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Questions and Answers on the Photon Belt

Questions and Answers on the Photon Belt

Virginia: We thank you for your help and concern! Nonetheless, can you imagine what the average human person thinks who hears you say that the Galactic Federation scientists are able to do something so powerful as to realign the Sun? To most of us, the Sun is such a major aspect of life that it seems permanent, or at least available for billions of years. Could you briefly describe how such a seemingly unbelievable thing was accomplished?

Washta: The explanation is as follow: All celestial objects, or heavenly bodies, as they are called in your basic science, have inter dimensional portals around them. These exist in various angles around the entire orb. For example, the Sun-which is the one you wish to discuss-is a very special star for Earth's existence, but it is a star nonetheless. As a star, it has a longevity much as every human on your planet has one. Because the Sun is now in what might be called a late middle-age period, it has already matured, so to speak, and has established these energy portals. These energy portals control its very existence-in fact, physical planets and stars like your Sun are a different life form than what you presently think. They are a new type of living organism that you will learn about as your science increases its willingness to know the truth.

You will begin to understand that what I am about to say is not only logical but simple science. How one goes about the entire process is as follows. First, the energy portal points on a particular star are energized and examined. Then once the degree of imbalance is completely analyzed, one can then set apart various counter energy points in these portals. When the Sun's energy portals are activated, these energy patterns then flash over it in a vast high frequency light across the entire solar magnetosphere-which extends out and includes its entire solar system, all its planets, its asteroids, its comets, etc. Basically, this is what was done. We could explain this in greater detail, but would like to keep our explanation simple and avoid advanced mathematics for the average reader, which is not necessarily right now.

Virginia: Are you saying that you had these abilities to alter the portal points? Or did those you call the Time Lords have to be involved in such maneuvers?

Washta: These maneuvers-concerning the positive alteration of your Sun-required not only our science but also the great intervention of the Spiritual Hierarchies. These Spiritual hierarchies control the 3rd, 4th, and 5th inter dimensional portals (gates) that surround your Sun. Once these maneuvers were completed, the final stages of these positive alterations could proceed.

Virginia: Thank you. Is there anyway that our Earth scientists would be able to determine that this is now a different kind of Sun that what they could view astronomically in prior times?

Washta: They would notice that the star they call the Sun has gone through vast changes in its magnetosphere, that its cronosphere has greatly changed and that the Sun spot activity patterns have been altered. These phenomena occurred because they are the physical manifestations of the inter dimensional shifts that were required to bring the Sun and its great promenades under control, thus avoiding a near disaster for your planet. We interceded so that your planet and solar system could gradually move toward the photon belt and the safer destiny recommended by your Spiritual Hierarchy. Know that angels, spiritual masters, the Time Lords, and ultimately the great God Force itself, have saved your planet through this process.

Virginia: I was told that in 1972 the light and the dark forces were vying for control over our Sun and its planets (primarily Earth) and that in order to save this solar system, the light forces changed our reality. Is this just what you've explained? What kind of reality have we been living in since the Sun was changed and we were placed in a protected hologram?

Washta: Those of the dark forces, as you call them, did not want the transformation of humanity to occur nor did they want us to bring this entire solar system into the light. They attempted to interfere with the Sun in such a way as to cause its entire system to be vastly altered-so that their reality could determine the future destiny of the entire solar system. Therefore, our intervention was required since it had been agreed by the Earth's Spiritual Hierarchies that whatever happened to your planet must be done within its own destiny patterns brought from some other place.

So we Sirians, along with the Galactic Federation, brought in those of science and a pure spirit to alter this entire system. The result is that your planet now sits in the midst of a hologram causing your reality to appear to be unchanged. However, a vast shift has already occurred because of Galactic Federation intervention, though you don't know it yet. What is now happening to you is unprecedented but protects you from psychological overload and distress. Within the planetary hologram you are being allowed to gradually move through changes and shifts in reality. These changes will allow you to reclaim what was meant to be your destiny as a fully conscious person in a civilization existing within a fully conscious, multidimensional world.

Virginia: Could you indicate if these dark forces you mentioned were the 'grays' from Zeta Reticuli who had considerable negative activity here?

