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Ascension takes place with both humans and the planet---for mass ascension/evolution they can't be separated. The ascension period has a planetary time cycle of 26,556 years. At the end of this cycle an alignment of Earth and other systems occurs, and various energy centres/portals open, bringing about resonance within the DNA, creating/allowing an expansion of consciousness into a higher-dimensional spectrum of existence. The ascension is a definite energy process following specific laws and mechanics. It is no more random, or less designed, than a subordinate steadily works his way to being president of a company. There is an evolutionary blueprint that interconnects all systems.

Note that the planetary time cycle, 26,556 years, is not the same as the Precession of the Equinoxes, which has a cycle of 25,924 years. The Zodiac signs and their characteristics and influence over Earth and man---forming the basis of astrology---arises from a slow Earth wobble. This wobble is not a natural part of the complex harmonic cycles of the Earth and its relationship to the cosmos. The shocking news is that the wobble of Earth is not exactly an accident (or of positive design). It is apparently a product of Niburian technologies and relates to the fallen ETs and their 'Beast' agenda (see article 'Cosmic Map'). For those readers who still wish to understand how this wobble arises and forms the Zodiac the following applies; otherwise skip the next few paragraphs.

Imagine a top spinning. A mark, say, is placed on one side and pointed, say, northwards. If we count the number of revolutions in, for instance, 10 seconds and we count 100 rotations, this means we have counted the number of times the mark on the side has passed North. Now tops will wobble---called precessing. Imagine now a slow wobble in the opposite direction to the fast spin. Also picture the top actually turning slowly as it wobbles around. This turning caused by the wobble is in reverse direction to that of the fast spin and subtracts from it.

We can see that if we again count 100 revolutions in the 10 seconds (from the point of view of, say, sitting on the top) the mark will fall short of North--let's say, at a quarter to 12 clocktime for a clockwise motion (where 12 corresponds to North). As a separate analogy, this is like, say, having an ice skater spin on the ice and they count a specific number of rotations at the end of which they are facing in the same direction as at the beginning. But then imagine someone cuts the ice around the skater (large enough not to sink). They then slowly turn the ice in the opposite direction to the skater's spin. The skater will count, say, 20 rotations relative to the ice they are on but the piece of ice has been rotated slightly. The skater is not now facing quite in the same direction as at the beginning of the count. They are short of this position, depending how fast someone turned the ice. The skater is now, say, facing a position corresponding to the quarter-to-12 mark. After the next 20 rotations it will be, say, 11:30, then 11:15, etc. The imaginary pointer is moving backwards.

Similarly if one envisages the Earth spinning while in orbit around the Sun the slow reverse wobble of the Earth will cause an imaginary marker on the Earth to fall short of its previous spin position and will in fact appear to rotate slowly backwards once every revolution, if noticed (ideally with a stroboscope---intermittent light).

The wobble effect is called the Precession of the Equinoxes. This means that the Sun continually will be seen to rise against a different backdrop of the heavens as the Earth rotates (since it has a slow motion in reverse, superimposed on its normal spin). If this backdrop consists of the 12 Zodiac signs, the 'marker' or rising Sun will indicate a slow motion through the signs, each sign taking 2,213 years to complete. We are now close to leaving Pisces around 2012 and moving into Aquarius beyond 2012.

Again let us repeat, this cycle does not relate to the natural ascension cycles that arise with the planetary time cycle of 26,556 years. This time cycle is harmonically related to the many cycles within cycles forming our cosmic structure. For example, one time continuum is 4426 years, and six of these form a planetary time cycle of 26,556 years (called a Euiago); six of these create the Eyugha cycle of 159,336 years, then four of these, one Eyardo, 637,344, etc. to galactic cycles, one time vector 106,224, six of these, one time continuum 637,344, etc. to universal, one time vector 15,296,265 etc.

This information on time cycles and the proceeding description is a rendering of the specific Guardian Alliance material transmitted by Ashayana Deane, taken from the book Voyagers volume 2, new edition and workshops.

The planetary time cycle divides into six time continua, based on the events of the time cycle, such as frequency changes (in fact it has structured intervals corresponding to that in the DNA). In the first time continua of 4,426 years there is a minor ascension at the mid point, that is, after 2,213 years and another at 4,426 years. In the last time continua of 4,426 years, towards the end of the 26,556 cycle, there are again two ascension points but major ones; at the mid point of this last time period (2,213 years from the end), and the other at the end.

