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Astrology is the recognition of planetary forces that determine our reality. Magic is the manipulation of these same forces in order to alter our reality. And alchemy is the fusion of the two: an alchemist works from the physical plane upwards, just as the magician works from the highest plane downwards, and astrology governs both their actions, both have to abide by its laws, as well as their own.

To wield the power of God and truly become God is the next and most daunting task for Humans on the road to spiritual freedom and evolution. This is the ability to use angles in the name of God, to anticipate God's Will and to act as God's instrument on Earth, with complete conscious awareness of what this involves.

This can only be done from the level above angles, the Second Plane of pure consciousness, where godman becomes one of the true servers our planet, and aligns himself with the Hierarchy, the second esoteric centre of Earth. To do this, a person HAS TO IDENTIFY HIMSELF WITH HIS SOUL RAY. And the way to this spiritual goal is through initiation and magic.

The Human magician works as a centre between the forces of the gods operating through the Stellar Zodiac, and the forces of the Devas working through the Earth Zodiac. These are the First and Third Cosmic centres, and the magician takes on the role of the Second Cosmic centre, as do the Hierarchy on this planet.

To accomplish this he has to connect with the energies which naturally flow through his highest three centres, and channel their energies through his Heart Centre to deploy the angles of his Personality working through his lower centres in his quest to use his individual Ray energy for the benefit of all.

What is magic? In the light of the ideas presented here we can define magic as the power of man acting as God to affect change in the angular structure of our planet, by aligning his will with God's Will.

So, whereas astrology is the recognition of angles and how their energies are applied at a particular time and place, magic is the manipulation of angles. As magic is the practical use of energies not yet recognised by science, it can have many positive uses like healing as much as for sorcery.

Magic is important because it is the natural successor to astrology: just as astrology is the science of interpreting the current angles, magic is the means of manipulating those same angles. This is accomplished by becoming an angle, and acting subjectively as an angle would act by assuming the form of a spirit or god.

In ritual magic, the aspirant takes on the role of the godform he has invoked by becoming subjectively involved in the ritual, and acting so convincingly he actually becomes the invoked angle. It is for this reason that magic must be associated with the Fourth level of the Etheric, man's next awareness level ~ through magic man can learn to become what he is destined to become anyway, a subjective form of the angles he is composed of. He will invoke angles and use their energy subjectively to create new forms through the application of his love and pure conscious energy, and this will be accomplished under the direction of his true and holy will.

However, before we even consider the idea of using magic, we must first balance our lower energies. All medieval grimoires agree on this point, that unless we fully prepare ourselves, any magical operation is not only doomed to failure, but is also likely to cause serious damage to the magician's body and soul. This is because we are dealing with the basic energy of primal angles.

The first consideration must be to clean up our emotional bodies, and learn to control any fits of temper, bouts of depression or lack of self-confidence we all feel at times. We should aspire towards the goodness and right motivation decreed by our conscience, in order to clear the channel connecting us to our Ray energy, which can only come from our Higher Self. Our Personality, with its emphasis on bodily desires, must be contained, so that when we do attempt magic it is our Higher Self who is holding the wand and calling down the angelic forces of the universe, leaving our Personality to act as an efficient tool of our Higher Self. Only then will magic work in an effective and safe way.

It has to be Ray energy that is in command via the will, because the will is the instrument through which we have access to our divine nature. The will is not a function of the Personality, but of the soul. The Personality can pretend to be exercising the will, but it naturally lacks the right motivation. True motive is the essence of the Divine Will, which we can all access once we learn where in our psyche it is to be found. And unlikely as it may seem, this Divine Energy is connected to sexual energy, so to begin with we must take a closer look at how this manifests in our lives.

Sexual energy can activate the higher centres because it has the natural ability of 'encouraging' the kundalini force to rise up the middle spinal channel or Sushumna, by balancing the opposing energies of the spiralling Ida and Pingala channels which twist around the spine in the Human etheric body. Kundalini energy originates at the Base Centre through its connection with the Earth energies. It is transformed into sexual energy when it reaches the next centre, the Sex Centre.

Humans have the ability to raise this raw earth energy from the Base Centre to the Sex Centre, and use this energy for sex by exercising the will (or not use it, by exercising the will!). Humans can decide to make love or not, and so can control this basically instinctual behaviour, whereas in lower mammals this act of producing sexual energy is not under the animal's control but is connected to various mating cycles which work with the natural rhythm of the Sex Centre.

