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This is fundamental to understanding the metaphysical universe, and requires the use of diagrams which are supplied and may require frequent reference to appreciate this particular dissertation.The ancient system of metaphysics, its cosmology, and interpretation of man and place in the universe is an attempt to teach that which is Truth, in the sense it is "That Which Is" .It may have been preferable to have put this section at the beginning of the book as it forms the basis of the metaphysical system. Some seem to be afraid of it, especially Roman Catholics, in the face of the prohibition and adverse authority of the Vatican. There is nothing to fear in the exercise of mind, that which makes man above the animals and able to" think".The greater use, the less it is prone to atrophy in old age regardless of the number of neurones said to be decreasing, the function is not impaired due to the wonderful adaptability of the human brain. There have been many books asserting a mechanistic view of the universe, and that everything has developed by chance through a process of natural selection, or due to control by a particular gene. However scholarly and plausible, there still remains the question of how things were wound up in the beginning, and how the gene became to be so designed. The postulation of design and pre-calculation is inherent in the philosophy of metaphysics, an alternative approach and equally plausible but much more complex in the Septenate and Triune Aspects of Creation, in which the teachings of Pythagoras and Plato that " all is number" is truly manifest.Who said, "There is nothing after Plato?"

Well, those fellows (Plato and co.), kept a lot to themselves, as was mandatory in those days, and liable to be the death of anyone revealing the hidden facts about unseen worlds.Socrates paid the price of such indiscretions, on the allegation that he was corrupting youth in his teaching. Nowadays it is all in books, starting with Helen Blavatsky in the last century and others since then, including various writers belonging to the mystery schools.The present time is one of scientific discovery and an urge to know the secrets behind existence. This work is to encourage such enquiry and to exercise the imagination and curiosity in what has hitherto, been regarded as occult i.e. hidden, and is not be feared or regarded as particularly strange, although some things will stretch the imagination and credulity of minds conditioned by our modern education system, teaching that there is only one life-span and that all is finished when it is over. An avid curiosity, and an interest in the sci.fi. speculation in books and films is prevalent today, much of which is a natural process auguring events and conditions in the future.

Frequent reference to the diagram of different existence in the seven levels and octaves of the cosmos is suggested to become acquainted with the basis of the metaphysical system on which an attempt is made to show the interaction between the various levels and the analogous reflection in the human unit in these terms. This work is only a brief outline of a mass of information which is available, and the book references should be noted for serious study, but even this simple outline will allow information about ourselves and the earth to be to be more readily appreciated .


This is the most intriguing and mysterious featureof the metaphysical system . Parallel universes and the hidden forms of alternative realities have been the subject of numerous works of fiction. I will now describe the actual existence of these in their septenate configuration, according to the most ancient doctrine, and verified by those human intelligences in the vanguard of evolution.There is no proof, as such, which would satisfy the scientific mind of the positivist attitude. There are analogies which can be drawn with our physical world, and of course anyone with the psychic development able to access the Akashic Records can personally verify, where everything which has happened is recorded in meticulous detail on a certain etheric level. However, demonstrative proof still eludes us, for the time being. There are myths and legends about different worlds, and there is an element of truth in all myths*which are universal, differing only in the names of personalities and elements of folklore.

To begin with, the world of physics is essentially that of the five senses, aided by the use of instruments and scientific observation, and very fine work it is, to be sure, and we are rightly proud of its achievements. Nevertheless, it is a serious error to assume that because we have no scientific proof from our infant science( it is only a few generations old), that different levels of existence are not possible. Such is the general attitude today, but new and exciting ideas have emerged in recent years of "Axions","Cosmic Strings" and "Gravitons". A graviton as a unit of gravity is calculated as having 1/18th. the energy of a photon, is without mass and travels at the speed of light. Stephen Hawking talks about cosmic strings which are very thin passing through matter at the speed of light, but are very heavy1/1000000th. of an inch as 10million tons! Axions are supposed to be "dark matter"forming a large part of the substance of the cosmos.

Solid, liquid and gaseous states are the basisof our physical reality, but in the ascending order of vibration, the remaining four levels of our world comprise the "Etheric", "Astral", "Mental"and the "Intuitional "(or Soul).These have been described more fully under their respective headings.The highest , the" Intuitional "is better referred to in the chapters on "The Soul Concept ", and "Yoga Philosophy ".

Thus accepting The Octave as a basis for the connection between the various levels of existence, each level is in a state of resonance with its corresponding level of both the higher and the lower octaves, even as the resonance between individual notes in the octaves of the piano keyboard and the "tonic solfa" scale of music . It should be apparent to the discerning mind, that it might be possible for advanced technology to devise a method of travelling between the different levels and experience those worlds by exploiting the resonance principle. It is an easy matter for the more advanced Cosmic Adepts to so travel, with their bodies of pure energy, and to construct a body appropriate to any environment by the powerof their minds. It is also possible, for suitable devices to be used in the form of space-craft and necessary for metaphysical space operations.Unfortunately, less benevolent beings who dwell in the lower astral realms could do likewise using similar methods, if it were not for the restrictions imposed quite recently by our protectors on such a venture, which was potentially capable of reaching not only our physical world but also the higher astral and mental realms using energy acquired subsequent to the Primary Initiation of The Earth .This threat still remains, and we are in considerable debt to those Cosmic Adepts to maintain the conditions so imposed"downstairs" This is related in more detail in the section on The New Age. The diagram of The Septenary Divisions and Subdivisions of The Metaphysical Cosmos is an attempt to illustrate this, in what is really a Spiral of many dimensions. Note that the upper, more subtle realms precede the lower in the Creative Cycle, a factor difficult to reconcile with The Big BangTheory. Dissolution is to be envisaged as occurring in the reverse direction as the "ladder is rolled up".

