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The Lost Powers Of

The Lost Powers Of
The Ancients

What Happened To The Amazing
Natural Abilities And Psychic
Skills of our Ancestors?

Humanity’s Lost Skills and Abilities.

Even the most cursory observation of the sensory responses of most animals to external stimuli in comparison to those of human beings clearly demonstrates that they possess far more keenly acute perception of sound and smell, by and large, than we do. Sight and to some extent, touch and taste, are perhaps the only senses which still remain reasonable acute in most modern humans, although hearing and smell are often found to be still keenly developed in primitive people, who have not had their sense of hearing dulled by artificial background noise such as machinery, traffic and the electronic media, or their sense of smell overloaded by artificial scents and odours, such as personal or deodorant perfumes, domestic polishes, antiseptics, household chemicals and cleaning agents, not to mention tobacco-smoke, exhaust fumes and other gaseous emissions from engines and fuels.

It would be fair to say that most of our human sensory failings are self-inflicted, being entirely due to our artificial, modern lifestyle and the ways in which we wittingly or unwittingly abuse our sensory organs. Listening to high-decibel rock-music would be a classic example of such abuse, with the resultant rapid increase in early deafness becoming increasingly endemic among young people. As a general rule, such abuse leads to irreversible damage to the sensory organs involved, although, fortunately, in modern artificial human society, the loss of these senses is not a matter of high-priority, or even any great indisposition to most people

However, the loss of any of these five senses could be crucial to the very continued existence of a wild animal or a human native hunter, who both depend entirely upon the acuteness of their senses to survive in the wild. So much then for the more obvious and physical human and animal senses. But what of those hidden psychic inner senses which both animals and humans possess?

The Super Senses.

Whilst many clinical physicians and hard-headed physical scientists still refuse to acknowledge their existence, most of us have, at some time or other, experienced the effects of these psychic “Super-Senses”. Typical examples of these arcane senses would be the feeling that someone is standing close behind you, even though entirely unheard, unseen and unsmelled in, say, a pitch-dark, thickly-carpeted room, for instance. Or the sudden, instant certainty that something has happened to a distant friend or loved one, which is later confirmed by phone or mail Or, perhaps the sense of dé-já-vu, when you inexpicably becomes aware of “having been here before” or of “something being about to happen”, either to you, or your surroundings. Many people have experienced these uncanny senses, especially of impending calamity or danger, either to themselves or to others with whom they may share a close affinity, and many have responded to such “feelings” to their thankful advantage.

There are also the spiritual senses, by means of which certain people and animals seem to be able to sense things not of this world at all. Call them “ghosts” if you will, although I prefer to describe them as “psychic phenomena or manifestations”. It seems that the evidence for the existence of a paranormal plane of perception is rapidly mounting, even in this highly-materialistic day and age, as more and more people than ever before are coming forward to recount their own strange experiences. There is a tendency to over-sensationalise such events or occurrences, which breeds a great deal of cynicism in the less-sensitive sector of people, and consequently casts a cloud of often unwarranted doubt or scorn upon all reference to such psychic experiences. Yet I know from personal experience that there is no doubt that we do possess, in company with the other animals, all of these latent super-senses. I will deal with these in more detail later in this article.

Sadly, the greatest inhibiting factors which suppress the development of such hidden super-senses in today’s scholars and thinkers are so-called “common sense” and the high emphasis placed by modern educators upon the physical sciences, which, by their very nature, are materially based. The average modern “person of higher education” finds him or herself afraid to “take on board” or even acknowledge any alternative science or belief in which they have not been formally educated or “brainwashed”. If such alternative science or philosophy was not included in their university curriculum - it simply doesn’t exist for them. Consequently, such persons are doomed to remain in total cynical ignorance of that vast, unfathomed and unseen immaterial psychic universe which lies all around them - even inside their very minds!

Animal Super Senses

Most animals still retain these super-senses intact. How often have domestic pets warned their owners of impending disasters or have sensed the death of a loved master or mistress from many scores or hundreds of miles away? Many people make the mistake of confusing acute hearing and scenting ability with psychic powers, and have therefore dismissed the animals’ very real psychic abilities as simply the heightening of ordinary senses. But what sense is it that can guide a left-behind family pet across a whole continent after his owners have moved house and inadvertently left him behind. Yet there are many such cases on record all over the world! And yet Science has not recognized it for what it is, and has instead suggested scent as perhaps being the guide! Scent of what? Truck tire-rubber on an intestate highway?

