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Nurturing Our Innate Divinity

Nurturing Our Innate Divinity

We are much more than a physical body bounded by time and space to a material world. We are also multidimensional, spiritual beings with stardust coursing through our veins. Once we set our imaginations free and let our hearts soar by appreciating the commonalities and connections we share with others, we heal ourselves. The daisy and the iris have different outward appearances and fragrances, yet both enhance our environment with their beauty and grace.

If we want to bring more compassion, harmony, and peace into our lives, we must remember who we really are in every moment of every day. We are manifestations of Spirit in matter. When we come full circle and are kind and loving to ourselves, as well as to others, we truly bless all planetary conditions and communities.

Our thoughts and feelings are resonance magnets attracting what we focus our attention on to us. If we empower ourselves with Self-Awareness and discerning intent, we can create an earthly paradise of sharing and companionship.

Children of Oneness, there are infinite ways for us to receive and give love, but first we must honor and respect ourselves enough to allow only influences and circumstances that serve our highest good into our lives. Even though there are a myriad of ways for us to nourish ourselves, it is often easier for us to be gentle and considerate to others than to practice Self-Love.

Here are seven steps for unfolding our own set of angel wings:

1. Allow others to cherish and support us.
2. Every morning shortly after rising, tell our reflections in the mirror, I love you, I believe in you.
3. Trust our inner guidance and follow the dictates of our hearts.
4. Feed our bodies, minds, and souls with wholesome foods, views, and values.
5. Give thanks for all the miracles both large and small that bless our lives each day.
6. Pause to reflect on the synchronism of the day and whether or not it flowed with where we have been and where we are going on our life's journey.
7. Let our inner child out to embrace nature, hug a tree, sing with the birds, watch the clouds glide by overhead.

We deserve to have boundless blessings and limitless love in every aspect of our lives. It is our heritage. All we need to do to claim it for ourselves is to nurture our innate divinity.


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