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The Pars Fortunae

The Pars Fortunae

In many Theosophical works we find the following idea expressed in more or less the same terms: "Proceeding in its own domain the Jivatma or Ego sends out a part of itself into the three worlds of form, which part, after a period of activity, returns tothe Father, enriched with the acquired experience." No symbol, expressing the above, is more beautiful than that given by astrology: "The Sun, slowly proceeding through the Zodiac, is bestowing part of its forces at every new moon, which part develops and works and returns the fruit of its activity as experience."

It is thus that the distance between the Sun and Moon is indicative of the nature of the task which the personality has to perform for the ego. It is only natural that this task should be marked in the horoscope cycle at birth and, according to the law of analogy should be symbolized by a point that is as far removed from the starting point of this cycle as the distance between Moon and Sun.

In this way the relationship between the relatively hypothetical points appears concretely as the relationship between the body and the task for which it was created. Thierene defines the Pars as the concrete synthesis of the horoscope. It is indeed just that, in so far as it indicates the lesson developed by the owner of the 'wheel'.

The two ways in which it works are demonstrated by the aspects. The squares, oppositions and conjunctions are more particularly indicative of the task taken up, i.e. the work that will be done, whereas the trines, sextiles and often also the conjunctions point to the Earth's compensations for earlier 'services rendered', which now fall to the native's lot as 'the part of fortune'.

The idea 'lesson', which we apply to life is, of course, a misnomer as in that sense the process is viewed from 'lower down'. It is said that the Self, Brahman, is not learning or doing anything in these Worlds. Philosophical Hindus express it in a peculiar but nonetheless correct way when they assert that the creation is only a 'Play of Brahman'. In this sense the play of the higher self may provide the lesson for the personal or lower self.

The Pars is therefore 'in concreto' indicative of the results to be expected. This concreteness emphasizes that the foremost expression of the Pars is obtained in a house rather than in a sign or, more clearly expressed, the sign gives a more limited description of the more explicit data provided by its placement in a particular house.

We shall now try to determine what meaning might be attached to the Pars in each house. The variety of lessons to be learned is numerous and, moreover, a lesson may be learned at all stages of high or low levels of development, which may cause appreciable differences in its concrete effect.

Astrology has a very suitable method of sub-dividing these lessons more or less systematically.

Every individual is a Self and has a Not-Self. The Self contacts the Not-Self by imparting its own being to it-by 'confirming' itself, whereas it also becomes conscious of the fact that it is not the Not-Self by denying this - by withdrawing its forces from it.
Confirmation means Life
Denial means Gaining Consciousness
Faculties of the Self, Not-Self, Life and Consciousness (or rather gaining con-sciousness) can therefore be developed.
Each of these four shows the three aspects of will, wisdom and activity or aptitude, being and reality or in whatever way this trinity may be expressed. This yields a regular twelve-fold division of the lessons of life which may be allotted to the twelve houses of the horoscope.

PARS in 1. The 1st house, with its affinity to Aries, indicates that the the activity aspect of the Self has to be developed. In other words 'do-it-yourself' has to be learned. The necessary quality to achieve this is self-confidence. Experience has taught us that these natives are actually lacking in self-confidence. Actually, everybody possesses self-confidence up to a point and the native's behavior and activities are in accordance with it. However, subjects with Pars in 1 are continuously being confronted with activities which they consider to be too arduous. Yet they come to face them in such a way that they cannot be declined. Wherever the native appears, he is the one to be pushed forward, and he actually does what has to be done because of his trust in those who appeal to him. Afterwards the latter often let him down. It is only natural that one comes across these people wherever a start is being made with new undertakings. They are the true allies of Aries subjects. The latter are always taking the initiative and give the first push but they remain at the start or, rather, they start again with something else. Usually the work is left to the subject with Pars in 1. In the majority of cases the position does not indicate the born pioneer but the native is burdened with much work of a pioneering nature that goes against the grain.