Then there are the curious cases of dogs and cats being able to see spiritual manifestations totally invisible to our human senses. I have myself, on various occasions, had the uncanny experience when I have been alone in the house in the late evening, of suddenly sensing an indefinable presence in the room, perhaps by a suble lowering of the room temperature, or a creepy feeling at the back of the neck. At the same time, my dog has woken up from some doggy dream to stand with hackles and ears raised and with his eyes staring fixedly at one point in the room, for long minutes on end. Then, as I have gradually felt the sense of a strange presence fade away and warmth return to my body, the dog has simultaneously lowered his ears and hackles and turned his attention away from where he had obviously clearly seen some humanly-invisible visitant, to come and quietly curl up at my feet again and fall asleep!

As I say, this has happened to me on quite a number of occasions, though I do not regard myself as a psychic or a “sensative” in any degree whatsoever. Of course one could easily say it might have been a mouse in the wall, or a distant sound outside the house that focussed the dog’s attention, but why should I sense some kind of presence sufficiently to chill my blood and make my hair curl – before knowing of or noticing the dog’s reaction to the same eerie stimulus?

The only conclusion I can draw from these sort of experiences is that I was only faintly able to discern the visitants with my own atrophied psychic senses, whilst the dog was able to actually see, hear and perhaps even scent them! Nor were these experiences confined only to one dog. We have had a number of assorted dogs down the years, and some of them have been quite obviously more keenly equipped with these senses that others. I am sure that I haven’t been the only person to have such experiences, either! And I have heard of cats and even horses with exactly the same psychic senses. But these are only domesticated creatures! How much more sensitive must the creatures of the wild be?

Psychic Powers of The Ancients.

Before launching forth upon a study of the strange powers which appear to have been in the possession of our ancestors, but are no longer within our grasp, let us first of all clarify the meaning of “psychic”. My dictionary defines this as “of the soul or mind. Concerned with processes that seem to be outside physical or natural laws. Having or involving occult powers.” Note my italicized words, “seem” and “natural”, and “occult powers”. The first key word here is “seem”, since there is no definite negation that psychic things are not “natural” (my second key word!). Likewise, according to my dictionary’s definition of “occult”, the term “occult powers” refers to “secret, hidden, or supernatural powers”, again there is no negation of “natural”, only the prefix “super” which means “above or beyond”. In other words, “supernatural” simply means what it says, “ beyond the known forces of nature”. And in my humble view, anyone who believes he knows every one of the forces of nature which operate throughout the universe, is deluding himself on a grand scale!

Dabblers in the Shallows of an Ocean of Ancient Knowledge.

In terms of our knowledge of the mysteries of the cosmos, we are still as tiny infants playing with toy buckets and spades by the shores of a vast ocean of old wisdom. What we don’t know about the hidden mysteries of deep space and time, as well as invisible, multiple universes which could right now be occupying the space between our own atoms (but of which we are totally unaware), would surely fill many thousands of sets of encyclopaedias! We have a huge amount to learn - if we ever can - about all the myriad mysteries of nature, and the untold different sub-rules by which it operates, under what we might regard as “alien”, or even arcane circumstances, across the infinity of space. The only natural laws which we can identify with any degree of certainty are those which operate within our own local galactic backyard. Out there in the depths of the universe, “circumstances may very well alter cases” with regard to the natural laws of physics as we understand them.

However, having said all that, I still believe that there are certain constants which are fixed and immutable, underpinning the fundamental Laws of Nature, but they can probably be “bent” or “adjusted” to suit special unique situations. All laws, even those of God and the Tax Department have to be flexible to some degree, or they would be constantly being broken, and chaos would reign. Perhaps some of these “loopholes” in natural physical law, which would seem like magic to us, were known to the ancients, and were used to perform all those great constructional feats which still stagger and bemuse our imaginations today!

Users of Natural Magic?

Take for example the building of the Egyptian and Mesoamerican pyramids and temples, and the apparent ease with which massive blocks of stone, some weighing anywhere between 60 to 200 tons, were maneuvered and manipulated into minutely precise positions. Not to mention the ease with which they were accurately cut and dressed to millimetric tolerances, without the benefit of modern power stone-cutting equipment. Modern technology that still cannot equal the precision of those ancient craftsmen! Most of the marvellously fitted stone blocks in those amazing walls in Cuzco and Machu Picchu, laid by Inca masons appear to have been actually melted into shape (as if with some sort of superheated oxy-acetylene torch or laser gun), to ensure such a perfect, seamless fit that even a razor-blade cannot be inserted between them!

