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Love Drawing Ritual

Love Drawing Ritual

On a Friday, have ready...

Small pink candle & holder
paper & pen
Something sharp to carve into the candle with (a piece of rose quartz would be perfect)
rose oil or a floral oil that you are attracted to (nothing with alcohol in it!)
ash tray or some safe container to put burning things into

Start by carving your name into the candle. If you have a craft name, use that.

Light the candle and as it burns run a warm bath for yourself. Add some rose petals to the bath. Lay back and relax in the tub and focus on what you consider to be your most wonderful aspects... beauty, intelligence, creativity, and all the positive things about yourself and feel good about yourself. As you begin to feel love call Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Venus, Goddess of Beauty to help you. Feel their warmth.

After you leave the water and dry yourself, leave your clothes off or wear a loose fitting garment so that you can feel the air and energy on your skin.

On the paper write a list of the things that you desire in a mate, if you have a specific person in mind then write down the qualities that draw you to that person. Don't write their name on the paper, there's no need for that and that controlling energy will break the positive energy of the spell. It's perfectly fine to visualize that person if that helps you to focus your energy on love and if that person is right for you, it will help draw them to you, if they're not, your energy will draw the person who is. Take your time with this and really focus on what you're writing, dream.

When you're done anoint it with the rose oil or whatever oil you've chosen for this purpose. Just dab a little on each aspect you wish for in the person and focus on each one as you do this. With your finger draw a circle around the paper and your writing. While making the circle call on Venus and Aphrodite to help you in finding such a person, dwell on each aspect and visualize what you want with good intent in your heart. Breathe deeply and feel the love from the goddesses wrap you. This can be quite intense and if you feel the desire to pleasure yourself during this period, it can only add to the intensity of energy.

When you feel your energy is drawn and would like to end the ritual, touch a corner of your paper to the candle flame and let it burn itself out in the container you have prepared. As the paper burns give thanks to Aphrodite and Venus for their help and say out loud "An it harm none, so mote it be". Allow the candle to burn until it burns itself out. If you need to leave it while it burns, leave it in the sink or bathtub with the door closed so that drafts or animals won't disturb it.

And now that you've directed your energy towards your goal, you must be aware! Watch for opportunities to meet people, go out, be with people, your intended love will be there but it's unlikely that they'll come to your door and knock


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