Washta: These people that you have just mentioned were unfortunately the tools being used by the dark forces to create horrendous disaster for your solar system-especially or your particular planet. They were attempting to create a new type of solar system that would allow their kind and their reality to maintain its permanence, and end any intervention by galactic humans in your solar system. This would also have vastly altered the origins and realities of your solar system because it would have affected the destiny for which that origin and reality are based.

Virginia: Would these dark forces be the reptoids or the dinoids? Or are you referring to a totally different energy source?

Washta: These grays are but the instruments of the dark energy which has flowed through present creation from its beginnings. This energy is now being dissipated as was promised as part of the great prophecy That prophecy said that all life in creation would pass through ages of darkness and then eventually reach light when the reunion with the higher realms became possible. Creation thus goes through many cycles of light and darkness until the final light is ready to appear. This is what is occurring at this time. You are now securing a period of light in your particular solar system. The darkness that has held you in unconsciousness for so long has been put to a great retreat. The dark energy is presently acting in a very minimal way in your solar system, although on your planet its last vestiges are still great, even as we now speak.

Virginia: The average person who thinks about the Sun probably thinks about the words heat and light. Has there been any shift or change in what we would call the Sun's output of heat or light?

Washta: Heat and light from the Sun have been changed because portions of its energy have been drawn off to support this new hologram placed around your entire solar system. This hologram will protect you when your planet goes into the photon belt which is why we say the polarity energies of the Sun have been altered. This has been done in order to obtain the successful completion of the great shift in reality that is about to happen on your world.

Virginia: We were most pleased to learn about the research ships and survey teams who are working with the ozone layer. Can you give us an update on your perception of Earth's situation at this time?

Washta: At this present moment, various sections of the ozone layer have been vastly improved. We have been able to fix many of the northern hemispheric and southern hemispheric danger areas thus preventing a potentially life threatening situation for humans on your planet. We are continually evaluating the great ozone holes in both the north and south polar region. We are now working on the southern polar region. Know, therefore, that these areas will begin to stabilize and return to their original forms because of what we are doing. We remind you that the pressures that are creating this danger are two in nature. One cause is the various chemicals being used by the so-called petrochemical industry on your planet. It affects not only the surface through tectonic activities but tears at the upper atmosphere as well.

Virginia: Thank you for the reminder that we have these responsibilities. Speaking of the photon belt, I am personally uncomfortable with specific dates for events on planet Earth. Too many people have forecast that something will happen at a particular time and it doesn't. How can readers have any confidence when you say that sometime between the spring of 1995 and the last months of 1996, people are going to have a photon belt experience? What is it in your judgment that allows you to make such a statement to us?

Washta: We are relaying what the Time Keepers of our various special temples (that represent the great inter link between you and the Galactic Federation), the Time Lords, and the various Spiritual Hierarchies, have stated to us. They indicate that this present belt of light, this halo of change that is approaching your solar system and your world, is meant to happen in a great collision sometime between those years and months just given. However, the exact time of this encounter is related to two very important factors which we must now reiterate.

One, the raising of higher consciousness of the planet Earth is an important aspect of this whole operation. As the higher consciousness of the planet is raised, it will determine the exact timing of our landings. If higher consciousness is raised naturally during the initial first contact landings, than this enormous process can be done quickly. We can move the first contact landing forward in time or hold it back toward the latter part of 1966. Or if there is a great need in your world for this light to occur sooner, then it will begin at a much earlier time, namely toward the middle or the end of 1995.

There is a second factor and that relates to how we, as a Galactic Federation, and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Lady Gaia, desire this scenario to occur. All the planning partners have said that this is the general time frame. However, the exact moment for first contact has not yet been decided, nor a specific date set for the photon belt entry to begin. There will be a specific date for the ascension process once enough darkness has been dissipated by the positive energy work being done by the Spiritual Hierarchies of this world. A final and specific date is not yet available for this mammoth undertaking.

Virginia: We know you would not wish any embarrassment to your channel by having those dates pass without the prescribed situation occurring. So we request that you remain sensitive to the needs of his accuracy regarding the dates that have been given herewith and forward any and all updates necessary.

Washta: We have been told that these dates have been finalized. However, as you know, the time lines of the universe that you experience are not set in specific and total finalities. Even when the finalities have been agreed upon, the 'Time Lords' pulses of light-coming from the God source, the awesome force of all creation-can be changed. For they and they alone know the finalities that are to exist as this great creation unfolds.