Legendary accounts tell of these feats of levitation being performed by holy men speaking “words of power” over the huge stones “which moved of themselves” as has been reported regarding the construction of Stonehenge, and I have read similar ancient accounts about the Egyptians employing similar mysterious mental levitational skills.
Such abilities would seem to have been widespread in ancient times. According to legendary accounts, the enigmatic giant stone heads on Easter Island were set up with the aid of a similar “magical skill”. It seems certain that there must have been a comparatively easy method available to the ancients for moving these enormous monoliths (teleportation) that has been lost in the mists of time, otherwise there would not have been such a universal upsurge of building on such an incredibly massive scale!

Other Powers of The Ancients.

The easy cutting and movement of gigantic slabs of stone, and the carving of enormous statuary, were not the only strange powers and abilities of bygone early civilizations. They possessed many amazing skills in such matters as navigation and map-making, of which a few specimens are still preserved today, though countless extremely ancient yet marvellously accurate maps and charts were destroyed when the Great Library of Alexandria (which is believed to have been a part of the famous Lighthouse built by Ptolemy II on the island of Pharos in 280 BC), was very regrettably burned down by a mob of religious Muslim fanatics.

A typical well-known example of the amazing skill and geographical accuracy of these maps is the famous Piri Re’is map of the ancient Altlantic coasts from Spain and New England down to Antarctica. The Turkish “pirate admiral”, Piri Re’is, himself admitted that he had merely copied it, in 1513, from other, extremely archaic charts he had found in (or stolen from) an Arabian repository of art treasures. The astounding thing about this map was that the originals had been charted by some very ancient race who appeared to have possessed the ability to study the coastlines of the countries around the Atlantic from an aerial viewpoint!

This curious anomaly has since been proved to be the case after exhaustive examinations of the chart and its correlation with modern aerial and orbital satellite photographs by the US Air Force SAC Reconnaissance Technical Squadron, at the request of Professor Charles Hapgood (whom we shall hopefully be encountering again in another article). Could it be possible that an ancient civilization had discovered the ability to fly, either by some form of aircraft or perhaps by balloon?

The Enigma of Prehistoric Flight.

As we have learned from those indian epics, the Ramanyana and the Mahabharata, as well as from hints given in Churchward’s Nacaal tablet inscriptions, it appears that the ancient Ramans had the ability of powered-flight in “airborne chariots” called “vimanas”, or, in the case of the Atlanteans, “vailixi”. It also appears, according to Ethiopian legend, that King Solomon of Israel possessed such a craft, and used it to visit both the gold and diamond mines of Ophir in southeast Africa, and his supposed inamorato, the Queen of Sheba in Arabia. Although this is not recorded in the Hebrew Bible, neither are a great many other wonderful things which took place in other lands than those which occupy the very narrow geographic focus of the Bible.

That such aerial craft must have been available to the ancients, is self-evident from such amazing things as the enormous Nazca Plain markings which vary between marked double lines of small stones which run arrow-straight across the desert for many kilometres. They run through gullies and across hills and other geographical obstacles, without any kinks, curves or variations. More amazingly, they also form huge and very modernistically-stylized drawings of animals and birds, and gigantic yet precise geometric diagrams which cannot be descried at ground level. These are quite gargantuan feats that would have been impossible to accomplish without some form of high-altitude aerial direction!

It’s feasible that the Nazcans, or Incas, who laid out these uncanny lines and drawings, used some kind of hot-air balloon craft, since there is some mention in the Ramanyana and other texts that the vailixi of the Atlanteans may possibly have been lighter-than-air craft after the style of dirigibles or airships, and we have good reason to suppose there was a great deal of cultural and commercial exchange between them and the people of South and Central America - if not an actual, direct kinship of descent from the ex-Muvians who settled in the Americas.

There are several other great carvings and other inexpicable “glyphs” around the world which could only have been achieved by the aid of similar aerial guidance and direction. Glyphs like the giant “trident” carved into the coastal hills of Peru, which might well have served as a pointer toward the plain of Nazca for aerial visitors.