This is an important point, because individuals need to learn how to transmute this same energy that is used for sex into energising the higher centres. And this does not mean that there has to be an awareness of the sexual nature of the energy at any point in this transformation, and neither does it mean that this is an infrequent ability. People today use this same energy regularly through the Solar Plexus Centre to aid their mental life. We now need to learn how to increase its power so that it can move up to the higher centres

As we have introduced the subject, let us think of the process involved in terms of sex. The four centres shown on a horoscope, (see the Celtic Cross diagram), the Head, Heart, Solar Plexus and Sex Centres, are balanced first through the Line of Awareness joining the Head at the Ascendant to the Heart Centre at the Descendant, equating with feminine attraction. This stimulates the Line of Volition, joining the Sex Centre at the M.C. with the Solar Plexus Centre at the I.C., equating with masculine desire, so that this energy stimulates the Line of Awareness again. In this way all four centres become united in the orgasm of the central point which becomes the Third Primary around which the Line of Form ~ as the usual zodiac circle ~ then flows. This is the marriage of heaven and earth, as symbolised in alchemy and tantra.

Sex plays an important role in our lives because it is ultimately the union of Human and god. More than that, it is a symbol of the creation of life, and Human beings are creative beings, beings of creative consciousness; our role is to create heaven on earth, so much so that the form this takes is secondary to the actual idea of creating. All magical arts are derived from sex, but Humans must realise that the ultimate creation is life itself, which leads on to the idea that Humans can create in their own likeness and ideally life itself could be seen as an orgasm. We can only truly understand this when we resolve the paradox of sex: that it is a natural bodily function which makes it appear unexceptional, yet every physical sexual act is an act of magic which has the potential for changing the direction of all life on the planet.

Magical lore assigns the four elements to the cardinal directions, so that South, represented on a horoscope by the MC, relates to the element of Fire, and North to the element Earth; whilst East, represented by the Ascendant relates to Air and the West to Water.

Bearing this in mind we can explain the symbolic sexual act of creation in his way. The Line of Volition is the north/south axis on a horoscope related to the masculine First Ray of Will and the First Primary, and the Line of Awareness is the east/west axis related to feminine Second Ray of Love/Wisdom and the Second Primary. The aim is to balance the opposite ends of each of these axes by combining the two opposing elements until they become as one, so that the elements of Fire and Earth equate with Will, and Water and Air equate with Love/Wisdom. In so doing, we have successfully converted two elements into the First primary and the other two elements into the Second Primary.

When these two Primaries are in balance, their meeting point or the centre point about which they pivot, becomes the Third Primary. This is only seen as a dot in two dimensions, but in a three-dimensional globe it is the other axis ~ and this is the basic method of converting the four earthly elements into the three heavenly qualities. Therefore, although the lower four centres work through the Earth Zodiac, they form the connections between this and the higher zodiacs, giving the magician the ability to contact the 360 spirits of the degrees of every zodiac or celestial sphere.

In the symbolic language of astrology and magic, it is reasonable to assume that everybody and everything has only 360 angles, which relate to the degrees of a circle or zodiac. Each of these degrees has its own peculiar character, a concept that has been used both in ceremonial magic and astrology, and these Elemental spirits of the degrees are the First Primary influences. They are Elementals of the First Primary, and each one will have its own character and attributes, according to magical lore. However, they can only be controlled by first appealing to the Angels, who are Devas 'in charge of' the spirits, because Humans cannot relate in any way to these Elemental energies. This is where the Third Primary comes in: the Devic world, as always, acts as an intermediary between our Second Primary existence and the First Primary existence of the Elemental degrees.

In conventional astrology this works through groupings, so that every thirty degrees will have an overall Devic appearance, which is one significance of the signs of the zodiac. In magic, the characters of the degrees differ slightly according to which planetary sphere or zodiac they are associated with. Essentially though, every degree will have one overall characteristic, which is its elemental function or intention.

"The Degree is not merely a subdivision of the zodiacal sign, or the whole of the zodiac. It stands, as an astrological element, alone and in a position of supreme (though little understood) significance. The Degree is the most mysterious element in astrology, and indeed the key to all deeper astrological interpretation .... In the Degree we witness the operation of the creative with an individual personality or a particular situation. Here meaning stands revealed-for whosoever knows how to read symbols." Dane Rudhyar.

This is the meeting point of astrology, geomancy, feng shui, terrestrial zodiacs, chakras, centres, and magic. Every degree has a spirit overlooking it, and whether the circle containing the degrees is in the sky, on the earth, around each individual or holy site, whether it is governed by time or space, by calendar or compass, the influences of each degree will be of the same character in all circles, and can affect the same degree in every other circle. This is the mechanics of magic: the purification and potential utilisation of the angles of each degree.

