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Our Physical universe

Our Physical universe is a 3-D “floating illusion” on an immense 5-D hyperspace with Blackholes providing tunnels to the Hyperspace

What does our physical universe look like when seen from the hyperspace in which it floats?

Our Physical universe is a 3-D “floating illusion” on an immense 5-D hyperspace. It is analogous to a floating 3D illusion in an immense 5-D ocean. Another way to envision this is as follows: our physical universe is equivalent to a sheet of ice floating in the ocean. The universe (ice sheet) has openings to the hyperspace (ocean) thorough black holes and neutron stars. There are many other parallel and non-parallel universes in the hyperspace.

Gravitation and Electromagnetic energy (EM) is simply the result of a “suction” force from hyperspace. In fact, Hyperspace is to a 3-D space as the atmosphere is to a balloon. The air of the balloon tries to escape to the atmosphere through any hole the balloon has. In an analogous way, gravitation and EM can be seen as the tendency of non-charged/charged matter to dissipate into hyperspace through small windows between our 3-D universe and hyperspace. These windows are opened by the energy we know as quantum spin. Examples of these windows are Blackholes and Neutron stars. Hyperspace produces a suction force on elementary particles, analogous to their mass (gravitation) or polarity (EM), while the Blackholes and Neutron stars are force fields that links our world to hyperspace.

A Black Hole (BH) would be a relatively large window to hyperspace, e.g. the mass (particle density) of the corresponding body would be so great, that the fabric of space-time, thus “falling” into hyperspace, could no longer support it. The strong gravitational attraction of BHs can be now easily understood as a strong hyperspace suction effect on particles in our 3-D world. The infinitely dense and infinitely small body that is attributed usually to BHs, can be understood as a particle that has exceeded certain limit and that has been absorbed by hyperspace. This limit would be the mass limit, beyond which an exploding star becomes a BH. The concepts “infinitely dense and infinitely small” are concepts relative to our 3-D universe. In hyperspace, a BH is probably nothing else than a conventional body with a certain density and size, since the ability of hyperspace to support massive bodies is probably much higher than that of 3-D space because of the 2 additional degrees of freedom (dimensions).


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