PARS in 5. The 5th house, corresponding with Leo, is the place where the aspect of will of the Self has to be developed. The lesson to be learned is self-control, which should help the owner to become a reliable center. These people usually show a lack of self-control; they even have a tendency to be influenced by everybody, if it doesn't interfere with their pleasant rest. Pars in 5 is usually the result of Sun trine Moon and this position corresponds with a kind of calmness owing to the general proper functioning of all the organs. Many consider this calmness to be an inner force which actually it isn't. However it may be, their calmness entails that many restless people gather around them. These subjects are always chosen as president if no real Leo people are available. They are quite suitable for this post as long as it concerns a harmonious circle and if no great vitality is expected to emanate from the society. In more difficult circumstances they have great trouble in maintaining themselves and only when they have to stabilize all kinds of controversial trends the necessary lesson is learned. If Pars in 1 often has to do pioneer's work, Pars in 5 will frequently have to function as centrifuge or gyroscope. What Leo is doing with great ambition, Pars in 5 will do with a heavy heart. The 5th house is also indicative of children and pleasures. The native with Pars in 5 never has many children and is often childless. As far as pleasures are concerned he is often a lucky dog, especially if Sun is trine Moon.

PARS in 9. The 9th house, corresponding with Sagittarius' characteristics, expresses the task of the development of the wisdom aspect of the Self. This person has to learn to think for himself and the quality to be developed is therefore thought control. Again and again these people are called upon to bear testimony to their ideas. They are not the born propagandists - on the contrary, if asked they would say that propaganda does not appeal to them at all. But the circumstances force them to think and spread their ideas. There is hardly a horoscope with Pars in 9 whose owner has not been abroad for some time. If not, the subject would have regular contact with persons abroad or receive many visits from foreigners. This will force him to air his thoughts on various subjects. The position of Pars in 9 often corresponds to the Sun trine Moon aspect and it is noticeable that people with this aspect have no difficulty in finding a job. Even after resigning from a good post they are immediately offered a better one. This easy change of surroundings is one of the best aids to encourage independent thinking and to facilitate the propagation of their own ideas.

PARS in 2. The 2nd house, having affinity with Taurus, leads to the development of the will aspect of the Not-Self. The task of the Not-Self is to receive and to assimilate. The quality to achieve is devotion. When Pars is in 2 this devotion has to be developed and the same applies to the Pars when positioned in 6 or 10. In the Taurus house the Pars symbolizes the lack of devotion to the One, i.e. lack of belief and faith. This may seem a contradiction in terms because the subject concerned may well be a believer or a religious person in the normal sense. What is meant here is the belief that the 'Good' is omnipresent and that the guidance of the Great Ones can be seen in all things. These are the very people who are nearly always criticizing the leadership (2 square 5) and demand perfection in a leader under whom they serve. An individual with Pars in 2 has to learn to have faith in Higher Leadership and it is for him that it was written: Whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child he shall not enter therein. Circumstances may also lead to learning through experience. In a material sense it often indicates a position connected with banking, a profession in which confidence plays a great part. Again, Pars in 2 people are not the 'born' faithful but they are met with in all circles of believers.

PARS in 6. The 6th house, corresponding with Virgo, leads to the aspect of being or wisdom of the Not-Self, i.e. to analysis and discrimination and in another sense to purity. With Pars in 2 we found a lack of devotion to the One; here we find lack of devotion to the multi-unity, i.e. service. Pars in 6 has to learn to distinguish between things permanent and those of a passing nature or importance. Circumstances will constantly confront them with the necessity to realize this. The position usually engenders a strong urge to be at the head of things and a desire for fame and honor but inexorably these subjects will remain in a subordinate position. A person with Pars in 6 occupying a permanent independent position is almost unknown. Pars in 6 people are not born servants but are more like forced laborers. Wrong insight often entails disharmony and this may assume such proportions that physical illness may act as an obstructing factor.

PARS in 10. The 10th house having affinity with Capricorn leads to the activity aspect of the Not-Self, hence assimilation for the sake of the work itself. The qualities necessary for this are a great sense of duty and indifference. If Pars in 2 means service to God, Pars in 6 service in obscurity, Pars in 10 is service in public and corresponds to people who are building in the street. This may be enacted on all kinds of levels but there is no doubt that the born authority is not involved. The native is, however, called upon to do these tasks and he is finding great difficulty in performing them through lack of a sense of duty or, probably more accurately expressed, through his inability of discerning where his duty lies at a given moment. Generally these people are involved in a maelstrom of controversies and are often compelled to repudiate their earlier activities, which, in their entourage brands them as twisters. Only indifference to praise or blame may secure a permanent position for them but this indifference should not be confused with impassiveness.