The more we use angles subjectively the more they accumulate conscious energy. This energy is different to Second Primary consciousness, and is one of the types of prana or chi, which depends on the position of the angle on the sub-planes or Planes. Therefore, the type of conscious energy inherent in an angle depends on its position on the Planes.

The Human angular structure is based primarily on the dynamic energy of the planets. The strength of these is determined by the natural cycle of planetary movement, so that every planetary angle will accumulate energy as it makes aspects to other planets and personal points on its journey around the sky and horoscope.

As our personal angles exist through their association with the planets on our horoscope, each angle can be classified by the elemental attribute of its home position. This is because all angles are derived from the aspects between planets, and as planets are themselves considered as dynamic angles even when not forming major aspects to other planets, they are still the essence of angles. So every planet's energy will naturally manifest according to the element of the sign it occupies, which by its position will naturally affect its anchor points.

Our objective is to externalise our dynamic planetary energy through the element it is associated with through its natural horoscope position, instead of allowing it to work subjectively through the Ascendant, which it will attempt to do without our involvement. If we are able to do this, we can use it to purify its own angles, those it is responsible for invoking, by rendering its energies into an objective condition in order to clear the accumulated karmic energies. Once this has been achieved, the angles can be redirected through our Ascendant, but only after we have clarified their motivation.

Although angles can never be changed, the energy they are charged with can be redirected towards more positive angular outlets. This is one role of magical evocation, although there are several other methods for achieving this. The point here is that we need to sanctify our planetary aspects by objectifying them to enable them to work positively through either our Ascendant or M.C., allowing our Higher Self the freedom to concentrate on fulfilling its life work without unnecessary difficulties caused by a large karmic debt.

Every angle is associated with one of the planets, and can be classified according to its planetary substance, with the Elemental giving its intention. This is their connection with magic, because every ritual will be involved with a particular planetary angle and the associated Devic hierarchy that use this planet to create the angles out of the Elemental beings which come under its control. Every degree in every circle will have an Elemental intention, but to be activated they will have to be subject to the form of one of the planets.

The more an angle is used, the more energy it accumulates. Once we objectify the angle, this angular energy becomes available to use, because we objectify it through using our Second Primary conscious awareness working through the Head Centre. At this point, the angular energy can be directed by the Second Primary objective consciousness, rendering it into a form that can be used magically.

Usually angles operate on either the Mental or Astral Planes, and magically they can be objectified on those planes rather than bringing them down to the physical, but once they have been objectified and activated they become unstable and will eventually seek a way of externalising themselves.

One way to deal with unstable personal angles, which can cause illness if left untreated, is to externalise them into objectivity so that their energy is earthed and manifests as emotions that we actually experience on the Physical Plane. This causes the angular energy to dissipate, and the angle loses its own strength that was contained within this energy. However in magic this can be done without bringing an angle down to the Physical, or rather delaying this process so that the angular energy can be used to operate on the Astral and be earthed in the future when certain circumstances are prevailing. This is the idea behind magical spells.

In magic, planets are associated with their particular spirits and demons for this same reason: Devas and Elementals use dynamic planetary energy to accomplish their natural tasks on the Earth Plane. It is through the senses that Humans interact with their external environment, so in magic we use a way of tuning our senses to the particular frequency of the planet in question, and so certain smells, colours, gestures and designs are used in rituals which correspond to their associated planetary energies. This aligns our sensory angles with the particular planetary environment through which we intend to use the angular energy.

Before we consider how to use angles in magic, we must realise that every angle that is responsible for a particular function in a person's psyche can be considered as having a life of its own. This is not a true evolving life, but a temporary life that continues for so long as it is required.

he ancients knew these things instinctively, and they recognised these natural forces not as angles but as spirits or demons. So when a magician stands in his magic circle, waving his wand and performing conjurations in order to evoke demons in the triangle of art, this is what is really taking place: the magus is externalising part of his own psyche, an angle, which he can use to affect change either in his own world or in the world about him. Alternatively, he invokes spirits to create the opposite effect, giving himself the power to use one angle at maximum strength.

The essence of magical ritual is paralleled in the astrological idea of balancing natal planets by opposite and square aspects to arrive at a trine triplicity angle which is composed of a single element in each of its Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable primary signs.

