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Formation of a new Solar System

Formation of a new Solar System by the Rotational Fission of a Star – Extraterrestrial UFOs create and maintain solar systems by making another star pass by in close vicinity

Astrophysicists are finding interesting facts. New solar systems are created by multiple stars. Though finally the solar system may have one sun or star, another one and sometime more stars are made to pass by closely to create the solar system.

Our sun is not truly a single star but that it has a distant companion orbiting it with a period of about 30 million years. The gravitational forces from this unseen neighbor disturb material circling in the outermost reaches of our solar system, sending a shower of comets toward the inner planets every time the star neared. That was the reason why dinosaurs disappeared all on a sudden in the earth millions of years back.

According to some scientists, Extraterrestrials create new solar system through a process of Rotational Fission by artificially bringing a star close by the young star. After formation of the solar system, the secondary star is left in a distant or nearby orbit depending on the design of the Solar system. The secondary star is always used to rejuvenate a planet or the entire solar system or maintaining the solar system.

Extraterrestrials are creating new solar systems all the time. They also use the same mechanism to destroy intelligent life forms to create even more intelligent life forms.

Because young stars are typically enshrouded by dust, astronomers usually have difficulty viewing them in visible light, no matter how powerful the telescope. But these sites can be detected readily using infrared wavelengths that are characteristic of the emission from heated dust grains surrounding the nearby star. That is how the scientists are now realizing that Extraterrestrials are creating these new “colonies” of advanced intelligent life forms and civilizations all the time.


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