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"Mind",or"Manas"to introduce the term for the Cosmic Totality of this concept, originates in the Logos of the Sun, as do all forms of energy in the solar system, " mind" being a very subtle type of energy on a scale dependent on the particular plane and subplane of existence. Manas is, therefore, an attribute of the Logos at the foundation of the Creation Process, and also as that mystery "The Mind of The Absolute in the Abstraction of the Primary Trinity ". It is the "Vehicle of The Soul", in both the universal sense and the individual, and is present in all forms of life inseparable from "will"and "consciousness".To use our minds to analyse "mind" is a formidable task. All that can be learnt of this, which is essentially a metaphysical problem, is to be found in the "Treatise on Cosmic Fire" by Alice Bailey which is recommended for reference and as a textbook, and the teaching of George King who was a master of yoga and metaphysics.To get a true and accurate appreciation of' "manas "is not possible for the finite minds of mortals. In the words of another master, " The true significanceof manas can only be achieved when the lower conscious mind is transmuted into the higher". This is because it is a link between the abstract and the concrete. In metaphysical terms it is "fiery", hence the titleof A.Bailey's book,"Treatise on Cosmic Fire".It has various connotations such as "Intelligence", "The Fire of Divine Impulse", "Force of Karma", "Originating Cause", "Operating Will", etc. It is,"Will"working Itself out in the "Planes of Objectivity". Another quote from the same source:-"Until the faculty of Intuition is better developed, the very principle of manas forms a barrier to its understanding ".This enigmatic saying is clarified in the following description of the human mind.

The Absolute uses "Manas" in creating the Totality of the PLAN, from its inception to the end, in that Abstraction we have come to refer to, as The Trinity.


Only through Humanity can the Divine Plan work out.

There are three levels of mind in man, the Subconscious, the Conscious, and the Higher Conscious.


This part of man's mind, although efficient and complex in its control of all physical and metabolic functions is limited in so far as it preprogrammed and automatic. A study of the human organism reveals its sheer complexity, in the mystery of its nervous system, cellular chemistry hormonal and genetic. In this sense the human body is a very sophisticated organic robot, which can heal and repair itself ( within limits ), grow in a predictable fashion and reproduce.The subconscious mind is a true and faithful servant due thousands of years of evolutionary development, but is still liable to dysfunction subject to negative influences such as shock, severe physical and psychic trauma, and negative suggestion from the conscious mind. Otherwise it is a very good self-maintaining and healing source. The secret of robust health and long life is to maintain confidencec in this aspect of mind and always think in positive ways to allow it to fulfil its function and so that if there is the misfortune of injury or occasional sickness a speedy recovery can ensue.Thus, it is the inadequacies of a psychic nature which lead to psycho-somatic disease, on the other hand it is most receptive to positive suggestions. I think enough has been written about this under the heading of "positive thinking", "self hypnosis","auto-suggestion"etc.to make any further comment unnecessary. Animals function for the most part on the subconscious level, the conscious mind being still latent. In man the subconscious is associated with those psychic centres below the level of the diaphragm controlling metablism. Some of our physical activities are also subconsciously controlled giving rise to ritual and habitual behaviour in our daily lives. This led Gurdjieff to assert that, "From a Spiritual View we are Asleep", and psychologists to develop the principle of "Behaviourism". All human history is held in that part of the Universal Mind which is the Racial Subconscious.

The Sheldrake Hypothesis

In relation to this particular aspect, the subconscious as a function in animals is worth mentioning and is the newly found "Morphic Resonance" factor. Its description is attributed to Sheldrake and can be found in the book "Paranormal or Normal" by Alan Radnor. It was discovered in 1988 through experiments in Howard University and repeated in Edinbrugh and Melbourne with rats, which, when put through a regimen of training somehow managed to transmit the the learned faculty to batches of rats in other parts of the world. The inference being that "There is a Collective Racial Memory or "Morphogenetic Field" inherent in the Form of a Species and can repeat itself in Non-Material Realm.

Jung's Psychology

Sigmund Jung in his life's work on the role of the subconscious postulated the existence of a Racial Subconscious, which fits in neatly with the Sheldrake Hypothesis .His books comprise a wealth of material recommended as an adjunct to metaphysical study. An interesting analogy can be drawn in the idea of the Akashic Records on a certain level of ether, as a Source in the Racial Subconscious of all that has happened in the long history of humanity .


