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Message from Maitreya

I was recently asked about poverty, and why some souls have to live in poverty. I explained to the soul who asked, "No soul has to live in poverty; it is what you choose to do". Each day here in the USA, through my channel Margaret's eyes, I see people standing on the corner of main streets begging for money. Many of these souls have talent, but they do not know they have the talent. Nobody has ever shown them, told them, or given them any encouragement. Many of those who beg are citizens in their later years, and they will probably end their lives this way, taking with them the belief they have to beg, into the next world beyond death.

The world today is a world filled with fear. The Christians say it is the Devil, but there is no devil. Again, the concept of fear is here - the devil is to be feared! However, when one relates this energy to the Self, and learns how to understand and work with this Self, then one can move forward and move out of the old beliefs and conditioning. Fear is created by your Self, nothing else. Why? Because the Self does not like anything it does not understand. It fears change, and it lives in the past, in memories of what went wrong then, instead of looking to the future and letting the past go. It keeps bringing up the past to be looked at as a situation of fear. It halts you in your tracks, putting doubt and insecurity in your way, and what do you do? You run away in terror, and the Self has won!

LIfe is filled with those who try to turn you against your desires and wishes - from family and friends, to associates at your work - all of whom think they are protecting you, but they are not. Most of the time they are stopping you from growing by their interference. The Self is very astute, for it has learned to bring in the Self of others, as well as to persuade you to not move forward. If only those who beg in the street could see they have a talent, could see they can contribute something and do not have to beg, but as I stated before in this newsletter, many of them never will, for the Self is well and truly in control. Many of these people have turned it into a business, and begging has become their career. It stops their soul from seeing their true talent and abilities.

You are the creator of your own reality - you and only you choose the kind of life you have. Each of you has the ability to manifest all you need and desire, but the Self stops you from achieving this. So many of you are in a career or a job that you dislike, and many of you hate with a vehemence what you do for a living. Yet what do you do about this? You fear change and the future, as well as having no money and no home. In addition, the Self continually tells you of the dire future ahead if you make the changes. So you stay in the unhappy situation, living an unhappy life. While working with my channel Margaret when she did readings, I would through her, tell souls of their true destiny and of their talents, the opportunities and possibilities which lay ahead of them. They would always say they could not see this, or make excuses as to why they could not fulfill it. Very few of them took what was given with positive aspiration for the future!

The Self has humanity in its grip. No soul has to live in poverty, I have stated this so many times. Yes, souls come back to learn lessons about money and possessions, but there are many ways of learning them. For those of you wanting to change your life, wanting to change your poverty consciousness, say this affirmation: "I attract into my life much abundance and happiness, and I have no fear of having and enjoying this. There is nothing wrong with abundance." The more you say this, the more you will manifest it. I would love to hear from those of you who experience change because of saying this affirmation. What are you going to be, the beggar or the abundant one?



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