Virginia: We are concerned about the process of safely guiding people-especially children-through the photon belt experience. Even though you say your first contact forces and councilors will make appearance, we feel that there hasn't been the kind of preparation from our governments that would allow people to believe in the process and begin to prepare for it. We wonder if you have any further comments, suggestions or recommendations about how this could best be dealt with?

**Washta: We would ask that all people who are engaged in light work of any type whether it is with the angelic or guardian groups, whether with ecological difficulties, with the cetaceans, or any aspects of human development and preservation of life whatsoever, come together and network among themselves. By sharing the latest news among themselves and then sharing with others Aaron them, all people on your planet who have access to the light networks can be prepared. In this way you can act as a prototype.

We also ask all of you who form these networks of light to come together and establish dates and times to do your meditations. Also formulate actions based upon formulate actions based upon your cooperative consciousness that will give you comfort and security. Be prepared to act in unison for the good of humanity in thought and deed! For it will not take a huge number of humans, acting as a unified group around your globe, to bring this great energy of change and consciousness to the planet and allow it to be safely anchored in such a way that it supports everyone-even those who still sit in denial of it.

Virginia: Thank-you, and that brings to mind one last major question. Some people believe there has been a karmic requirement for people to become conscious through their own growth and education, and others believe that grace, as we understand it, allows total forgiveness and love to be granted to all-thereby canceling out all karma and negativity. Is it possible for this kind of grace to be applied to over 5 billion people on Earth? Have you any final thoughts or explanations?

Washta: We would like to state first of all, to all beings who reside on planet Earth in human form, that your planet is a planet of grace. It is a planet in which all who have incarnated on it, have done so because of this opportunity of grace and forgiveness. This law of love and light is the basis of the Spiritual Hierarchy and all that is created in and around it. Earth humans must realize that they came here to Earth to put this love and light, this grace of forgiveness, around this entire planet. They will realize as your world ascends, that humans came to Earth for this purpose. For as the consciousness falls on the planet and then rises into the great light around it, the amnesia which has prevented humans from seeing this light will lifted. One might use the analogy of a blind man who suddenly falls down, hurting his head. But to everyone's amazement he discovers that the accident has miraculously given his sight back. This miracle is what is about to happen to you and your planet. You are about to come out of darkness and blindness into light-into a stunning and incredible vision.

Virginia: In other words, the prior state of our consciousness does not count for, or against, having our consciousness raised through the photon belt experience?

Washta: That is absolutely correct. Earth is a planet of grace. It is becoming a planet that will truly demonstrate this grace and love, so everyone who is part of this galaxy can come here to observe the results and to realize that your model can spread to every part of this great galaxy.

Virginia: So we would become as galactic humans going forth as a model for other planets and star systems?

Washta: That is correct. This star-your planet-was put in this universe and this galaxy for the purpose of becoming one of the great showcases or models of light. It is to be a major focal point or example of light, love and forgiveness for this entire galaxy. By your example many of the undecided or the dark beings will see the actual application of the Creator Force's grace so they, too, may ascend into the energy of the Time Lords. They too may enter that timeless realm of light that is truly a heavenly one, as described in many prophecies that now exist around your present human civilization. This is what your planet is about. This is the great mission of your world and of humans on the planet. You are about to enter into the age when your destiny will be fulfilled.

Virginia: We thank you so much for your willingness to be with us today, and ask the three of you whether our questions have aroused further thoughts you'd like to share with us before you leave?

Washta: We would just like to finish with one final thought. We would ask all on your planet to realize that there is a new age of consciousness growing on planet Earth. At present, in fact, every human on planet Earth is being altered genetically, some in very small ways, others in larger ways, depending upon the position that they must play in bringing this great new civilization into reality. You of this world are seeking, as never before, to understand what the energy is that surrounds you. This is part of the pattern of bringing this new energy of consciousness back into human civilization and allowing it to alter your civilization as it has not been altered for vast millennia. Therefore, please cooperate with this new galactic civilization. What we are doing is no more than bringing this energy in with the assistance and full love of the cetaceans, and also the will of the Spiritual Hierarchy that is surrounding your planet. We ask you to realize that what is happening is not something to fear. Rather, it is a gift of love, light, and grace leading to a great and glorious destiny for Earth's awakening prodigals.


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