According to magical tradition, the energies of the four elements are situated at the cardinal compass points, and the preliminary part of magical ritual is to balance these energies by connecting with the respective Archangels, Gabriel in the west, Raphael in the east, Michael in the south, and Auriel in the north.

Whilst these energies maintain a balanced condition, a Deva or Angel can be asked to command an Elemental to appear in the 'triangle of art' corresponding to the three Primaries of the activated angle associated with the Elemental, or degree, in question. Such Elemental entities are actually manifestations of the magician's own angles, which have been given a temporary objective existence, and because they form part of larger angles, these aspects of the magician's psyche are able to exert an influence on these larger angles and so make changes in the etheric and angular manifestations of the planet.

Practical magic begins with the identification and correspondence between particular parts of your psyche and the forces you wish to connect with to assist you in your magical task. Contact is made using ritual symbolism and by tuning your senses to the planetary environment you have chosen. Then a direct connection can be achieved through your higher senses, using visualisation techniques and your imagination. Once contact has been made, the energies have to be charged and their levels raised to create a power excess, and at the height of the ritual, the energised angle ~ which should by now exist as a reality in your imagination ~ is projected into the triangle of art in an objective form.

It can now be commanded to earth your idea or intention into the physical world, either as an event or a symbol you have dedicated to that particular angle which you have of that part of your psyche. A symbol charged in this way will hold angular energy that will remain in a latent condition, and can take many different forms, such as a contact specimen, a geometric talisman, or something you have made yourself, and so includes some personal angular energy.

The final stage is to banish the angle back into a subjective condition. This ensures you will regain your normal perceptions and be grounded back into everyday reality. More importantly, this gives a kick-start to the magical process, as the angle won't begin to work until it has returned to its subjective condition as a natural part of your psyche. This is the real importance of banishing rituals performed at the end of every magical operation: they aren't just to keep the magician sane!

Magic can be used to accentuate any part of the magician's psyche, either to balance its energies as a form of self-healing, or to connect with other angles in the external environment. In this way, the magician can tune into the world of angles and use them to realise certain objectives of his true will.

As we saw above, he does this by exteriorising and then reabsorbing particular energies, causing them to become objective manifestations, and then absorbing them back into a subjective condition. This can be illustrated by seeing that through his imagination certain energies can be given an objective form, and once the energies have been recognised and therefore dealt with, they can be dismissed back into subjectivity, and their separate concepts are dissolved back into the magician's psyche.

To put it another way, the ideas are realised by passing them from the left hand to the right hand, and once their concept has been clarified they are passed back to the left hand. The idea of passing between the hands is crucial to a deeper understanding of the workings of this process because the hands are connected to their opposite hemispheres of the brain, and to cause an angle to be objective is to move it from one hemisphere to another, and then move it back to become subjective again.

There are three active parts to the Human mind, one that relates to feeling, another that relates to thinking, and another that relates to the will. However there is no clear cut distinction between them, so that the left and right brain hemispheres cannot be simply allocated to either feelings or to thoughts; but there is one distinction, which is that the left hemisphere usually functions in conjunction with the will, and the right hemisphere does not. Therefore, we find that many abnormal mental conditions, such as the hypnotic trance, appear to cancel out the left hemisphere, allowing an external will to control the energies of thought and feeling through the right hemisphere. This is because the right, feeling and subconscious side of the brain does not question commands, it merely obeys.

This is too complicated to discuss in detail here, but it does have a relevance: that although it is the right hemisphere associated with the feminine qualities found in both sexes which has most relevance to magical techniques, the left hemisphere also plays an important role by earthing the energies, as well as discriminating between the psychic senses and the purely fantastic self indulgences.

As the three parts of the mind relate to thinking, feeling and willing, if we quiet the mind of thoughts and feelings, this allows the true will better access to the senses, and through continual application, especially when practised in conjunction with various other techniques, this can be used to purify the channel for the will, resulting in a clearer appreciation of our natural Ray energies which work through it.

Another magical practice concerns the exploration of the world of angles. This involves tuning into a particular situation or the angles surrounding it, and allowing the imagination wander. This is called contemplation and concentration, and works by aligning the frequency of your perceptive angles with those of the subject being contemplated. In this way, just one particular aspect of the psyche is earthed, leading to the strengthening or purifying an angle.

We can use this same procedure of forming a subjective connection to gain a greater understanding of symbols, or anything that has an objective existence. When we consider something from an objective viewpoint, we are tuning our thoughts or receptivity to a harmonic interval of the frequency of the subject; but when we completely tune into something and become one with it, we are tuning into the precise frequency of its angle rather than a harmonic frequency: giving us a subjective viewpoint rather than an objective viewpoint.

