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Particle accelerators

Particle accelerators collide nuclei of matter to create virtual matter of 5-D Hyperspace forming the foundation of our Universe

Terrestrial science and technology has achieved something remarkable that may lead our civilization to the 5-D Hyperspace very fast. Particle Accelerators all around the world are colliding nuclei of materials at 99.99% speed of light. The result is something that is a real breakthrough. When gold nuclei accelerate to more than 99.99% of the speed of light and smash into each other head on, Quark-Gluon Plasma is formed and a shower of strange particles dissipate all around. The particle physicists are surprised to see that a lot less scattering is taking place than expected.

As a matter of fact, these particle accelerators are creating some virtual particles of subatomic levels that belong to the 5-D Hyperspace. Terrestrial particle detectors using 3-D space just cannot detect these strange subatomic particles because they really belong to the 5-D Hyperspace.

"Something is going on that we don''t understand," say prominent particle scientists worldwide. At low energies, a nucleus behaves something like a clump of hard wax pellets. Slam two into each other, and particles shoot in all directions. By studying jets of particles spraying from the sides of these collisions, physicists can figure out what took place during the collision. The distribution of fast-moving particles is lower than one would predict. There seem to be fewer high-energy particles coming off the sides of the collisions than expected.

Terrestrial particle accelerators are breaking the barrier of 3-D space (Physical Universe) and the 5-D Hyperspace. It is the first ever glimpse of the Hyperspace. The particle physicists may have done something they never expected.

If particle accelerators can create virtual Zero Point Energy (ZPE) particles that belong to the Hyperspace, most likely, these particle accelerators while smashing matter against each other are opening up some local doors to the Hyperspace. Otherwise the virtual matter in 3-D cannot escape into the 5-D Hyperspace.

Technical think tanks believe soon these particle accelerators will be able to smash nuclei of atoms in large numbers so that a wormhole can be created and stabilized in 3-D space. The question at that point will be how long can we keep the wormhole opening in the 3-D space if they really belong to the virtual world of 5-D Hyperspace.


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