Also, such high-altitude vehicles would explain the detailed accuracy of those original ancient charts of the Atlantic coasts from which the Piri Re’is map was copied. It isn’t difficult to see how such high vantage-points would also have helped enormously in the planning of such great geometric layouts as those of Teotihuacan and other great Mesoamerican and South American cities.

Think how wonderfully such aerial overviews would have facilitated the setting out of the foundations of the pyramids, both in the Americas and in Egypt! Researchers have proved that such aerial craft would not have been beyond the mental reach of the Native Americans. A strong clue was discovered in the recurrent depictions of what appeared to be either kites or balloons flying high up in the sky on ancient Nazcan pottery. We needn’t look solely to people like Von Daniken for the answer!

An intriguing Answer.

An American explorer named Bill Spohrer, who was a resident of Peru, came up with the tantalizing theory that the Nazcan Indians had actually used hot-air balloons in the setting out of the Nazca markings. Whilst Spohrer was well aware that the first balloon flight on record didn’t occur until 1709, in Lisbon, (around at least 1700 years after the Nazca markings were created) he decided to prove his theory by attempting a risky experiment, following various ancient clues he had come upon in Peru.

The first clue was the apparent depictions of balloons and kites on the Nazca pottery mentioned above. The second clue lay in the extremely close weave of Nazcan fabrics he had seen in tombs close to the site of the markings. It was even finer and lighter than that synthetic fabric used in making modern balloons, and when it was tested, it turned out to be even more tightly-woven than modern parachute material! The third clue Spohrer came upon, he found in an ancient ceremony practiced by the Indians at the end of religious festivals. They sent small hot-air balloons up into the sky!

When he subsequently inquired into this, he learned from an ancient Inca legend, that a certain Inca boy-hero had actually made several valiant “reconnaissance flights” over enemy tribal territory, hanging from a hot-air balloon!

For Spohrer, this was the clincher, and, together with a few helpers, he resolved to put his theory into actual practice. Together they constructed a balloon of sorts, utilizing only those materials and methods he thought may have been available to the Nazcans. Then, with a couple of anxious aviators crouching in a crude gondola woven from reeds, the rough and ready craft, which Spohrer christened “Condor I”, soared aloft over the desert plains and hills of Nazca. As proof of his conviction that the ancients really had utilized the hot-air balloon, this amazing flight of Spohrer’s was a complete success and a total vindication of his theory - which had brought so much earlier derision from archaelogical and scientific circles. However, despite him having more or less proved that the laying out of the Nazca markings had obviously been directed from such a balloon - or perhaps several of them - it still didn’t clarify the actual purpose of the markings being laid in the first place!

Still, as the Inca legends suggest, the lines may have been laid as symbolic guidelines, and the drawings might have held some religious significance for the souls and bodies of Nazcan chietains. Their bodies are believed to have been sent up to Heaven suspended from balloons after their deaths! Hence the probable origin of the curious memorial balloon ceremonies which Spohrer had observed being practiced by the Indians after religious festivals and funerals. It’s interesting to speculate that, since these Nazcan markings and rituals are recorded in later Inca legends, one may well assume that the bodies of many great Inca chiefs or even kings might also have been dispatched heavenward from that very same place!

Hang-Gliders of the Inca!

Another interesting point that is connected with this mysterious business of aerial flight among the Incas (as well as their forerunners), are the reports by early historians concerning their use of a type of “hang-glider” among the high cliffs and valleys of the Andes. These reports are supported by various ancient pre-Incan drawings and carvings of “flying-men”, equipped with some kind of artificial wings!

Other Strange Markings.

There are of course other sites around the world where gigantic ground-markings and figures are to be found, such as those near Blythe, just east of Los Angeles in California, that are depictions of human and animal figures between 50 to 170 feet in length. These have been produced in precisely the same way as those in Nazca, by removing dark topsoil to reveal the lighter sand beneath, and again, they are really only visible from the air. The glyphs cannot be attributed to the Indians (Mohaves and Chemehuavis) who once frequented the region, since they had no knowledge of them, so they must have long pre-dated them. There is another notable image near Sacton, Arizona, on the Gila river which the Pima Indians, (who again don’t know who created it), call “Haakvaak” or “Hawk Lying Down”. There are other similar giant figures in Ohio, the Mississippi Valley and Wyoming, as well as in other countries such Chile, Britain, and Australia. They all appear rather to be signals to viewers from the heavens than to people at ground level, and no doubt many other similar megagraphs still await discovery. The implication is that these were all designed specifically to be seen from above, which reinforces the existence in ancient times of flying-machines or airships!

