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We all have a vast collection of personal angles which enable us to live. And although all these angles are stamped with our individual Personality, they are also identical to everyone else’s personal angles.

This is no different to saying we are physically composed of chemical elements, which form part of our own individual bodies, but these elements are identical to those forming every other person’s individual bodies ~ we do not have exclusive rights to the chemicals which make up our bodies, and which are constantly changing and being replaced.

The same situation applies to angles. All angles work like this; there are only a set number of them, but they separate and divide continually and can be used by different angles which they join with, before separating again in a ballet of dancing energies. When they become connected to larger angles they assume these angle’s character, but still retain their own individual properties and connection with their original type or stock, to which they will eventually return.

As above, so below, all life follows the same pattern, and the patterns of angles work in the same way right up into their purest form, the Devic Angels, the Third Hierarchy of the Absolute. Because of this, we can see that the Angels of the Devic Hierarchy work through the lesser angles of the lower four Planes of Manifestation, and their sub-planes which equate with our own physical reality, to accomplish the ongoing process of divine manifestation, the creation of life on Earth.

The same process works in a negative sense with karma, so that the angles carrying the excess and wrongly charged energies will connect together, and every individual evil thought and deed will attach themselves to strengthen the world evil, which as it grows will try and earth more victims as its angles overflow with energy and its power increases.

All activated human angles contain energy, usually emotional energy, which is the application of the consciousness given each time they are brought into manifestation. A memory is the recognition of an angle, because when we become consciously aware of an angle, showing it is connected to the Head Centre, the energy it contains is experienced as memory, and the more vivid the memory, the stronger the angular energy.

This also explains that every event we experience through our senses contains within its angular structure the memory of the last event it was associated with.
Every time an angle is activated, this energy makes itself available whether wanted or not, and so if on previous occasions negative energy has been applied to it, the same energy will surface again to cause negative reactions.

Every experience is an angle in operation. Unless the experience is followed through to its natural conclusion, the unused energy will be stored and continue to seep down through the planes into the physical realms, and culminate by festering inside the physical body to earth itself as disease. To handle angles correctly, this negative energy must be dissipated, and positive energy applied in its place.

Difficult experiences must be objectified, and talked about rather than buried, to release the negative energy and begin the process of applying positive energy in its place. Angles that only contain positive energy can be strengthened in this way and utilised in a positive situation.

The relating of stories is one way many ancient cultures used to correct the imbalance of angles, by positively enjoying the re-enactment of past deeds through dialogue ~ the Third Primary of speech being the most potent use of angular energy ~ as well as publicly dissipating the negative energy by weeping. The importance comes from the expression and demonstration of the feelings that are the result of the experience, leading to a release of the relevant negative energy, which can be replenished with positive energy when the angle is next used.

When we experience a trauma,the angle responsible for it or through which this experience is made manifest, accumulates a vast amount of energy, and the normal post trauma reaction is to get on with life rather than dwell on the events surrounding the trauma. Consequently, the energy stays in the angle, and can even increase in strength through the subconscious angular activity of dreams. In the course of time, when the angular resonance of similar events triggers its reappearance, this energy will start to surface into the physical world as depression or an illness. This is the signal that it requires de-angling.

It is only through a complete and direct re-experiencing of the event that the angular energy can be released, so crying, screaming and shouting become the natural ways of clearing the angle by releasing the negative energy stored within it, so that next time the angle is triggered it can function naturally. As an angle is subjective, it only understands direct experience, and could be seen as exactly the same as the experience itself, although one angle can relate to many different experiences.

The main difficulty with the idea of de-angling, especially without any knowledge of the Rays, is that the excess energy not only has to have an outlet, but the angle in question also needs to be replenished with positive energy.

This process can be employed by unscrupulous cults to increase their followers' dependence on the cult or cult leader. By substituting their own ‘positive’ energy in place of the negative energy which is earthed into a situation which blames the outside world for everybody’s problems, they produce a separation from conventional society which is replaced by a dependency on the cult.

The negative energy does have to be off-loaded somehow, but expressive emotions of anguish are adequate in most cases, and far healthier than blaming an outside cause. The cause is never of external origin anyway, it is only angular, and angles do not isolate blame so much as connect through one's own beingness to a higher causation.

The proper way to de-angle is to realise the necessity of the situation as viewed from a higher perspective, however difficult this may be. By seeing the connection between the view of the Personality and the Higher Self, you will access enough objectivity to align your Intention with that of the Higher Self. This causes a linking to your own divine energies which will adequately rejuvenate the angle in question, and strengthen the evolutionary path of your soul.

In addition this will work through a Fourth Ray linking process, rather than a Seventh Ray earthing process, which only stores negative energy so that someone - possibly you again - can fall into the same trap at some future date. There are many pitfalls in the de-angling process, and I strongly recommend leaving any such attempts until you become aware for yourself of the higher powers which naturally guide the earnest seeker through this process.


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