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It can help us gain a different perspective on our lives if we see everything in terms of angles, the subjective connections created by devas that act as the framework of our objective realities.

Everything is connected to everything else by angles, and our reality only exists because of angles reacting on our Self via the senses of its physical vehicle. Take away every physical connection, go beyond the idea that the connection has to have any frame of reference, above any idea of how such a connection could exist even though it must (like astrological influences for example), and what you are left with is the angle.

Angles work through resonance, so that things have to share a similar rate of vibration in order to react with each other. Such points of equal resonance would be connected as though they were contour lines on a map, there are no direct linear connections between angles as they act naturally like a network or group, as for example in the idea of the etheric web.

Angles are composed of an Elemental intention which is organised into a pattern of substance by a Devic intelligence and remains as a condition of potentiality until it is set into motion by conscious energy. Then it takes on a life of its own whose purpose is to achieve the intention it was given at its birth. I call this an angular life, Lucille Cedercrans calls it a deva of appearance (there is a difference but it is not important here). Once the intention has been realised it will revert to a potentiality until the next time its deva is called upon to repeat its intention. Angles are thus composed of substance and intention, and are powered by Ray energy, which is pure conscious thought, unconceptual yet aware beingness - superconsciousness.

This life of ours happens because conscious human thought makes it so, thought composed of the energy of awareness appropriated from the source of superconscious life-force or God which we are all attached to. This thought power is humanised before it is applied, and therefore human feelings always accompany the thought, and power the thought into reality - thought only works through the emotions to create reality at our present stage of evolution. This is the power of angles working through the devic evolution, and how and why they make our lives eventful ~ because we are creative beings who create our own realities.

We are born with a basic angular structure which relates to the astrological influences operative at our birth that our soul "wears" for the duration of its earth sojourn. At our present stage of evolution, we identify with the conscious energy which empowers our angles - this is our personality, our normal everyday selves which has lost contact with the Overshadowing soul. As life progresses this continual mistaken identity (i.e. attachment to form) allows these natal angles to trap even more of our natural conscious energy and therefore affect our whole way of being alive. The result is we sink deeper and deeper into the common dual thinking mode, good/bad, war/peace, love/hate etc, and just can't see the natural unity of all life above this duality of form or substance.

To realise the Self, Higher Self, or whatever is running our lives, we have to get back to that basic state "as a child", pure of thought, word and deed. We have to objectify our angles, we have to stand back and watch, witness, our angles at work, because then what we are doing is identifying with our consciousness which is above angles.

Angles are an abstract concept, but they do manifest as astrological aspects, which control the events of the world according to how we react to them. The nature of every event is determined by how we apply our freewill, whether we work through habits, allowing our angles to continue using the same stale energy because that is effortless, the line of least resistance; or whether we give fresh energy to every experience and so take creative control of our lives, of our reality, and act responsibly and lovingly towards those who share our personal reality, because we see them as alternative reflections of our mutual source of life-energy, God.

Now every concept we use and take for granted in our lives is the manifestation of an angle or deva of appearance, including the concept of good and evil. Also, every time we think of something, create something - however temporary, talk to people etc and relate to the outside world in any way, the energy will be a two way thing - our environment will react back to us via the angle concerned, in direct "proportion" to the energy it has been given. Evil is such a concept (as we understand it at least) that is fed by the opinions of those who talk and think about it. Every thought that is applied to it, both positive and negative, will strengthen it, give it extra power and make it stronger. A massive angle like evil is a hungry beast, and will feed on the energy of those who give it reality, and in turn it will feed those who would use it for personal separative gain and have over-stimulated their own angles of evil causing them to resonate with the major angle.

The paradox behind our dualistic reality is, for example, that war will cease only when the human need for war becomes obsolete, because in the "Self world" of the Conscious Soul Incarnate, love is a natural condition that no longer holds a conceptual reality, it just *is*, and therefore it is beyond duality and has no opposite, so we can say from this perspective that there is no love that can become hate, no good that can become bad, there is only life and beingness. Therefore, again seen from this higher perspective, if there is a choice between "being good" and "doing good", one should always "be" good. This is the ultimate service.

