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Cosmic Law Morality

Cosmic Law Morality

This Law guarantees that supreme virtues will ultimately prevail for
Heaven on Earth.

Defined as the standard of "rightness or wrongness of an action",
morality is reflected through the human conscience. Conscience is the
inner reservoir into which the Soul pours timeless wisdom born of
Spirit, whether or not the intellect is aware of it.

An individuals conscience recognizes the difference between right and
wrong with regard to one's conduct, coupled with a sense that one should
act accordingly. It is an important inner sense for human survival and
advancement beyond the five physical senses.

When individuals and governments fall short of conscience-based
interaction, it's usually the consequence of intellectual considerations
over-ruling conscience in favor of practical, observable results. The
unintegrated intellect may argue that "the end justifies the means", and
it is by such misbased reasoning that wars, genocide, dictatorships, and
all other forms of physical force and violence, are often defended
although doomed to fail under Cosmic Laws.

When honoring one's own conscience, the sense of right comes clear for
universal application;

"Moral means to moral ends."

In the book "Ends and Means", author Aldous Huxley noted that wrong
means tend to become a part of, and corrupt good intentions;

"The end cannot justify the means for
the simple reason that the means
employed determine the nature of the
ends produced."

Doing wrong to try to correct wrongdoing only compounds the problem in
trying to achieve moral ends as the hypocrisy conflicts with the
principle of moral means. Might never made "right".

Moral human laws are enacted to provide a foundation for justice, not to
try to force moral conduct. Timeless wisdom explains that the
initiation of force by government will never achieve righteous goals,
desireable as they may be, because it goes against several Cosmic Laws
besides Morality, including Cause & Effect, or karma;

"Morality can never be advanced by
law or by force. Always labor to
persuade minds, but never dare to
compel them."

Human laws cannot advance morality since the unintegrated intellect
schemes to avoid them. By contrast, persuasion power is effective
through personal contact and example that touches the heart. "Love and
let love" is a means in full harmony with the Law of Morality and all
others as well.

Despite cyclical setbacks, humans forever evolve to more virtuous
choices as incarnated Souls, with multi-dimensional wisdom, integrate
the five-sensory survival-focused intellect. Barbarism gives way to
less primitive practices, enslavement gives way to equality, cruelty
gives way to more humane treatment.

Conscience works against killing as the non-combat status of
"Conscientious objector" is honored in times of war, less violent means
of applying the death penalty for crimes are sought, and the penalty
itself is challenged by moral reasoning;

"Why do we kill people who kill
people to show that killing people
is wrong?"

Under Cosmic Laws, elimination of a Soul's physical body by force
creates a new wave of negative karma for those involved in the act, and
creates a debt that sooner or later must be settled.

In the context of the Law of Morality, "sin" is a deliberate violation,
and "evil" is an unconscious violation by the unintegrated intellect.
The idea of "original sin" was a controlling and manipulative teaching
with no basis in Cosmic Law, tending to dismiss an individuals inner
powers, including conscience, to rise above it . But self-empowering
acts of displaying unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, and
efforts to anchor supreme values in the foundation of human endeavors,
slowly triumph with time over their opposites.

Outstanding institutional moral progress has been seen throughout
recorded history in such things as England's Magna Carta and America's
Bill of Rights, as well as great humanitarian efforts undertaken by
various private organizations, and growth of spiritual awareness around
the world. Of special importance was a message from Spirit on October
20, 1996 to all Souls in human embodiment;

"Do not give support to that which
is evil or sinful."

As with earlier "commandments", the admonishment was a reminder that
causing death, injury or pain to others was not only a moral issue for
the individual conscience, but the collective conscience as well in
relation to government. Immoral policies and actions by government
would lose funding as taxpayers claimed the right of conscience to
direct their money according to the "golden rule" of morality;

"Do unto others as you would have
them do unto you."

A most blatant and common contradiction of the Law of Morality by
government is the initiation of physical force to achieve control over
people who threaten no physical harm to others. Humans appropriately
enact laws against using it amongst themselves, but governments have
been permitted to initiate unlimited force, even to nuclear devastation.
The Soul rebels at a human "lawful order" that conflicts with its

History and economics Professor Kenneth Schoolland made the moral point
in his book "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" (1995);

"The initiation of force to take life
is murder, to take liberty is slavery,
and to take property is theft. It is
the same whether these actions are
done by one person acting alone, by
the many acting against a few, or
even by officials with fine hats."

What is "wrong" for an individual is also wrong for a collection of
individuals calling themselves the "government". Involuntary payment of
money to an institution, like involuntary payment to robbers, is not a
policy born of the Law of Morality, but rather the "law of the jungle".

Under Cosmic Laws, groups identified as syndicates, mobs and gangs are
appropriately held responsible for wrongful acts. The forced
association of many people under government does not relieve them,
karmically speaking, of the same responsibility.

The bottom line is, an AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION in harmony with the
natural Cosmic Laws of the universe, and producing High Moral Values and
Democratic Ideals, replaces negative coercive, forceful ways of
government with moral means to moral ends, positive persuasion and
voluntary support.


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