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An Entirely New System of Healing

An Entirely New System of Healing

An entirely new system of healing, that so far has given miraculous results in days. Here is the information on it and how it works. There are three parts that I will submit to you that explain a little bit of how it works.



This completely new system of technology was designed to give the individual the power needed to complete his/her own healing. Using products already in the market place, in the proper procedure, allows for the specific areas of the mind to be triggered and assisted in healing the body at an accelerated rate.


The special combination of oils that are used, have been selected for various reasons. 1. This mixture allows for infinite amount of combinations of oils to be created within it. 2. The body is in charge of what it is healing and therefore can take whatever oil it needs or any combination it needs to produce whatever effects you desire. 3. The mass amount of knowledge needed to know what specific use each oil or any combinations have on the body is impossible to know. 4. This mixture allows for life to take charge and show us its own magnificence. 5. The synchronicity law of life is used to its full potential in this aspect of the program.


Using all seven lights to stimulate color healing allows for each level of the self to open itself and complete the necessary shifts to bring about the desired result. The seven chakras govern every aspect of the body, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Working on all chakras at the same time allows for the body to have whatever light energy it needs to fulfill your intention. This gives the body an infinite amount of color energy combinations it needs to heal itself. Again using this method surpasses the infinite amount of knowledge that color lights effects have on the body. Colors use the sense of sight.


Using a CD designed for the seven chakras allows for sufficient time for the reprogramming of each level of your being. This happens as the music guides you through each different state of mind. This allows for complete reprogramming of the present system that you reside in. As your intentions are fulfilled and realigned, your body moves into harmony with your original divine blueprint. Through a constant effort of reprogramming yourself, you continually move closer and closer into your own perfection. As well it uses the sense of hearing


magnets are used to align the atomic structure of the cells giving order to chaos. They complete the senses by using the sense of touch. Life is created through the same force that magnets represent. The yin/yang aspect of creation is also incorporated into the system. This gives the option for atoms to become positive, negative, or neutral. Atoms simply represent potential choices. Choices for how you wish to create your life. This assists for the complete reprogramming of body. The magnets as well coincide with the seven chakras.


High frequency clay is used as an internal supplement for various reasons. 1. This will assist the body from working internally. 2. Herbs are major part of healing, however the infinite amount of knowledge needed is too much for one to know. So, high frequency clay is used instead. This surpasses the need for the infinite knowledge on herbs. Clay holds the frequency that is programmed into it. The key truth in this is that clay not only holds the one high frequency, but also as well as all those beneath, creating a massive spectrum of options for the body to take. This is how the Intrasound powder is able to bypass herbs. Herbs each have their own unique frequency. Where as clay stores vibration, and vibration sits at the top of the pyramid of life.


the mind is used to complete the program. It is the sixth sense, or sometimes known as the eternal and infinite presence. The mind is used to complete the necessary changes that need to be completed for you to receive your intention. The conscious mind goes silent into the void to adjust the changes needed. The void is where choices that govern our bodies and us are made; this is the place that allows us to choose again. Complete wholeness is in the void for it is absolute potential. The void is where the trinity of the mind become one. The Void is where all things exist simultaneously. When any conscious choice is made, it does not complete itself until it reaches the void. The subconscious mind is what is changed to support your intention.

The subconscious mind stores all information on life. Every choice that is made affects the subconscious mind. This is where the reprogramming takes place. The higher consciousness mind is the wise old man that directs the reprogramming to be done. As well this aspect of the mind is the one who appoints and directs the knowledge. He is the master who knows how to use knowledge. He is the holder of the wisdom. It is this aspect of the mind that creates this illusion for us through our body. The higher consciousness is above the sub consciousness and therefore see's all knowledge that is. He is the holder of the keys or what is sometimes referred to as the creator. The utilizing of the mind is the completion of the program.

All products used simulate the five senses or building blocks to our reality. The products are used to stimulate the body into activating the sixth sense, which is the mind. This process is literally a wishing well. All things can be realized from this program. However, major changes might not take place the first day. Life is a process, from the very beginning of creation to absolute perfection. This is simply a quickening. Major changes such as losing 100 pounds in 45 minutes, is possible, however things do take time. Once a choice is made it takes a while to completely integrate into the physical system. 100 pounds in 45 minute, possible, but I wouldn't guarantee it. 100 pounds in a month, that's more reasonable.

This program is only designed to quicken your choices, wants, and desires; it is designed as a wishing well, or a magic lamp. In my opinion, use this opportunity to aim for the greatest potential, because anything else is just simply a waste of time. Find the genie in you to make your life come true.

This second part I like to call


Thought is the most intriguing element of the human body. Some believe that thought is attributed to the soul or spirit. The physical body is just on part of a three part body. Thoughts are given to us through our body. Let's discuss the elements of thought and how it attributes to your body.

There are two main types of thought.

The first is the thoughts that the body has already taught you. This includes all information and area's that you have either imagined or been taught by peers around you. This is the arena that we all know so well. If you picture thought as a five-pointed star, and each point represents a person. There is one part of the star that is common to all points and that is the inner core of the star. This core is the thoughts that are shared between all five people. This is the area that is thought of as the norm, or normal part of life. This is the part that every one is judged by. Everyone is told to act normal. Any part out of the core is different, weird or not accepted by the general population. Yet the part that is not in the core of the star, is the part that we as individual's come to earth to give into the core. It is what makes us unique and individual.

