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Our mind

Our mind traverses through the hyperspace into the realm of parallel universe of multidimensional time all the time

All of us are in touch with our own presence in the hyperspace. Our subconscious minds communicate constantly with ourselves in the parallel universes that float in the hyperspace. Our dreams are influenced by our communication to the hyperspace.

Scientists now realize that parallel universes with multidimensional time floats in the endless ocean of hyperspace. In those universes with multidimensional time, we exist in multidimensional forms. In other words we strive in parallel in many parallel universes at the same time. Our actual entity is defined by our presence in the hyperspace as well as in different parallel universes at the same time.

Scientists are busy studying the process by which our minds find an opening to the hyperspace into our parallel existence in multidimensional time.

Our three dimensional physical universe and the five dimensional hyperspace are linked by small windows (fermions), but also by larger windows that can be created or exist here and there (Black Holes, Neutron Stars, etc.). The stability of our universe depends on the size of these windows. If we created a window, so huge that the whole 3-D universe could pass through it, our universe would be destroyed and would be absorbed completely by the much larger hyperspace. Fortunately, in our universe, there are not many of such large windows. In fact, the major part of hyperspace windows is as small as elementary particles. Only here and there are larger windows like Blackholes or other similar phenomena.

Through these small holes (fermions), electromagnetic waves generated by our mind can travel. The communicating waves travel to our own entities in the parallel universes. Our real entity is actually based in the hyperspace. Our multidimensional forms actually exist in parallel in many universes. All our entities communicate all the time. The small openings (fermions) in the physical 3_D universe allow the communication.

What happens when we sleep is that our subconscious mind takes over and we start communicating with ourselves. It is similar to a branch office communicating to the headquarters or other branch offices far away. Even when we are not sleeping, we communicate in our subconscious mind to the hyperspace to ourselves all the time.


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