As somebody famous once said: “There is no new thing under the sun!” Man just seems to continue to “re-invent the wheel”!

Crop Circles?

The so-called “crop-circles”, that seem to be very strictly a modern-day phenomena, are also examples of mysterious designs specifically created to be viewed from the sky. However, I tend to take these with more than a hefty grain of salt, since I suspect that they are nothing more than cleverly-executed hoaxes, designed to confuse gullible UFO enthusiasts. No doubt we will eventually discover how they are actually executed - perhaps by someone using a small helicopter - or even a hot-air balloon? There has to be a perfectly rational, even if cleverly-cunning, method for creating them!

Amazing Ancient Artifacts.

Before we leave these technical accomplishments of the ancients, we should perhaps take time out to consider some of the astonishing artifacts from the past which have been turned up in the unlikeliest of places. Take for example, before we leave the subject of flight and South America, the amazing golden model of what closely resembles a delta-wing jet plane. It was discovered in a Colombian tomb well over 1000 years old, and at first was thought to be so sort of abstract representation of either a bird or a butterfly, or even a flying-fish.

However, it has since been more closely considered in light of other surprisingly technological-looking models and toys from the same region, and it is now considered to bear many of the attributes of the latest models of delta-winged jet-fighters, especially the Swedish SAAB fighter, even down to an intricately-detailed instrument panel inside the “cockpit”, and other extraordinary plane-like features that appear on its underside. Other such “model jet planes” have been found since.

Ancient Gliders!

Whilst on the subject of “ancient aircraft”; I am reminded of the amazing discovery of some wooden “toy gliders” in several ancient Egyptian tombs. At first these were thought to have been some sort of flying bird-models for children to play with, but upon closer inspection and experimentation, they were found to be actual aerodynamically-fashioned glider-planes, since they had wings rather similar in shape to the British “Spitfire”aircraft of WW2, and also possessed adjustable vertical rudders, both of which are totally non-birdlike!

It seemed obvious, judging by the pictures I saw of these models, that somebody in the remote past had endeavoured to improve upon the flight of birds. And in very much the same way that modern man has done - but 4000 or 5000 years earlier! True, they were only gliders and not powered airplanes, but the astonishing thing is that they worked, and, had that ancient designer only persevered with his idea toward powered models, technology might have taken a gigantic leap forward, way back in the days of the ancient pharaohs - or even earlier!

However, on the other hand, it’s also possible that the model-maker may have been influenced by some even more ancient “museum-relic” powered aerial-craft from a technologically-advanced culture that existed long before the Egyptians. It isn’t inconceivable that there might even be a connection between these gliders and the pre-Colombian golden “delta-wing jet” models found in very ancient royal tombs, in that both could have stemmed from the same original extremely archaic source.

Mayan Tractors?

Besides these “jet-plane” artifacts, there have also been discovered other “toys” or models of what closely resemble modern earth-moving machines, complete with what look like clawed digging-mechanisms and even gear-wheels, operating levers, and so forth! What is most intriguing about these “toys” however (if that is what they were, and not actual scaled-down model prototypes), is that many of them have wheels - something which is not found in any of the old Mesoamerican or Inca cultures! It would seem more than passing strange that they should apply wheels to toys, but not employ the wheel for any actual real-life purpose, such as conveyances or mills, etc?

Nonetheless, according to all that has been learned about the early American cultures, the wheel, although placed on toys, appears to have never been utilized anywhere in the ancient Americas (and thus presumably not in Mu either) as a useful workaday transportation device or technological aid, until the advent of the Europeans! Could it be that the Mesoamerican priesthood exercised some form of ritual religious hoodoo forbidding their use for labor-saving purposes?

Inexplicable Artifacts

There are many other amazing artifacts from the past which are totally inexpicable, if we assume that all the great technological achievements of mankind can only be attributed to the recent period of time since the Industrial Revolution. What, for example, are we to make of those fantastically perfect huge stone spheroids found in the South American jungle, and those wonderously-fashioned “Crystal Skulls” from Central America? Not to mention the amazing pieces of geared clockwork mechanism which have been unearthed by archaeologists whilst excavating ancient sites in Greece?