It is our own special purpose to add to core. However in this day and age, we have shut ourselves in and ignored and ridiculed anything or anybody that was outside of this core belief or idea of norm. This means that growth is halted, and the world moves into an insecurity of being scared to venture out into the miracle of life. This limits and destroys the magic of the great unfolding of life. It destroys people as they try to share their own unique ideas and are shunned and prevented from bringing their ideas into reality. This is devastating to the morals and respect for life. When life is halted and no longer grows, each day grows weary and more normal; this is a continuous loop until growth once again prevails.

The second form of thought is given to you directly from your body. This has occurred in everyone. It is the thoughts that flow through your mind that are clear, precise, and true. It is those thoughts that you wish somebody could here you think, as the phrases perfectly express the truth in which you wish to say. The beauty that flows with such proper word usage astonishes even the greatest of minds. These are the thoughts of the body. It is through thought that the body teaches you. To quicken the ability to be self-taught is a very simple. When the mind is racing 100 words per second and driving you mad, there is no way that any of the thoughts can get processed. The way to rid your mind of the same repetitious thoughts over and over is to integrate them into yourself. This is done by acknowledging the thought, thanking it for showing you what is possible to think and passing it on, eager to learn new thoughts.

This is the process that occurs as one develops the ability to teach himself. Improper use of thought can plague the mind and entrap it for a lifetime. Hyperactive children cannot learn at school because their experiences aren't integrated into their system. In other words they are attached to experience and do not have the ability to slow their mind down to learn the mechanics of life. This can be disruptive in many ways to a child, and devastating if never dealt with.

The Enhancer program can be used to speed up the process of learning, and self-learning. It is designed to teach you all that you are. It is a process that occurs while doing the program. Self-development is the key to overcoming life and all parts in it. As the process that occurs in the Enhancer integrates all that has arisen in you, it clears space in the mind for new learning's and teaching to develop. The ability to learn information from thin air is just a state of mind that needs to be integrated. The magical and mystifying reality of life becomes apparent as the growth is once again started. It is through the growth that occurs from speeding up evolution, that quickly transfigures an individual. Self-development occurs from integrating the self. The greatest education one could receive is to be taught and shown how to teach one self.

It is through the great minds of the world that have learnt this aspect of themselves, that has carved the way for education in this present day and age. However the one thing they could not teach was how they learned. They could explain it, but were not able to bring someone to the point where they could do it themselves. So all the people were only left to learn what a blessed individual gave to the world. The enhancer brings you into the proper state of mind that such learning is possible. It is designed for you to teach yourself. The greatest gift in life is not to heal or teach someone. It is to give them the ability to heal and teach themselves.

This third part explains how the healing is between you and your body.

The rate at which the Enhancer program will heal any dis-ease is impossible to know. It depends on what the body wants for you. The healing and transformation that takes place is between you and your body. The body is unique as it still holds the memory of its own perfection. We have forgotten what is true in life. The body strives for its perfection and knows each step to take to have it transpire. We however have no idea what perfection is or how to attain it. This is the reason why the program has been designed to give your body whatever it needs to heal itself at an accelerated rate. Using your body's abilities to know all knowledge and wisdom makes the body responsible for what takes place. It is up to your body what it wants to heal each day. As well, it is up to your body what it wishes to teach you. Your body is the master, and so we give all power to it.

The story that associates with the Enhancer is one of the mystical legends from the beginning of time. The human body is represented by the symbol of a star. This likens us to the stars in the sky. What this shows us it that there is light deep within our being. The quest for the elixir of life has been apparent in every civilization since the beginning. There are certain symbols that have been seen to hold the keys to awakening our selves into the infinite potential that exists. The key symbol is of course the five-pointed star as we reflect that shape with our bodies. There are also five senses that combine to give us the reality that matter exists. As well there has always been rumored to have a sixth sense. The sixth sense is of course the mind.

The mind is the center stone for each of the five senses. It is your mind that controls and creates the fives senses. It is in your mind that life exists. There is only one mind and it encompasses everything. Therefore the secret to life is in some way activating the mind so that power over physical reality becomes yours. The key to being able to open the mind to unveil its glory is through the five senses. Now all that is needed is the process that will use each sense in the proper sequence to activate the mind into revealing to us, the children of light, the everlasting unfoldment of creation.

As you see through this story and your own common sense that the body is in charge of everything that transpires here, and it is through the body that self-realization shall be fulfilled. The only way to realize our potential then is to give all power to our body so that it will heal itself in the ways necessary to unveil the next stage of creation to us. The body wants only for us to proceed up the ranks of creation to realize our own perfection and glorification. Once the teachings of how to use creation to fulfill our dreams and desires complete themselves, the gift of life is then given to us. We are here to earn our existence, for it is through striving and overcoming that appreciation is attained. It is through our complete understanding to the extent of what life has to offer and the glory of how it exists that we can give our complete thanks and respect to the presence that made it possible. In grateful memory of the way it shall always be, blessed that in the end it would come down to just you and me.


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