The concept of the metaphysical cosmos based on the number seven is one of the more difficult metaphysical propositions in the face of scientific scepticism and ridicule. Nevertheless, it is real and potent in its influence on the physical in a most profound manner, as I will attempt to describe. Let us take for an example, a crude analogy of the metaphysical realms of a planet. Consider an onion, the thin coarse outer skin is like the gross material world and all the different layers of the onion encountered as they are peeled off carefully are the hidden worlds beneath the physical. Not quite like that, because in actuality all the worlds are co-existent in the same volume of space, but effectively separated by virtue of their substance being out of phase with each other and in ever increasing frequency of vibration from the the gross to the more rarified and subtle. In this way the globe of the earth has forty-nine different levels, all in the same volume of space.These are called "cloaks"in the esoteric literature.The idea of "seven" is extant throughout the metaphysical cosmos in all the different realms from the grosser material to the most rarified and abstract levels at the root of manifest creation. There are indeed many, many of these in the multiple universes, for instance the Sun has nine million ,four hundredand fify-six thousand and nine hundred and twenty-one cloaks, on the word of a Cosmic Master whose name is familiar to all.

How the "7 "became the foundation in this particular cycle of creation is a mystery, but is based on the "3"and the "4" in the idea of the Whole being a result of the Dual Polarity formed from the ONE producing a Third, which is the Infinite Power from the opposing polarities ( +ve) and (-ve), or Spirit and Matter. The "3"is then considered to make "4"with the original ONE SOURCE, giving rise to what may appear in a somewhat inadequate fashion the"7", from the "3"and the "4". Do not devote too much time on this, dear friends, the concept of The Trinity has been a source of confusion and frustration to seers and philosophers throughout the ages. A degree of humility and acceptance of the limitations of the human mind is desirable when it faces the more abstract notions encountered in the study of metaphysics. Pythagoras tried to illustrate the idea of the formation of the Trinity by the use of symbols showing a circle arising from a point and dividing the circle into" two then" three", and then" four "and using the Triangle as the geometric principle underlying all things,and the" four "as the source of ever-changing manifestation Thus "4" is "The Divine Tetraktys".The Four Elements and the Four Archangels are all to be found in Pythagorean System.

Now let us revert to the cosmos and its septenary foundation. This can be dealt with in three sections in acordance with the Triplicity prevalent throughout its operation and substance. In every plane, and in every lifestream there is a reflection of The Primordial Trinity , as mentioned frequently in the text. And so there are the three divisions, Cosmic, Solar,and Planetary, each of which divides into Seven Subdivisions in terms of Planes of Existence each characterised by an"ether" and its frequency of vibration (That the electro-magnetic spectrum can operate without a medium is contrary to the rationality which science holds dear).The Three Divisions are in a Descending Order of Involution, the Lowest of the Cosmic Seven planes subdividing to form the Seven Solar, and the Lowest Solar likewise branches into the Seven Planetary. This is a very terse summary of the septenary nature of the metaphysical. Actually , it is exceedingly complex in that every subdivision divides and subdivides again and again in a bewildering hierarchy of planes of existence of realms (mansions?). A simple diagram is provided and it is hoped will facilitate a better understanding, the crude linear presentation shows the descending order of things from the highest and abstract levels of the cosmic down to that of a planet. In reality it conforms to a spiral in a multiplicity of dimensions.

There are a number of interesting features in this scheme in the resonance possible between the different levels of the same number from above downwards, and vice versa. This harmonic property allows the upper and more spiritual realms to influence the lower, and in the advanced stages of evolution permits the transfer of consciousness back and forth. It also makes it feasible for life to transfer itself from one level to another, using technology which alters frequencies to resonate and duplicate structure to be compatible with that of other realms.This is a subject of very advanced science and to us in at present, is too esoteric to contemplate, nevertheless it is not impossible, and has been in use a million years by other civilisations in the solar system and elsewhere in the galaxy; a million years is a very conservative estimate, by the way, but let us not stretch credulity too far.

Travel between the realms of the physical ,etheric and the astral up to the higher mental is a relatively simple and everyday affair to those with the where-withal of mental equipment and bodies of pure energy, as in the case of Cosmic Masters.When it is more convenient ,and necessary for metaphysical operations use is made of sophisticated space-craft, some of which are often seen in the night skies. Unfortunately, it is also the prerogative of the lower astral and less friendly of the material universe to develop and use this principle for conquest and enslavement, and there hangs a tale of incursions and assaults on the earth, fended off by our protectors.


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