And what about those ancient electrical batteries, which are basically the same as modern torch-batteries in principle and components, that were found in Iraq, and were probably used by the ancient Parthians to electroplate objects with gold? What, too, of that astonishing uncorroded iron pillar found in the ruins of an old mosque in New Delhi, which contains neither phosphorus nor sulphur, and displays no sign whatever of rust even though it is many centuries old, and has been exposed directly to the elements for most of that time?

Is it really possible that all of these astonishing discoveries may in fact be nothing more than simple wishfully imagined “pseudo-technology”? Or were our remote ancestors actually a great deal more technologically wise and accomplished than we have thus far been led to believe?

Anomalous “Out-of-Time-and-Place” Finds.

All sorts of other fascinating manufactured objects are sometimes discovered in the most impossible places - such as sealed in coal-seams that lie hundreds of feet below ground-level, or even inside layers of solid rock! I have seen photographs of several of these apparently temporally and spatially-displaced items, that have been unearthed by miners and archaeologists locked in totally undisturbed coal or rock strata which must have been originally laid down at least tens of millions of years ago!

One curious item specifically springs to mind, since it took the form of two metallic rings, or circular rims, mounted at the top and bottom of a curious right-angular metal framework and manufactured from an unidentifiable alloy. The object resembled a part of some sort of precision optical instrument, such as a spectroscope, or maybe even a microscope, but devoid of any enclosing tube, prism or lenses. It was two or three inches in length, and had obviously been machine-made! How could such a modern-looking artifact have gotten into a Carboniferous Age coal-seam?

Other such discoveries are items of obviously skilfully hand-crafted jewellery or personal ornamentation, like ear-rings or brooches, or even necklaces of gold and silver. Some of these were found embedded deep in between layers of solid sandstone during a deep excavation in the Arizona desert! Many human artifacts, such as metal nails, gold thread, and even a fragile decorated metal vase have been found embedded in apparently solid rock, in the Middle East. An especially interesting item, which was found inside a 50,000 year-old geode (or hollow stone), was a complex metal cylindrical object within a white ceramic casing, that bore an uncannily-close resemblance to a modern-day automotive spark-plug!

Footprints in Time?

Perhaps one of the oldest of these human artifacts ever discovered, was the fossilised print of a leather shoe which showed such extremely fine stitching around the edge of the sole that it would have put many a modern shoe-maker completely to shame! This was discovered inside a piece of Nevada limestone which was carbon-dated at some 180-225 million years old! A similar fossilised find was that of a trilobite ( a small marine crustacean species said to have been extinct for nearly 30 million years) obviously crushed by, and embedded into, the soleprint of a sandalled human foot!

“And a Little Child shall lead Them…”

Beside the Paluxy River in Texas, two sets of footprinted tracks have been discovered quite literally cast in stone along its rocky banks. One set appear to be those of a small human, perhaps a child, whilst the other set are those of a three-toed dinosaur! Although it is amazing to find human and dinosaur footprints so clearly imprinted at the same time, what is even more astonishing is that they appear to have been walking, side by side, and not the one being pursued by the other! The heel-prints of both are the same depth as those of their toes - so it seems clear that neither of them was running! (Perhaps it was a just a Cretaceous Age human boy taking the family’s pet dinosaur for a stroll by the river?)

Geologists and palaeontologists are totally baffled by this particular find, and have no explanations other than the obvious ones. Either Man must have been a contemporary of the dinosaurs - or time-travel must be a reality! Personally, I would happily settle for the first explanation - which lends a considerable measure of support to my earlier hypothesis regarding the extreme antiquity of humanity upon this planet!

Back to The Mind

However, harking back to our opening discussion regarding super-senses, I don’t believe that humans have necessarily lost these ancient powers of the mind irretrievably. There has been a great resurgence of of ESP development over the past decade or so, and science has begun to accept that Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) is not only a possibility but a reality. I think this is probably due to the fact that the military uses of Remote Viewing, as a case in point, has proved out to be a genuine faculty of the mind in certain people. These are psychically-strong people who have developed this ability into a powerful psychic skill. It can be taught by them to almost anyone who has sufficient psychological discipline as to be able to focus their full mental attention in a specified mental direction at a defined target. Once this control is achieved, the required power can be developed and fine-tuned by regularly exercising the mind to its full extent.