The conscious mind is a "tool of the will ",and the" monad "which is the unit of consciousness in man. In the population at large it is used in varying degrees, and by some it may be said very little apparently, exhibiting a behaviour which is more automatic in character controlled by impulse and desire in a predictable way. In one sense the conscious mind is a bully, especially for the exclusively pragmatic, so that the imagination and the ability to consider ideas beyond the sensorial is inhibited. That is what is meant by the quotation,"Until the faculty of the intuition is better developed the very principle of manas forms a barrier to its understanding.In the evolution of man's mind there have been three stages of development. These occurred in the 3rd ,4th.and 5th. root races. The next two stages will be reached when the first three can be used fully, and not until the 6th. and 7th. rounds in a higher state of consciousness At present we are only a little way past the half-way mark of this the 4th. round ( ref."globes, races and rounds").

It should be emphasised that Manas (mind) is a subtle type of energy and has its origin in an Aspect of Brahma.

The greater part of "manas ",comes via the Sirius system, the Solar system being in a negative polarity to it, and so the the Sirius system influences our entire planetary system, through the Sun primarily, and the remainder from the three synthesising planetary schemes, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn; the latter being the focal point for the transmission of manas to the seven planetary schemes of Terra.

In the days of earth's prehistoric humanity, the gift of manas in the form of freewill, came from Venus (ref.Genesis ch.6.v.2-4) by the introduction of a new genetic strain. The period before this, I suspect, was the" Big Dreamtime"of which we hear so much in Australia. Mind, as associated with freewill developed in the Lemurian epoch over 18 million years ago. For those interested in these ancient traditions, they should read the works of Helen Blavatsky notably her "Secret Doctrine"in which she describes how an early race originated from the Moon Chain, and had to wait for this input from Venus. A race which had destroyed their planet were also allowed to reincarnate on earth in a later part of the Lemurian period,(see "Maldek" ).These people harboured a recidivist element and subsequently were responsible for the downfall of the Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations through civil wars ( such influence and tendency to destroy by global conflict is only too true, even today and was only narrowly avoided in 1962.) The pre-existing race on earth received and nurtured them for many years, a tradition amongst the Kahunas of Hawai says, that a people from another world arrived there in ancient times and brought disorder to the land. .The Hawaian islands are remnants of the sunken continent of Lemuria .


The superconscious mind is still latent in earth's humanity, with the exception of certain highly evolved members such as Adepts of Yoga and the occasional rare Natural Mystic. It requires a higher level of the "mindstuff" we have come to call "manas"and uses only a relatively small part of the brain. All we have is an inadequate description of its function and powers from those who have deigned to make the attempt on attaining that level, language being woefully lacking in this respect. It appears that it is the part of Mind which creates a Vehicle for the "Soul"* termed The Causal Body in theosophical wrings, Soul Consciousness being synonymous and is only achieved by the transmutation of the conscious mind bringing an end to freewill. At that stage the human unit is part of a Group, has command of the psychic faculties and can reach Cosmic Consciousness. There is really very little concrete information about the superconscious mind.There is a mode of communication between the superconscious mind and the conscious mind by way of the subconscious, all being available to to the Higher Conscious.The Polynesian Kahunas have always been aware of this and are said to be able to make use of it .

The Sumtotal of Manas, is an "Aspect of Brahma", and moreover it is" Pure Deva Essence ", (a quotation from "The Treatise on Cosmic Fire" by Alice Bailey).


We use the power of mind when we createand depends heavily on the imagination, even as the Mind of the Absolute behind all Creation creates in response to Will and Intent, and so in man it is subject to the will and intent of the individual monad. The conscious mind rebels at the prospect of sublimation and assimilation into the higher mind. There are methods of training the concentration and visualisation which allow the mind, when fully concentrated and pin-pointed to achieve that which would seem impossible. This faculty is misnamed "will power", although the will behind the mind is the promoting factor and is greatly increased in potency by such exercises.

In the realms of elevated consciousness, as in the Adepts and Masters of Yoga, the power of the mind is is tremendous. This becomes further realised in the case of the Cosmic Masters such as Jesus, and allows the performance of miracles and the direct control of matter with apparent ease. The highest intelligences of the planets in this solar system are able to split their consciousness into numerous parts and create bodies suitable for any environment, anywhere, simultaneously, each unit in a complete state of consciousness.They are The Masters of Saturn.


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