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The Following tips are to save money making tools and supplies for
beginners in the Craft
and those of us that cannot afford to buy expensive costly items
brought from Occult shops.

Altar cloths:

Use old sheets cut to a
ppropriate size. Or go to a fabric store and
search through the remnants.
These are often at least 1 yard in size, and cost 50% or less of
their original price.
Sheets and remnants can be embroidered, appliquéd or painted (fabric
paint) with symbols
and other designs. Make sure the fabric is washable though. Market in
England have wonderful
remnant boxes where you can get washable velvet curtain material that
would be ideal with
silver or gold fringe and a pentagram applied with embroidery or
fabric paints.


Check the spice and herb shelf at your grocery stores and Health food
There are many dried whole and powdered herbs and spices that can be
used individually or in
combination for incense. Save your money to buy those which are not
available through the
grocery store (I.e. frankincense, myrrh, copal). Same idea applies to
herbs for magickal use.
You can grow things like lavender and sage and thyme and many other
herbs and flowers
in pots or in your garden. Try steeping herbs in a virgin olive oil
or nice base oil for like
Jojoba or a few weeks and make your own oils.


Shops charge a pretty penny for censors (I'm talking of normal
censers, not the little cone ones),
so don't buy them there. Check discount stores, jumble sales or flea
markets and garage or boot
sales for suitable containers. If money is tight, try using a deep
natural seashell or even aluminum
pie pans. Fill with sand or cat litter and set on a hot pad or a
trivet (just to be safe). The charcoals
used for burning incense get *very* hot, so be careful with choosing
what you will use....
some materials have very low heat tolerance/resistance.


Have you a nice goblet or wine glass at home? Use that. No need for
anything fancy.
If you keep your eyes open, you can find a nice crystal or glass
goblet fairly inexpensively at
stores such as Boot sales, Jumble sales, Charity shops and Second
Hand shops or Woolworth's
if in England; or garage sales if you are American try Wall- Mart and
Kmart, kitchen shops, flea
markets. You can buy a glass engraver tool or use silver or gold
enamel paint or special silver
or gold pens from craft shops to inscribe pentacles and decorations,
Wicca blessings or chants etc.

Candle holders:

Fill jars with sand and stick the candle into the sand. You can paint
symbols on the jars if you like
to represent the elements, etc. The small votive candles can be
burned in small aluminum pans
(pot pie size...I've even seen custard cup size for sale in grocery
stores). Even some of the larger
pillar candles can be burned in these pans. Candles can also be
burned in seashells and cans
of appropriate size. See above for candle holders brought second hand
in brass and copper.
Make your own candles from kits. Amazing moulds can be made from wet
sand lined with Clingfilm.
I have also used unraveled toilet rolls inside of glass jars, the
cardboard is peeled away easily
after the hot wax hardens. Wax crayons can be added to make different
Buy white candles and prick them all over, now add a mixture of sea -
salt and food coloring
and dip the candles to get any color you wish. it`so the vibrations
of the color the spell is
requiring and it saves raised eyebrows about you having so many
colored candles.

Robes and sandals:

Not essential. What you wear is a matter of choice, unless you belong
to a coven that specifies
what you wear. In solitary practice, it's just you and the deities.
You can make a robe from a dyed
or bleached sheet or buy a caftan type of garment kept just for
rituals. Of course it simple and
it's often recommended for witches or be sky-clad. Covens tell their
members to make their
own ritual robe and to bless each magickal stitch they sew. They are
supposed to only be worn
for ritual use. Scour the
shops for jet and amber beads to find beads to make a priestesses
necklace to wear.
You can look for cheap beads to sew into a Mandela to meditate with.


It will take time to find the right one for you. It can be the
traditional style, or it can be a dagger
or knife that has special meaning to you. Go to pawn shops, flea
markets, and garage sales to
keep the cost down. Look for letter openers and things like that!.
Before buying, handle the knife.
If it doesn't feel right, or if it doesn't call to you in some way,
it's not the one for you. If you've
handled a knife and still aren't sure about it, don't buy it right
away...go back and handle it several
times over a period of a week or two. Until such time as you find
*your* Athame, any dagger or long
bladed knife will suffice. The handle may be painted white or black
or left in it's natural wood effect.


It's best to make your own. Take walks in parks, along beaches or in
the woods.
Keep your eyes open for branches laying on the ground. Handle the
branch and see what
impressions come to you. If it's meant to be a wand for you, you'll
feel it. You can add the
skull of an animal personal to your coven . The thing is to
personalize it and to keep the natural
life-force to maximize the energy . Wicca [protection balls are made
easily from Christmas tree
clear ornaments and silver paint. Scrying mirrors are also easily
made by spraying any ordinary
glass black with a spray enamel paint and setting it back in an
attractive metal or wooden frame
you can make look Magickal with emblems and symbols painted on and
herbs put inside the
"scrying mirror" to make it special and personal. The same method
applies to finding other useful
items such as seashells, stones, etc. Feathers can make magickal
quill pens or are handy to waft
incense smoke or represent the element of Air. Seashells hold water
and salt and can represent
the element of North as can stones. A Lava stone or pumice stone can
represent the element of fire.


See wands ....just use a bigger branch. Try a Do it yourself shop to
find a sturdy wood rail you
can chop to size. A small piece of dowel can make a wand, A copper
wand filled with herbs
is a good conductor Magick.


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