ESP has come a long way since the necromantic days of “ghost-laying” and “spiritualist seances” at the turn of the 20th century, and it has gained considerable credibility and respectability over the past decade, even among men of science. The actual term “Parapsychology” was coined by Science specifically in order to acceptably label the study of psychic phenomena as a genuine area of scientific reasearch. An area that would otherwise lie outside its normal physical parameters. Thus, all the ESP faculties can now legitimately be considered to be within the accepted bounds of science. These faculties include: Precognition; Clairvoyance; Telepathy; Psychokinesis; Levitation and Teleportation. Even Kirlian photography of human and biological “auras” is an accepted scientific study today and has produced some astonishing results.

Divine Healing

However, Psychic or “Faith” Healing is still regarded with the highest suspicion by both scienctific and medical fraternities because of the fraudulent practices, fakery and trickery with which it has sadly been so frequently associated. But can we really condemn it out of hand so readily? After all, wasn’t Jesus Christ Himself the most notable exponent of this particular ability, and who in the Christian world would be follhardy enough to suggest that He was ever guilty of any such false practices?

Certainly, in several instances noted in the Gospels, He may have conceivably used the power of autosuggestion in order to help an imaginative or psychosomatic sufferer to heal himself by pure faith. However, most of His healings are recorded as being direct, instantaneous physical cures of cripples, lepers and cancer sufferers, the blind, the deaf, and the dumb, and hundreds of persons afflicted by whatever contagious or organic disease or physical deformity or disability that one might care to name! Thus we can’t dismiss Psychic Healing because of the pretences of sleight-of-hand charlatans.
Parapsychology. Now and Then

Having then introduced the different aspects of parapsychology in general – and as an accepted science - let us now consider each of its various faculties as we see them demonstrated today, and compare them with how they may have been utilized by our remote ancestors.


Firstly, we have Precognition, or foreknowledge of events that are yet to occur. In other words the prediction of the future by supernatural or occult means. This faculty, has frequently been proven to be accurate during the course of world history, especially in connection with great wars and major world-shaking events, such as natural catastrophes and the like. Oracles and seers in the days of ancient Greece and Rome were almost as reliable as newspapers are in today’s world – with the notable difference that the news was presented before the events occurred!

That such psychically-endowed persons actually existed requires no proof from me – one needs only to read up on ancient classical history to discover that many a disaster was foretold long beforehand, and that the results of battles and wars were similarly accurately predicted. Many such seers were available for consultation by those about to embark upon some dangerous odyssey or lead a mighty army into battle.

The Delphic Oracle is perhaps the best-known of these, although she was by no means the only seer in the ancient world. Everyone, from mighty emperors to humble peasants had equal access to such seers, since, unlike today’s professional clairvoyants, they often sought no repayment in gold or in kind, other than perhaps an offering of food or floral tributes. In more recent history, we find oracles of a somewhat different sort.

Michael De Notredame, 1503- 1566, (or “Nostradamus”, as he styled himself and is better-known) was one of the more pretentious of these. He cloaked himself in a general aura of occult mystery, posing as the eccentric sage in his ivory tower. All of his predictions were written in the form of puzzlingly obscure verses known as “Quatrains” and which he compiled in “Centuries”- random batches of a hundred per volume.

One gets the impression that he did this in order to render his prophecies somewhat flexible, so that they could be adapted or twisted to fit almost any occurrence or situation that arose within reasonably close parameters. I will not endeavour here to illustrate any examples of his ambiguous predictive verse, but there are sites on the Internet which quote many of them. However, although he comes across as some sort of charlatan, Nostradamus seems to have been amazingly accurate in his predictions, which even reach forward to this present day, and well into the future!

Edgar Cayce, 1877-1945, the famous gifted American seer, born in Kentucky, was a very serious clairvoyant, who firmly believed that his psychic abilities had been given to him by Christ, to use for the good of mankind. In addition to his gifts of both prophecy and hind-vision, Cayce was also keenly interested in using his immense powers for the healing of the human body and the psychological restoration of disturbed minds. His method was in the form of self-hypnotic “readings” generally in the immediate presence of his subject. However, being in a hypnotic trance, Cayce was totally unaware of what he said during such a reading, and his subconscious utterances therefore had to be taken down in shorthand, after which they were typed up and read back to him. During these trances, he was able to accurately diagnose sicknesses and afflictions affecting his subjects as well as prescribe detailed treatments and medications.

