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Our Universe is live

Our Universe is live - central invisible Black Holes become the nerve center of the whole Galaxy and galaxies are interconnected to form the Universe

Some new discoveries are stunning astronomers, scientists and others. It is becoming clear now that the Universe is really alive and so are galaxies, stars and planets.

The central invisible Black Holes become the nerve center of the whole Galaxy. An interconnection of these black holes through the parallel Universes become the central mechanism by which the Universe lives. Like stars, the Galaxies are also born, they die and cycle. Even the Universe is born, die and recycle. So do we. There is nothing that is static forever. Everything is in a perpetual motion of life. Like in Human beings, the brain becomes the central processing unit, in case of Galaxies, these massive invisible black holes form the controlling point of the Galaxy.

These are called breathing life of the Universe. There are new evidences that the Universe is actually alive. Every galaxy has a central control point an invisible strange black hole. These black holes at the center of the galaxies collectively control the Universe, and that includes all terrestrial earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural calamities.

Announcing the discovery of three black holes in three normal galaxies, astronomers suggest that nearly all galaxies may harbor super-massive black holes that once powered quasars (extremely luminous objects in the centers of galaxies), but are now quiescent.

This conclusion is based on a census of 27 nearby galaxies carried out by the Hubble telescope and ground-based observatories in Hawaii. The three galaxies in these images are believed to contain central, super-massive black holes. The galaxy NGC 4486B [lower left] shows a double nucleus [lower right]. The picture at lower right is a close-up of the central region of NGC 4486B.

Results by astronomers using instruments like the Hubble Space Telescope now indicate that most (and possibly even all) large galaxies may harbor one of these dense beasts. In all the galaxies studied, star speeds continue to increase closer the very center. This in itself indicates a center millions of times more massive than our Sun is needed to contain the stars.


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