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Cosmic Law--Mind Over Matter

Cosmic Law--Mind Over Matter

To understand this Law and its relationship to human activities such as
government, one should know that the Earth experience is an outgrowth of
events in the nonmaterial realms, and in a particular order of

1. Spirit origin,
2. Mind faculty,
3. Soul identity,
4. Body vehicle.

Spirit energy, the vital or animating force of all life in the universe,
gives birth to the universe mind faculty, which then creates soul
identity to incarnate in a material body.

The Mind born of Spirit, as distinguished from the body's
survival-oriented material brain, is without bounds, possesses all
knowledge in the universe, and dominates all matter universally. Its
empowering value to humans is known to the soul;

"When humans wish to modify
material reality, they succeed to
the extent that they discover the
ways and means of directing

Such an event only awaits the human intellect to accept the even greater
Spirit reality of Mind;

"Whatsoever humans can conceive
and believe, they can achieve."

For eons, people who witnessed healers and others exercising the power
of Mind over matter thought they were seeing "miracles", but as the 20th
century came to an end, many scientists, including five astrophysicists
from different universities, agreed that they were on the brink of
proving that consciousness effects matter, supporting mathematical
findings in the subtle energy field research of quantum physics.

Barriers to the reality of universe powers erected by the limited
five-sensory brain-based human intellect are subject to fall one way or
another. The Cosmic Law that Mind is always dominant over matter, and
that Spirit is ever correlated with its own creations throughout the
Universe Energy Field, permeates all levels of consciousness, if not
awareness, sooner or later.

Technically, mind controls energy through manipulation of the
metamorphic potentials inherent in the mathematical level of the Causes
& Effects of material things. With Spirit directive, Mind co-ordinate,
and material subordinate, humans can co-create Heaven on Earth.

The bottom line is, an AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION authorizes government programs
that apply this powerful Law in material ways, as well as in facilitating peace
and goodwill throughout the world.


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