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Our present and future

How extraterrestrials control our present and future

Extraterrestrial UFOs monitor our civilization keeping a close tab on all countries working science and technology research. Scientists are now getting early indications of a very interesting fact they control our present as well as future.

Just like a train moves over a set of rails, our three-dimensional universe moves forward over time. But our three dimensional universe moves over a fifth or higher dimension guided by the principle of spatial structures. That is the Parallel Universe of extra ordinary electromagnetic interferences. The only way a train can go to somewhere else is by shifting it to a different rail line. That is exactly what happens when the tracks are switched.

Similarly, it is possible to change our present and future by shifting fifth or higher dimensional spatial structure on which our three dimensional Universe glides over time. As in trains, our Universe does not have to come to a halt for shifting over to a different spatial plane.

To understand the concept completely, you must understand that our three dimensional Universe is fragmented and is moving on many spatial planes. It is not yet fully understood how these spatial planes draw their boundaries. One way to understand the concept is to think that our three dimensional Universe consists of many trains which are moving on different spatial structures of higher dimensions.

The extraterrestrials can change the present or the future of a part of our three dimensional Universe by switching the spatial planes of the higher dimensions. The parallel Universes do not have any immediate impact except a portion of our three-dimensional Universe now is paralleled by a different but similar Universe.

When miracles happen through meditation, the spatial structure in higher dimensions are altered. No one knows who changes the spatial structures in case of miracles. Religious bodies obviously believe in divine power responsible for changing spatial structures and creating miraculous effects.

Extraterrestrials are advanced in technology. They are changing the future and the present all the time. Most UFOlogists believe that they want our good. Then we can presume that the spatial structure is changed only in case of extreme emergencies when part of three-dimensional Universe becomes dangerous and unstable.


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