be obvious that it could only exist - the injustice and pain - because you were living on less than you were ever meant to be.

Do you know how a watch, when the battery is running out, begins to do crazy things? Suddenly, it starts running minutes randomly, blinking, changing times, making no sense. This has been the case with humanity now for far too long. Why? Because fear and ego have had My beloved children turned away from Me. Away from Love. Away from the light that is your energy source. Away from the knowledge of your identity, and with the loss of that knowledge you were cut off from the source of your life, the energy that fuels you. You were cut off from Love.

Now, My beloved ones, I am turning your precious eyes homeward. I am calling to you and you cannot resist because Love is your nature, as it is Mine.

I want to tell you some important things. The first: I am very proud of you. I am proud that even though you were running on so little energy, even though you were facing away from the sun of My Love, even though the ego has been ruling the world, your hearts still belong to Me.

I want you to feel the blessedness of your true state, beloved ones. Quickly. I want you to realize that I have never ever doubted, even for an instant, that your hearts were Mine. I have loved. I have waited. I have watched as you grew into strong individuals. For this was always our plan. We did not expect, you and I, that so much would happen to pull you in directions away from Me. We knew it would be challenging - but because of your important free will, there were choices to be made that none could foresee.

We agreed, then, as we still agree now, that together we would be Love as The All (Me) and Love as The Movement into new, expanded, delightful things (you!). And when this time came as the millennium approached, all that I trusted was proven to Me, for those who could see, promised their assistance to those who could not, that all of you could turn your faces back to Me.

I say this to you to express one important thing: My total Love for you and My complete forgiveness for all that has happened that was less than your perfection. I offer you, also, through the truth of your being, the doorway through which you can easily step to reclaim your full measure of Love immediately. To reclaim the energy - the light that will fuel you and bring you back to your full capacity. I offer you the gift of transforming all that must be balanced from things you have done while facing the shadows. This doorway, this key, this answer to your questions is giving love to your SoulMate.

What a strange thing to say, you may be thinking. Of all the great possibilities for changing your life, of the thoughts mankind has entertained about repentance, karma, salvation and spirituality, how could this be the answer? Especially, you say, because very few people have their SoulMate! So does this mean that I am a tease? That I offer a grand opportunity only to reveal that it is only available to a tiny portion of humankind? These questions, I will answer.

I will say to you again, My beloved humanity, that absolutely every energy that exists in Creation is embodied at every level. Every galaxy is a grand and glorious being, within whom all that is within that system, lives and moves. That being does as I do, and lovingly guides all that is within, as all that is within grows and expands that being. Your solar system is embodied; your Earth is a living being. Even Nature is clear and loving conscious beings holding the energy for a particular plant, or species, or energy. Thus is Love also embodied at every level of every reality. Love is embodied as humanity most profoundly, because you are, literally, the cells of My heart. You are My progeny. Made in My image and likeness. Dear ones, this is true. Thus you are the embodiment of Love.

To some of you this is a review. To others it is a first awakening. Regardless, it is very important that you keep this in front of you daily, hourly, for in so doing you will be granted your awakening. In ever deeper experience of this truth. In ever wider range in your life as you expand your capacity to say yes to your truth. So I say to you now that it is imperative that you open your heart, your mind, and your spirit to the proof of Love in your life. I ask you to understand that Love must be standing in front of you, soon as you remember who you are. As you turn your beloved faces back to the light of My presence. As above, so below. As within, so without. So Love will manifest in your life, as will all good things that you embrace in your consciousness. The way to jump start this process is to understand the other fundamental of Love. Love is always given. That is the nature of Love.

Dear ones, it is My nature to pour forth Love - to pour Myself ever outward in an expansion of Love that has created all that exists. For Me to have held back would mean nothing would exist. It was the urge to move outward in an expansion of Love, to find more ways to Love, to create a living experience of Love being given forth, that is the essence of creation. Knowing this, dear ones, you know the truth of your own nature. For My heart is the outreach of Love. It is Love giving forth. And you are My heart. Thus, dear ones, what you really are is Love seeking ways to give of itself.

I have explained to you that the embodiment of Love in your life is your SoulMate, the reflection to you of who you are, and the way by which you are meant to see yourself. Knowing now that you are made of the energy of Love being given, moving forth to bless, reaching out to shower yourself on all that is, then you can see the answer to the search. To be true to yourself, to be what you are meant, you must be giving Love forth every moment.