PARS in 3. The Gemini house leads to the development of faculties of life, especially in their aspect of wisdom. This is the spread of knowledge, learning, functioning as teacher, governor, etc. Not only giving but also receiving is involved. This necessitates a listening attitude, which means a reversal of attention, which should now be directed upward and inward and no longer downward and outward. The Pars in this house has to learn to attune his thinking life harmoniously to others and to show inclination to pass on truly and without preference everything that has been observed. (This house is square to the 6th where all the sorting takes place which sifts and analyzes all the observed.) The born pupil is not to be found here but someone who will get the chance to become one. Usually they can't listen and they have a strong opinion of their own. They become involved in educational work, when their pupils often compel them to engage in tasks which they actually dislike.

PARS in 7. The 7th house corresponds with Libra, where Life in reality is being developed. This means harmonizing and organizing. These subjects have to learn to cooperate and therefore see themselves again and again placed in positions where their capabilities as organizer or council members are called upon. Generally, however, they don's last long behind the green table, mostly because of vast opposition against their autocratic attitude and lack of cooperation. They are usually not very happy in their alliances whereas marriage often means a passage through the mill. Contrary to those with Pars in 1 they are more often than not looking for opportunities to come into prominence with no other effect than frequent clashes with others, whom they accuse of lukewarmness. They are very active, notably when Pars is near cusp 7 (born shortly after full moon).

PARS in 11. The 11th house with its affinity with Aquarius represents life in its aspect of will or feeling. Here brotherhood and humanism will find an opportunity for development. If the person with Pars in 5 has to become a reliable center, the one with Pars in 11 has to roam around all over the place to establish the force of the center everywhere. He sympathizes with others and shares their existence, giving leadership and demonstrating the connection between high and low, between ruler and subject. He is not an autocrat but a democrat or, rather, that is what he should become. He is to be seen in various circles, where he is finding an opportunity to live his life to the full in all kinds of ways. Pars in 11 is not the born clubman, philanthropist, humanist or seeker but he is the individual who feels drawn to that kind of work.

PARS in 4. When dealing with the Pas in the 'occult' houses, we are considering the 'other side' of life: consciousness. The outward task is to abandon, to sacrifice something in order to experience or to realize it inwardly. The task in the 4th house is: To free oneself of surroundings, to abandon tradition, even class. Horoscopes with Pars in 4 are owned by natives who are very strongly tied up with these things. Offers of marriage are even refused because the prospective bride's family cannot do without her. These people have to learn to recognize their inner duty and also that their field of work lies in a more obscure domain, in inner areas of their being. They are the antipoles of Pars in 10, often tied by heredity to some kind of authoritarian positions to which they are riveted by their feelings and they have the greatest trouble to set themselves free.

PARS in 8. In the Scorpio house this is the counterpart of Pars in 2. The latter has to learn to believe and trust. The former has to relinquish his faith and to investigate for himself in order to acquire knowledge. He has to take his education into his own hands and find his own way. Self-initiation should be his aim. In the main, Pars in 8 people are suppressed by ties of religion, faith, misunderstood ceremonial etc. until they find the strength to shake everything off that has been imposed from outside, in order to seek the Self within themselves. Their task is that they themselves commute their own nature. The peculiarity is that the break away is often beyond their strength because they are afraid of causing distress to others on account of their apostasy. A death usually proves to be a welcome solution and there are no other people than those with Pars in 8 in whose lives such great changes occur through deaths. Generally they have a strong desire for something for a considerable time. Quite unexpectedly this desire is gratified, only to find that it doesn't give the expected satisfaction.

PARS in 12. Natives with this position in their Pisces house have as their task to learn to relinquish their personality in order to save the work on which they are engaged. Their work is mostly done in obscurity or secrecy and every attempt to occupy a leading position leads to the destruction of the 'form', the society or institute to which they are attached. Unless they keep themselves entirely in the background, they carry a germ of annihilation to everything formal. They are not the secret, sacrificing workers but they are compelled to abandon all they love and their vanity receives hard blows. Viewed as the antipole of people with Pars in 6, they are those who have to learn that all differences are only external but that unity pertains to one's inner self.


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