The relevant point here is that words like "war", "evil" and "poverty" are collective words which have become major angles, and through their association with similar antagonists gain collective strength, and therefore escalate their effects into our realities. This is one reason why the world has become so dangerous: since worldwide communication, all these new collective words or angles have become household names popularised by the media - words like serial-killer for example.

Although there have always been such people, since the serial-killer angle or deva of appearance came into existence when it was first given this name and identity, it has taken on a systematic energy exchange with similar angles/devas such as evil, and enticed more weak souls to become entrapped in its snare. How? Through the very same angles which exist in all of us, as we are all like holograms of the archetypal present day human - we are the One Life and we are also Selah, and somehow we have to recognize that we are all capable of such evil, because if we weren't then evil would no longer exist in our reality.

If we are in a war-zone, then war certainly does exist in our reality. But it could also be seen as a separate and very personal act of real violence perpetrated by people against other people, and within such a situation one is only concerned with resolving that situation of potential violence, not with winning the war: war is just the angle which connects atrocities into a mockery of unity, a monster driving people to fight each other with no real awareness of their motivation except basic survival.

The other relevant point is that a person, concept or object to which we become attached appropriates some of our conscious energy, allowing it to have a direct effect on us, as we are its source. This brings in the idea of de-angling, or transformation as Lucille Cedercrans calls it.

Transformation is about releasing those bits of our consciousness which have been appropriated by the past events and people we have met, and these ghosts of the past are false attachments of negativity hindering our recognition of the Overshadowing soul. Freeing our attachment from form leads to a redemption of matter, and so in itself is an act of service.

All those odd angles of past associations out there have a continual affect on us, but we have a shell or frame of reference which filters out most of them, making us insensitive to much of the unseen worlds, because it is painful to our personalities to experience the truth - this barrier of negatively energised angles, our safety blanket of belief, shields us from the truth of our matrix-like reality, and keeps us separate from the awareness of our own connection to the universal divinity which we share with all other aspects of the One Life. But we can adjust these filters and become aware on different levels, become psychically aware and intuitively aware, by altering our life intention and aligning our purpose with the Divine Plan.

Transformation techniques, like the one in Lucille Cedercrans’ Nature Of The Soul, work because you are asking your soul to steer you towards circumstances which will objectify certain negative aspects of your persona, giving you the opportunity to resolve them - unfortunately it does not just make them vanish!

Besides Lucille's transformation technique, we can help this process along in our daily routines. As angles work subjectively, all that has to be done is to realise they are working in the way they are and decide to apply our consciousness to the angle in question differently next time, exercise our will, and at the very least notice how and why we do certain things in the way we do them.

How does objectification help? Because by rendering a subjective angle into an objective condition, we are resolving the opposites which create an angle, the positive and negative poles, and by confronting the subjective with the objective the two negate each other and the angle resorts to a potentiality until next time it is employed, rather than continuing its intention way past its time. Basically, by becoming aware that a personal failing for example is an angle, we can resolve the duality of both its cause and its effect.

The de-angling process, my term for the transformational release of the consciousness trapped in matter, is like breathing. We objectify - observe and awarely consider - then subjectify again, forget. Exhale, inhale. This same process is used with seed-thoughts, where we consider or say the seed-thought once, hold it in our minds for a short time as an objective consideration but without repeating it, and then forget it, which assigns it to our subconscious.

As an example, we can apply this same process to our beliefs or our religions and clarify our angular relationship with them : we don't say Christianity is corrupt therefore I will not follow Christ: instead we say yes the Church has been corrupt, we know its failings, but it also has great strengths - we have to objectify it and consider it. But then we can re-adopt it in a healthy way, and become a true Christian, Moslem or whatever. Objectify, breathe out, subjectify, breath in. Same with the Teachings, or your personal belief system: take yourself out of their influence a while, look at them objectively, question, and start to bring the opinion of your Soul into play - does your Soul agree with everything you read about the Soul? Then re-absorb them again, leaving a question mark against anything that does not seem to fit - don't negate them all if just some points do not appear to fit, only accept what you can feel your Self believes in - not in the opinions of other people, books or whatever - let your Soul guide you, let your guru be your guide.