Dear ones, you will come to find that giving Love is the key to the awakening of humanity. It is as essential as the blood going forth from your heart to nourish the cells of your body. Giving Love is what will nourish your spirit. And since you are, together with your SoulMate, a cell of My heart, when Love goes forth from you, then My heart is healthy. If My heart is healthy, dear ones, it means that all creation is healthy. For within Me is everything.

You are far bigger than you think. You have been tucked away in Time to create safely, for you and for the rest of creation, as you experimented with your power as forces of creation, your energy as the Heart of All That Is. And while it may seem that you have made very large mistakes, that you have turned away en masse and done many horrible things, I offer you this awareness: it has only been a little while in the vast expanse of all eternity. And it has only been here, in this protected place, that you have played 'cowboys and Indians' and 'rich man, poor man' and 'good cop, bad cop' and especially pretended you were unable to give.

And while you have heard life on Earth compared to watching a movie, you have yet to understand how easily you can now leave the theater. All you have to do is remember who I am and you will instantly know who you are. The lights will go on; the movie will be revealed, and as you leave the theater, you will do two things. You will take your trash with you and dispose of it. And, as you leave the theater, you will recognize your SoulMate. You will understand that you are one being with two parts. And you will begin to give Love to your SoulMate, then and there. The moment you do, you become a healthy cell in My living heart. Then, as you continue to awaken, you will become a functioning heart yourselves, nourishing your own creation. And of course you are aware, a heart can nourish nothing unless it always and forever gives.

One of the first realizations in the awakening of humanity is the critical distinction between the ego and the heart. The moment a person makes this switch, they have reclaimed themselves. They have left the theater. They have begun to come alive in Reality. With every decision to choose the heart, they are reconnected with the truth of their being and with the truth of My being - who I am, who they are, and how it changes everything to realize this. It truly changes everything. The shift from getting to giving is the next big shift.

In some ways it could be said that this is the same thing - shifting from ego to heart and from getting to giving. In one sense this is true. For certainly the ego is completely focused on getting! And the nature of the heart is to give. But, I must tell you now that they are not at all the same thing, because the Law of Giving is the Law of Creation. It is the absolute foundation of All That Is. For it is in giving that the movement of creation is revealed, accepted, and lived. The truth of creation is Love. The movement of creation into form is giving. Thus without giving, nothing in form would have manifested.

Keep this in mind for future awakenings: that it is only in giving that you can create.

Now as Love is accepted as truth, and the heart becomes the center of your perception, your full being will be embodied. Your SoulMate will become embodied before you. The foremost thing, even before you can actually physically see him or her, is to begin to give Love to your SoulMate. Open your heart and pour forth Love. For as you do, you establish your circulatory system in form. You begin the flow of energy from the heart that you are together. The moment you do this, and the life blood of your being (which is Love) begins flowing, your truth, the wholeness of your being begins to come alive. At this moment you know that every dream you have ever dreamed about Love, every fantasy you have ever had about your ideal relationship, is nothing compared to this reality. For in this moment, as you give real Love, real Love automatically comes back to you. This, too, is a law - what you give you will receive.

I promise you, no matter how your life has been, that true SoulMate Love is your destiny. I promise you that in one moment of connection to your SoulMate, if you can be fully present, all of your doubt and all of your fear will fall away. And I also promise you this. I now bring forth the return to your wholeness, the truth of your being. It is time. So now, in this time of the turning, everything on Earth now supports the truth of Love, the reunion of SoulMates. What has taken those before you a lifetime to accomplish, you can accomplish with one call for your SoulMate. Because it is time. And because those before you have cleared the path that you might walk it easily. And because it is time for the Golden Age, time for My beloved children to awaken from the dream, or to step out of the theater.

All that was difficult can now be easy. Yet there is a bottom line. That bottom line is your Free Will. For you will forever have this. It is the gift of your co-creatorship. Thus, you must ask for the truth of who you are to be embodied in your life. You must ask for your SoulMate, to experience the amazing gift of a shared heart and a reflecting consciousness.

As you give forth Love, your system of energy, or circulation, first will strengthen within, or between, you. Then it will nourish absolutely everyone and everything that comes into contact with you together, and it will nourish your creations. All you have to do is join your energy systems, for light, which is the SoulMate Double Helix, and for Love, which is your truth as a heart of creation in your own right. Whatever 'mold' you create together with your joint will, will be brought to life.

