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Pole shifts

The Zetas talk about cataclysmic changes described in a Zeta Vision given to Nancy; a Fire Dragon presenting Two Personas while afar but many Planet X Personas and a Second Sun when close, and the Sun's glare confuses Where is Planet X; that a Sudden Impact is predictable but there is Millennium Denial about the Periodic Passage whose Time Frame is predictable; that in spite of Millennium Fever the government will not Sound the Alarm; that the Earth stands witness to Past Cataclysms and Wandering Poles and the Prior Shift during the Jewish Exodus after the Winter Solstice and Passover, which flash froze Mastodons, and Asteroid Traffic.

The Zetas say that ZetaTalk is Straight Talk as are the books by authors Velikovsky and Sitchin and many Prophets; why there are Lost Records and Calendars and Clocks adjusted; why there seem to be Differing Prophecies; that Emotional Adjustments to the news inevitably occur; that Resistance exists so that a Subtle Message is often best; that there will be Crop Failure for years going into the shift with Crop Adjustments and Diet Adjustments; that Threats of War and a Financial Freeze is possible, and a Market Crash will occur with a varied Crash Impact likely.

The Zetas talk about Why May 15 was chosed for the deliberate White Lie regarding an early date in 2003; if the Mayan Calendar or a purported Late 2003 date are accurate and Precision is difficult; why planetary alignment did not cause a pole shift on May 5, 2000; how the Long Wait has made for a Long Year for many but the Threshold Crossed and the Trend Lines obvious, but how Earth Changes are the best guide for a Decision Time to avoid Travel Blocks, as there will be No Surprise as Proof Exists and confusion about the Sequence of Events will still leave a Clear Message on the time frame. The Zetas talk about how the Monster Cometh and the Dance Began in 2004, but man will be warned by a Sunrise West and 3 Days of Darkness after Twirling into Darkness before the shift; how an Drunken Lurch and Earth Wobble with Weather Wobbles and Jet Stream Tornadoes and Moon Dance ensued in 2004 and in 2005 the Tail Returns and Earth on the Rack occurred, the globe on a Potter's Wheel, after an Unshakable Grip and plate Lockdown, a Torque Effect and Magma Slam causing Snap Crackle and Pop on the Earth's crust and a Folding Pacific, Hell Unleashed.

The Zetas talk about how the Comet's Tail first sweeps the Earth with Red Dust and Tail Debris, Warning the shift is near; then the approaching comet causes the Earth to Stop Rotation for a few days due a Magnetic Grip, causing a Long Day/Night, while Groaning in protest; then gigantic Lightning Bolts occur in the upper atmosphere, Violent Winds occur, and petrochemicals formed in the skies rain down in Firestorms; then, as the core of the Earth attempts to align magnetically with the giant comet, there is a Pole Shift with Continental Rip, Mountain Building in certain Mountain Ranges, and Sinking and Rising land; how Pre-Existing plate alignment dictates a Scripted Drama; how gigantic Tidal Waves and Climbing Water assault the coasts in a Flood Tide, though Water Movement began when rotation stopped, and an Ocean Vortex can form; how plate shifts can result in a Sinking Atlantic floor, affecting the surrounding shorelines, and New Land near Antartica;

but how the Other Planets will be little affected. The Zetas talk about how Rotation Returns within a day after the shift; how the Pole Shift will result in new poles and a new equator, a New Geography; how the Earth will undergo Climate Changes; how there will be a New Climate and fewer Deserts but the Prevailing Winds will re-establish themselves; how later there will be inundations from the oceans due to Melting Ice Caps with Rising Seas; how the Earth will experience a Rebirth as it has in the past; that the Seed of Rebirth are in the wilderness we are maintaining as refuges today though some species may become Endangered Species; that life will be on the rebound with oxygen from the Ocean Life and Inland Lakes will often prosper, and though a Nuclear Winter will not occur, but a Return to Normalcy may take several decades.
The Zetas talk about How to Prepare, what First Steps to take, what What Mindset to have for that Most Terible Day and How to Identify the hour of the shift; what general Safety Measures can be taken but why the people of India should Prepare for Death; the severity of the Earthquakes and Volcanoes such as Yellowstone that will occur and how to Survive the Quakes and Rapid Shift and Rampaging Water and why a Shallow Trench works best; how long the Gloom and rise in Sea Level and Atmosphere Loss will last; how the Seasons Shift and when to Restart Gardens; what are Safe Places and Safe Structures; what dry lake beds like the Salt Flats offer; that not all water will be Safe Water; that where there is local danger from Nuclear Stockpiles that Pollutants will have dissipated; that we should prepare ahead of time to avoid a Last Minute Panic but the Level of Preparation and when to include Friends and Family will vary; that Countdown Signs will announce that the Hour of the Shift is at hand, and Certainty can be determined.

The Zetas talk about what life on Earth will be like in the Aftertime; What will Survive and how the Pole Shift is a Great Equalizer; how Manna from Heaven may be found in some locales; that there will be Government Collapse, but that there will be Survivors including responsible folks who will act as a Mainstay for Others; that worldwide there will be Devastated Cities with even the Machine Age halted, but New Energy sources will be on the upswing and even the Internet will be functional; but that stocks and paper money will be Worthless Money.

The Zetas say that in spite of Manifest Clues such as Power Outages and Whomping Sounds and increased Small Plane Crashes and quakes in the Stretch Zone, there will be diversionary False Alarms; that the establishment is Suppressing the Word and hiding the truth behind Cataclysm Masks such as Solar Flares, being Solar Opportunists behind a Solar Cover and confusion about the Solar Minimum; even though Proof Existed many years before with Heralding of an approach with harbingers such as Green Meteors, Space Trash, a New Moon, Permafrost Quakes, Moon Halos, Black Water, an Odd Atmosphere and a Lowered Jet Stream, and signs such as Deformed Frogs and Big Birds and the increasing incidence of Deep Quakes.

The Zetas talk about whether Atlantis and the Land of Mu exist; whether The Flood occurred and why Noah anticipated this; how Moses was guided; whether Tales such as the Red Sea Parting and Jonah and the whale describe Pole Shifts; why there are Submerged Roads near Bermuda; what Ancient Maps reveal; and what the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti and Brainerd Lake have to do with Pole Shifts. The Zetas talk about whether it is myth or truth that the Pole Shift is caused by a planetary Vortex; whether the Earth will experience a Polar Heatwave or Shift Meltdown; whether intervention is possible or are the Cataclysms Inevitable and Wishful Thinking fruitless; if the Rebel Planet has always approached From Orion; if there are 12th Planet Moons; whether earthquakes and volcanic activity are caused by Electro-Magnetic Pulse, and whether an Asteroid Impact could account for the geological evidence. The Zetas talk about how this is a Comet Visible, especially by Fall 2002 in Amateur Scopes and by April 2003 by the Unaided Eye; how the Zeta Coordinates allowed early Sighting Success; that Visibility Factors apply and it is Not a Star and gives off Red Light which varies by Latitude must be considered. The Zeta talk about whether Hale-Bopp is the millennium comet or the Shramek Object is real; how comet NEAT V1 and a 2MASS Denial and and Psi-Tech Pathogens were false alarms, but asteroid 1997 XF11 and 2002-NT7 were covert warnings, Comet Lee a concession, movies such as The Core a message, and there may be a New Game Plan afoot. The Zetas talk about how early Slowing Rotation was reflected in Trend Data but Not Obvious; how Countdown Minutes and Time Differences can create Slowing Confusion, but important Slowing Determination is still simply.


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