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The parallel universe exists within us

The parallel universe exists within us – it is closer to you than you can ever imagine

The parallel universe may not be far away. You may not need a wormhole to propagate and navigate to a parallel universe. According to contemporary physics that can look beyond the quantum physics, the parallel universe overlaps the physical universe and all the time we move in and out of parallel universe. The parallel universe consists of much higher dimensions. The length, height, width and time is non-existent there. The unknown higher dimensions allow existence without physical existence. In a flick of a second we can move in and out of the parallel universe.

According to many researchers, the ultimate goal of physics is to solve the puzzle of physical universe. It may be impossible. It is almost like solving for the point of singularity, which exists in theory only. What makes is amazing about the parallel universe is the fact it is so close to us. Parallel universes are extremely close to us, perhaps only atomic dimensions away but perhaps in a higher dimension of space-- an extension into what physicists call superspace. Modern neuroscience through the study of altered states of awareness, schizophrenia, and lucid dreaming could be indications of the closeness of parallel worlds to our own.

The super space of higher dimensions defies all known laws of physics that holds true in the physical universe. It is a universe in which time does not exist as a dimension. It is a universe in which you can create parallel time dimensions. The physical objects collapse into multi-entity objects. For example one energy source can have many parallel existences in different parallel time dimensions.

According to advanced researchers, parallel universes have other parallel universes of even higher dimensions overlap them. The cycle never ends. Do we have a clue where the parallel universe is? The answer lies in the fact that we belong to multiple parallel universes right at this moment. For example, someone’s physical body can be in the physical universe while the soul or the electromagnetic source of energy may be in the multiple instances of many parallel universes. While the physical body is in the physical universe, the rest of us are actually not in the physical universe. We communicate with us from the parallel universe and guide the brain to do work and live our lives. Once we die, we continue to live except we withdraw from the physical universe since the body is not usable. We continue to live in the parallel universes.

”As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and so far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality”, wrote Albert Einstein. And may be the essence of parallel universe right within us and yet cannot touch it, feel it or manipulate it. We actually live in the parallel universe and our physical body stays in the physical universe.


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