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DAY of the Week - Magickal Days

DAY of the Week - Magickal Days

Sunday is ruled by Planet the Sun, is the best day for:

health; success; career; goals; ambition; personal finances;
advancement; drama; fun; authority figures; law; fairs; crops; totem
animals; volunteer and civic services; promotion; men's mysteries;

Monday is ruled by the Planet, the Moon, is the best day for:

psychic pursuits; psychology; dreams/astral travel; imagination;
women's mysteries; reincarnation; short trips; women; children; the
public; domestic concern's; emotions; fluids; magick; spirituality;
nursing; all things pertaining to water and bodies of water;
antiques; trip planning; household activities; initiation; astrology;
new-age pursuits; archetypes; totem animals; shapeshifting; religious

Tuesday is ruled by the Planet Mars, is the best day for:

passion; sex; aggression; energy; strife; action; courage; swift
movement; physical energy; sports; muscular energy; partnerships;
guns; tools; metals; cutting; surgery; police; soldiers; combat;
confrontation; business; buying and selling animals; mechanical
things; repair; gardening; woodworking; hunting; beginnings

Wednesday is ruled by the Planet Mercury, is the best day for:

wisdom; healing; communication; intelligence; memory; education;
correspondence; phone calls; computers; messages; students;
merchants; editing; writing; advertising; signing contracts;
siblings; neighbors; kin; accounting; clerks; critics; music;
editors; journalists; visual arts; hiring employees; learning
languages; placing ads; visiting friends; legal appointments;

Thursday is ruled by the Planet Jupiter, is the best day for:

business; logic; gambling; social matters; political matters;
material wealth; publishing; college education; long-distance travel;
foreign interests; religion; philosophy; forecasting; broadcasting;
publicity; expansion; luck; growth; sports; horses; the law; doctors;
guardians; merchants; psychologists; charity; correspondence courses;
self-improvement; researching; reading; studying

Friday is ruled by the Planet Venus, is the best day for:

Romantic Love; Friendships; Beauty: Soulmates; Courtships; Dating;
Artistic Abilities; Harmony; Affection; Relationships; Partners;
Alliances; Grace; Luxury; Social Activity; Marriage; Decorating;
Cosmetics; Gifts; Income; Growth; Gardening; Architects; Artists;
Beauticians; Chiropractors; Dancers; Designers; Engineers; Fashion;
Music; Painting; Poetry; Household Improvements; Planning Parties

Saturday is ruled by the Planet Saturn, is the best day for

binding; protection; neutralization; karma; death; manifestations;
structure; reality; the laws of society; limits; obstacles; tests;
hard work; endurance; real estates; dentists; bones; teeth; farm
workers; separations; stalkers; murderers; criminals in general;
civil servants; justice; maths; plumbing; wills; debts; financing;
joint money matters; discovery; transformation; relations with older


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