Please! Do everything you can to understand the truth of this. Please read these words, please open your hearts, please trust in the truth of Love, and please vow, with the great power and gifts that are yours, to serve the awakening of all of humanity. The truth of who you are means this: it will take very few awakened SoulMates, relative to the whole of humanity, to set in motion the revolution of Love that will awaken everyone. It will take very few SoulMate couples, who know the truth of who they are, to get the blood pumping fully, in a glory of life and awakening, through all of My heart - meaning all of humanity! The truth of Love will spread quickly. The giving of Love will nourish everything.

What had seemed missing as humanity played in the shadows, and My heart became dangerously low on energy, will quickly be reversed. But it will take commitment, especially on the part of those who are the first wave, the forerunners of the awakening. It will take turning around completely. Breaking away from the mesmerizing movie, having the courage to leave the theater, to trust there is a whole new world beyond the darkened room and the movie screen. It will take strength. Strength to pull away from the false reality. Strength to refuse the seduction of the ego, the senses and most of all, the habits of feeling. For these are old pathways in the brain of humanity. It will be up to you to establish new pathways. It is only the repetition of truth and the request for assistance that will make this possible.

Beloved ones, you are the embodiment of Love in its perfection. The positive and the negative, the two halves that make the whole. Perfect masculine and perfect feminine energies of Christ (which is the name of the Love pouring forth from My joyous movement of creation, the moving forth of the Love in My heart). Thus, as SoulMates will you embody these energies that you are also able to create.

Begin giving Love to your SoulMate now. With all that you are. With every bit of your capacity, all of your will. You will feel the response. You will feel the response more and more clearly, the more you send forth. Even if your SoulMate is not in your life, he/she will respond to you. The connection will be made. Continue to do this and you will develop communion with your SoulMate. You will be able to begin your work together even if they are not embodied yet in front of you.

As you give Love to your SoulMate, you are giving forth to the world in, ultimately, the very most powerful way. Because as soon as the two of you are fully connected, you can, together, begin to assist with the larger awakening.

In Love, all that is not Love is consumed. Easily. Lovingly. There is no better way to elevate humanity, to heal or transform all that is not Love, to awaken My cherished children, than to become the heart of creation, to become My awakened children and, by the beautiful power of your will guiding your Love, to bring all back to Me.

Your heart will testify to the truth of your SoulMate. And the response to your giving Love will prove this even further. Then, as you give, you will receive and as you receive you will be wrapped in a Love so pure, so true, so familiar, so perfect, that all you can do is open your heart. When you truly open your heart, you will see your SoulMate there, right in front of you. Manifesting in your life - as someone new perhaps, or being at last visible in one who is with you, who your ego probably told you could not possibly be your SoulMate. But the ego, once your ally, blocks your vision now, so that you will be amazed by what you see when you can open your heart.

Dear ones, I ask you to remember that giving Love is a Law of Creation. It is the truth of right relation, of energy flow, and it is the key to receiving Love. The world of illusion will insist this is backward, that you must always be looking for how to "get what you want, deserve, or need." It is a lie. It is the reverse of the truth and it closes your heart.

If you can begin giving, even if your partner cannot, if you are in a relationship, your giving will open their heart. It may take a little time, depending on how much your Love has to clear and transform. But it will happen. And I will guide you. I will assist you. And the energy and light and all beings who embody this, will all be working to assist you. If you turn partially from illusion to truth, from shadows to the light, you will find yourself confronting the illusion held within you. So if it is being difficult, turn all the way around into the light.

It is possible to do it the other way, but it is no longer necessary. The world at large is still facing the shadow while being flooded with incoming light. Thus, all that is held in secret is being revealed and will need to be loved into freedom. But for all who can hear this, if you embrace the light fully, with passionate commitment and continual use of will, the light will quickly become all you see. Then you are ready, with your SoulMate before you, to use your power, fueled by your Love, as the co-creators you are - to use your Love to free the rest of My beloved children, that Love will quickly become all that you see collectively.

Say "yes" to Love quickly and Love will become all that you see. Then you will be able to see all of humanity in the truth of their being and thus reinforce the truth every moment. It is a glorious time to come Home, dearest ones. A glorious time to turn fully to Me.


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