It may be necessary to digress here and remind the reader that current physics includes theories about parallel universes. If we have parallel universes then we can have parallel Earths. Also just as some particles have antiparticles, planets have antiplanets. This is a natural consequence of the particle/antiparticle phenomenon, in fact a higher-dimensional vortex polarity will create a universe and an anti-universe.

During the first of the two early ascension cycles of Earth of the 26,556 time cycle, Earth frequencies, referred to as overtones (electrical), link with antiEarth's frequencies, referred to as base tones (magnetic). During the second ascension point (of the first time continua of 4,426 years), the base tones of Earth link to the overtones of antiEarth.

In the last time continua of 4,426 years the first one at the mid point is about where we are in the year 2,012. In this ascension, Earth's overtones link with the base tones of Earth's parallel planet Tara in the upper dimensions. Our Earth is experienced in the third-dimensional frequency bands D1, D2, D3 of the first harmonic universe. Tara in the second harmonic universe (pictured a level above) is located in the dimensional bands D4, D5, and D6.

At the end of the time cycle 26,556, which is another 2,213 years, Earth's base tones then link with Tara's overtones for complete blending with ascension capability into Tara's dimensions.

Thus we are not at the end point of the ascension period of 26,556. Nevertheless an unprecedented step is being introduced by the Guardian Alliance so that both ascension points occur together during the years 2,012 to 2,017.

Earth has been a battlefield for millions of years. It is only today with a mind-controlled population that there is little or no awareness of this taking place. It is essentially a strategic war of different ET factions vying for Earth territory, in particular, its valuable portal system, the Planetary and Universal Templar Complex, using humans as puppets and pawns to do most of the dirty work (wars, killing). There have been occasions when Earth has come close to complete destruction (by explosion/implosion) which has caused great concern in the higher realms since if Earth exploded, apparently our Sun would explode with corresponding destruction of related systems, Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, and Andromeda (star system).

The conflict has continued for too long. It is time to bring it to an end. Even the circumstances of Earth's condition and the advanced technology and plans of the invader ETs demand it to be the final conflict. In addition, the Guardian Alliance have examined the future probabilities of Earth and found that at 2,942 AD our earth would be destroyed.

As a result the Guardians and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds have instigated the Bridge Zone Project. It is this project, involving a resultant time shift of 2,213 years, that enables both ascension points with Tara to occur within the ascension period 2,012 to 2,017.

After 2,017 the alignments revert to their normal relationship. Earth disconnects from Tara. However, ascension to Tara is available and continues due to Earth being in the Bridge Zone and will continue until 2,022 AD. The planet Earth does not descend fully to its original dimensional level and will evolve rapidly.

The two above-mentioned ascension procedures, 1) directly to Tara, and 2) via the Bridge Zone plan, require a minimum of five strands and four and a half strands respectively of the DNA.

[The human DNA is one biological strand (not two; it is one string of information) plus potentially 11 electromagnetic, making 12 altogether.]

Failure to attain these levels of DNA and consciousness will result in going with the descending component of 3D Earth. This will join what is called the phantom matrix and because of the Bridge Zone Project, which has the purpose of saving as many souls as possible, the 3D phantom Earth will not have access to the Bridge Zone evolutionary path and obviously not planet Tara. This permanent separation will keep the invader ETs from ever interfering with humans in the ascending groups.

Note that regarding the above reference to parallel universes, there are five in a group of ascending dimensions, each structured with three spacetime degrees of freedom governed by particle spin orientation. Earth in harmonic universe number 1 contains frequency spectrums 1D, 2D, and 3D. There are not four dimensions, or five dimensions expressing increasing spacetime properties as with the academic method of evaluating dimensions. Nevertheless, we can still picture a kind of three-dimensional structure in these higher realms but each of those three, which might be 7D, 8D, 9D in harmonic universe number 3, contains frequencies providing far greater scope within one's experience: more probabilities, greater choices and alternatives, awareness that the environment is part of one's own creation and consequently have more control over it, also huge increases in mental and spiritual abilities due to expanded awareness.

We have described only a fraction of the activations and processes involved in the ascension period. There are the alignments of Earth with the Sun, Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion and Andromeda--the Earth's Planetary Templar Complex---with the opening of Earth's seven vortices; there is the progressive opening of the so-called stargate energy centres referred to as the Universal Templar Complex; in addition there are six artificial star gate portals at the centre of Earth known as the Halls of Amenti which will be opened along with templar sites (portals) on the surface of Earth and other access sites to Earth's dimensional portals. Further articles will elaborate on these.


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