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Physical universe started with ten dimensions

Like other parallel universes our physical universe started with ten dimensions - Are we products of a cosmic accident?

The big bang was on. Cosmic level explosion set in the expansion and throwing of stars and galaxies in all different direction. But now scientists understand that our physical universe started with ten dimensions.

The cosmic explosion which took place 15 to 20 billion years ago, which sent the stars and galaxies hurling in all directions. The universe originally started as a perfect 10 dimensional universe with nothing in it. In the beginning, the universe was completely empty. However, this 10 dimensional universe was not stable. The original 10 dimensional space-time finally “cracked” into two pieces, a four and a six dimensional universe. The universe made the “quantum leap” to another universe in which six of the 10 dimensions collapsed and curled up into a tiny ball, allowing the remaining four dimensional universe to explode outward at an enormous rate. The four dimensional universe (our world) expanded rapidly, creating the Big Bang, while the six dimensional universe wrapped itself into a tiny ball and shrunk down to infinitesimal size. This explains the origin of the Big Bang. The cur rent expansion of the universe, which we can measure with our instruments, is a rather minor aftershock of a more cataclysmic collapse: the breaking of a 10 dimensional universe into a four and six dimensional universe.

The breaking of a ten dimensional into a four and six dimensional universe was really a cataclysmic collapse – an implosion that cannot be described in words. After that the aftershock of that collapse – the big bang happened that is still making part of the Universe expand.

The parallel universes have ten or more dimensions. For some reason our physical universe got split into a four dimensional universe and a six dimensional universe.

According to contemporary physicists, something went wrong. Universes are like bubbles in the hyperspace. They are formed, they expand till they touch another in the same spatial dimension, then both the colliding universes implode to form one. Then the bubble starts again.

But in case of our universe, it seems some king of accidental imbalence took place in the six other dimensions. And we are here as a result cosmic accident.

The parallel universes all have many higher dimensions.


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