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New universes are formed

Process by which new universes are formed and eventually destroyed in the hyperspace

It is like bubbles in the ocean – innumerable are formed and eventually gone in the vast ocean! Universes are being formed and collapsing into the hyperspace all the time.

When two or more universes touch each other in terms of higher dimensional spatial, the Universes collapse into a common point through a process called mega implosion before big bang or mega explosion (new Universe formation) sets in a new Universe is formed and starts expanding rapidly forming galaxies, stars and planets.

When our physical Universe was formed it was aided by the hyperspace for its equilibrium. Now it is even more supported by the Hyperspace for its equilibrium and stability. The Universe at first is small though it is expanding rapidly. However, as it becomes larger, large tunnels like Blackholes and Neutron stars are formed that create a window to the Hyperspace. Hyperspace creates a massive suction at various points to maintain the equilibrium of the Universe. Every source of gravity and electromagnetic fields in the Universe actually has an opening to the Hyperspace. The gravity or electromagnetic forces in the Universe is a direct result of the suction force of the Hyperspace.

Similarly other Universes are also formed in the Hyperspace. But theoretically a Universe when formed can be of infinite dimensions. In reality Universes have finite number of dimensions. Why is our universe 3-dimensional? Our universe is 3-dimensional, simply because 3 is the smallest number of dimensions a particle needs to exist. Particles are nothing else than waves in the fabric of space and any wave has at least 3 degrees of freedom. Hyperspace arose from the movement of elementary particles. In a space with a potentially infinite number of dimensions, the universe (the space, where particles are confined) is able to adopt any number of dimensions according to the evolution of the universe itself. It is therefore not negligible to suppose that there can exist phenomena in the universe that needed more than 5 degrees of freedom (i.e. “strings” that are supposed to exist in 11 dimensions).

After the Universe is formed with appropriate number of dimensions in a big bang, it continues to expand very fast. In the Hyperspace other Universes are also formed like froth or bubble in the ocean. When two expanding Universe demand the same dimensional spatial, they both collapse into a dot. The collision of Universes happens along a common dimension. It is not similar to just sudden touching of the two bubble. It is much more complex than that.


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