Similarly in our world evolutionary condition, we are at present in an outbreathing phase of objectivity, as symbolised by the masculinity of our world cultures, and soon the time will come for the inbreathing again, back to a more subjective view on life, like the matriarchal societies of the past, like the Native cultures who have retained much of this "femininity" within their traditional lifestyles.

But it is important to realize that we evolve on a spiral, not on a wheel, so every level of return will be higher than before - we will not return to a feminine world as we would picture it today, but to a feminine world which will be above and beyond anything we are presently able to conceive with our imagination, quite possibly even where gender has been resolved and masculinity and femininity will be different aspects within every individual.

This is one of the next stages that must be tackled. We must begin to create the new in our minds, using new thoughts to create new subjective horizons, and so be prepared for the reversal of the breathing process of evolution which is imminent, when our subjective visions will become our objective realities.

It is only by recognising, and becoming, the unity of being within ourselves, by resolving all the dualistic concepts that our personality holds dear, that we are able to reach the position where we can detach ourselves from this false reality, and so become a source for the creative and attractive force of pure consciousness which is our soul Ray, which naturally functions in synthesis and harmony with all other aspects of the One Life. Our soul Ray originates above the level of angles, it is a facet of the Christ force, it is our Self, our Conscious Soul Incarnate, and our unique contribution to the Divine Purpose of the One Life.

We should use our creative will to change how we do things and think things, delve into our minds and face our hidden fears, our nasty personal bits which we all have - be honest with ourselves and confront them, bring them into our reality, make them objective and their bad energy will dissipate. Then we should do the same in the world.

Yes, we should be aware of the nasty bits of the world, wake-up to the reality of what is really going on around us, be aware of the true motives which are centred in the solar plexus, the greed powering everything, but do so without fuelling the fire - without giving more energy than is necessary to recognise and be aware of the real intentions driving the angles which control world events.

Astrology maps the angles at work, then magic exorcises and purifies the energy of the angles, banishes its demons by confronting them, and subjecting them to the will of God and applying the love which comes from the recognition that we all are One, we give them a new positive purpose aligned with Divine Intention.

Peace is not just about being not at war, it is effort applied to maintain the balance of good and evil, beginning with our Selves so that eventually we can resolve the duality and eradicate those energies which make war an option. It is not easy, it is never easy dealing with negative energy, especially energy which has to be confronted, that will no longer remain hidden. If we can do this within ourselves, accept joint responsibility as members of the human family for these evils, if we can face these evils and recognise them for what they really are, and banish them - after bathing them with love - then this small part of the suffering will not have to earth onto the physical plane.

So long as we remain pure of heart whatever our outer circumstances, we can remain unblemished by all evils, and become examples to those around us.

But we must use these energies for change constructively as well, we must begin building the new world now, our new world, a world beyond the duality of good and evil, war and peace, a world of perfection and beauty, a world of brotherhood.

"The disciple upon whom the Master can most confidently depend is the one who can - in periods of change - preserve that which is good and fundamental while breaking from the past and add to it that which is of immediate service in the present. An attitude of spiritual compromise is right, needed and very rare to find."
(Alice Bailey: DINA 1:681)

Let us purify the angles between us with "an attitude of spiritual compromise", and become the centre through which the Synthetic Ashram can channel its divine energy of unconditional love into the world at large, without defining its intention except as a manifestation of the Will To Good. Together and in synthesis with others who would be at peace, let us remain positive whilst recognising the reality of our situation.

By turning our awareness inwards and our energies outwards, and with peace in our hearts, the energies of world peace will blossom and grow.

Let us together become the peace of the world.


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