This is the same idea as learning something objectively until it becomes second nature and therefore subjective. So when we concentrate hard on something, the concentration will become contemplation as we become less objective and more subjective, which is how we notice that our mental frequency passes through the complex harmonics of the object's natural frequency, until eventually our perception is exactly the same frequency.

At this advanced stage, our angles will have become subjectively connected to the angles of the object involved, and if the true will can be invoked at this point of the proceedings, we can actually change the angular composition of the object. A practised magician could use this technique to alter the appearance of the objective reality of his surroundings, which could be appreciated by an observer or audience. This also demonstrates that because every object or situation owes its existence to angles it will have its own natural frequency. This includes individual Human beings.

The other technique used in magic to connect with external objects and natural forces lies with the idea of proper names. The names of the Elementals and Devas are vitally important, because to know the name and correct pronunciation of the spirit in control of the angles, is to identify with it by utilising the Third Primary. This activates a connecting angle between the magician and the Devic substance or Elemental intention of the object in question.

A similar method is used in magic to explore the world of external angles; for example, you can identify with a particular god, and re-enact their characteristic qualities. By tuning into specific angles through imaginative visualisation and deep concentration, a magician can connect with certain magical or symbolic images, like the archetypes which represent the planetary gods, the paths between sephiroths on the quabbalistic tree of life, or anything which applies to his or her own particular spiritual inclinations.

Rituals, with their corresponding colours, smells, shapes and movements are ways of tuning our brains into certain patterns to allow us access to new states of awareness. To be truly effective, the process must be completely subjective, which means with an assumed awareness of the role, but without the objectivity to be separate from the process. This should only be attempted after first taking the necessary magical precautions, such as banishing rituals, preparing a circle of protection, and if possible having an observer to take notes and be available if you have difficulty returning to your normal objective awareness.

The same procedure can also be used for tuning into the angles of another person, living or dead. Unfortunately this does involve a rather grey area of magic and should not be attempted without the living person's permission; or if the person is dead you should be aware that this does not mean you are the reincarnation of this person. If you are competent in this magical process this is what you will feel but in truth it is only a result of the necessary subjectivity of the ritual. The majority of past life regressions can be explained in this way, so although you may take on the temporary existence of a historical figure, the connection is nearly always incidental and will not mean you are experiencing one of your own past lives!

The explanation is more involved than this, because often a connection with historical characters can produce objective evidence that contact had been made with a particular soul, and this usually functions as a memory of definite events that could only be known through some type of contact. We should realise that all memories, from this life and previous lives, including those of other people, are available to us. We are all connected to this information, but we cannot interpret it until we tune into it. Instead of 'hearing' static interference, which we disregard and edit out of our sensory perceptions, we have to learn how to translate it, because our brains are tuning devices that do not store information but tune into it.

As memories exist as the energy of angles, the more we learn to tune our brain awareness, the more we perceive and interpret from normally inaccessible dimensions and memories, and this has lead to the idea of the 'akashic records'. However, although we can learn to interpret different mental levels and memories, this does not mean that every memory we access in this way is true!

Through magic we can learn to objectify every one of our angles, reorganise the way we want to use them by assigning the necessary ones to work as usual below our level of conscious awareness, and keeping the others strictly under the control of our will. Only then will we be sure that what we think we are is really what we are, our true self, and not our Personality using even more angles to mock up a new form based on the true self.

Once we have balanced the natural energy of our angles, we can act as a pure channel for our Ray energy, through which we can realise our connection to the Second Plane of true consciousness, the consciousness of love and of wisdom. When we have become a real part of our Ray we can use this pure Ray energy to activate our Personality into its two objectives: to further the evolution of the individual and to further the evolution of Humanity. And usually by this stage these two objectives have become entwined and linked into one, making the task much easier.

Every Human being alive today has the potential ability to act as the pivotal centre of his universe. This will become a natural ability once we are polarised in our Heart Centres rather than our Solar Plexus, man's present condition. Once this is achieved, we will no longer be ruled by the planets in our solar system, we will be subject to influences through the Stellar Zodiac, the Ray energies that originate beyond the solar system. Then we will recognise that Humans are naturally structured in the same way as the sky, and so the movements of the heavens will affect him directly, whereas in the past they have affected him indirectly, through the planet Earth, and its own influences from the Moon, Sun and planets and stars. Therefore, if we consider any point as the centre of the universe, and man becomes this central point, then he truly does become God because he can affect the stars as much as they affect him.


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