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Mirror Spell To Reform Someone

Mirror Spell To Reform Someone

I have used mirror-spells to deal with those who do harm and seem to refuse to learn better.
You will need the following


a glass bowl or jar
4 items that will represent the elements
I use crystals and gemstones myself ( I know others who use candles of the
appropriate colors, or goddess images; use what works for you)
something personal of the person you wish to place the
mirror spell on, such as:
a picture, a piece of hair, a drawing,
or something similar;
if you cannot get those,

then write out their name 9 times

(it's not as effective as having any of the above, but anything in a pinch)
something to symbolize what you need reflected back at the subject.
I like tarot cards or runes, but use what seems natural; if he or she does a
lot of harm verbally, it might be appropriate to find a symbol for speech and add it in.

a large enough mirror to hold the above

Take the picture and/or personal item of the subject and lay
it on the mirror. If you wish, you can explain to the item
why it is what they are doing is wrong and let them know you will help them overcome this fault.

Then lay the symbol of what they are doing wrong over them and cover with the glass bowl.

Place the 4 items representing the 4 elements at the appropriate points of the compass, asking each element or
symbolizing entity to help the subject realize the error of his/her ways by returning the ill to his/her doorstep.

Take the mirror containing all the items out in the sunlight for a couple of hours, or in the moon/starlight all night.

After that is done, thank the spirits of the stones, mirror, and glass for helping you and disassemble the spell, you may
want to cleanse things to remove any negativity they picked up.

Wait a few days and see if the person isn't starting to learn, if not, repeat the spell again in a month.

Some people need the spell renewed several times before they start to see the pattern and want to change.


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