In the earlier years of his career as a psychic healer and seer, Cayce was tortured with self-doubt as to his uncanny abilities, especially since in his waking state, he knew little of medicine or the occult. However, the results of his thousands of readings proved to be so astoundingly correct that his self-confidence was soon boosted to some degree, although he was never completely convinced of the staggering depth of his amazing unconscious insight. Cayce, is perhaps as well remembered for his wonderful psychic descriptions of ancient scenes and occurrences. Of these, his retrocognitive accounts regarding the long-vanished land and history of Atlantis, as well of its demise, were probably the most highly-detailed, although they were run a very close second by his equally detailed accounts of ancient Egypt!

His coverage of Altlantean history is extremely extensive and deals mainly with the period from 50,000 to 10,500 BC. However, he stated that 50,000 BC was the time of the first disastrous submergence of a large portion of Atlantis - which had already been a thriving and technological empire for thousands of years prior to that time! Cayce’s readings also speak of the tremendous geological changes and disasters that brought about the downfall and submergence of Atlantis, as well as their catastrophic effects upon other adjacent landmasses! Between the years 1923 to 1944, he gave a total of 672 readings that mentioned Atlantis!

Unfortunately, I have neither time nor space here to go into details of Cayce’s pronouncements upon this and other intriguing topics, but I would suggest that interested readers seek out the book: “Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited” written by his son, Edgar Evans Cayce, last published by St. Martin’s Paperbacks, St. Martin’s Press, NY. in 1997.

Since Cayce’s time, there have been many similar seers and prophets, but none of such great stature as he held in this field of psychic research. However, over the past decade or so, there has been a great resurgence in Precognition and Clairvoyance at a more scientific level, and there are now many accomplished practitioners of these skills.


This is the psychic ability to gain knowledge of things or events after their occurrence, and could be usefully applied in many areas such as solving crimes, delving into ancient history, discovering long-forgotten Family Trees, and so forth. If the results of a past act can be revealed, precognition would be an excellent tool for piecing together the act itself. This branch of parapsychology would be especially applicable to such matters as hauntings and ghosts, since it could lead to the original causative factor for the haunting being revealed and the ghost or earthbound spirits then released and laid to rest.

However, I would prefer to utilize the application of Retrocognition in relation to ancient history, in such places as ancient Egypt or those other locations of once mighty empires. Edgar Cayce certainly applied it vigorously to his readings on Atlantis – and Egypt - among other ancient sites, with remarkable results. The big question, however, is how many modern psychics are interested in this sort of study today?

Most alleged self-styled “psychics” these days seem to be engaged in that brand of sensational “ESP” flummery which fills the ads in cheap astrological magazines, such as fortune-telling, “life-readings”, palmistry and teacup-readings. Exactly the sort of nonsense that so severely besmirches genuine, innate psychic ability and skill!


This is the psychic art of “seeing clearly” over great distances. It also embodies the ability of “Remote Viewing” which has recently been connected with spying both for military and commercial purposes. It has also served a very useful role in the past in seaching for missing persons and murder victims. Probably one of the best-known and publicised psychic detectives in the modern era was Gerard Croiset, a Dutch clairvoyant
whose skill in locating missing persons whether alive or dead was legendary throughout much of his adult life.

He helped both police and private people to solve dissapearances, and one of his most noteworthy cases was one in which he was able to successfully “see” a missing young woman, Carol Sandelius, who had vanished from a hospital bed in Topeka, Kansas in December, 1959. Her distraught father, Professor Walter Sandelius of the University of Kansas, having heard of Croiset, contacted him via Utrecht Univerity in Holland. Croiset was able to tell him exactly where Carol was - not by any town name, of course - but by describing her location and surroundings accurately, and he was able to assure her father that she was alive and well and that “he would hear something definite within six days”.

Arrangements were made for the professor to contact Croiset at the end of that period . On the sixth day, as he went downstairs with almost all hope gone to telephone Croiset in Holland, Professor Sandelius was astounded to discover his daughter sitting alive and well on the living-room sofa! The Dutchman truly had successfully “seen” Carol across a distance of almost 5,000 miles!

Croiset, who was also a psychic healer, was always hesitant about assisting the police in murder cases for fear of wrongfully identifying an innocent party. He much preferred to assist in locating missing persons or the bodies of crime victims. Nor did he necessarily have to wait for people to disappear or for crimes to be committed!.

During a subsequent series of rigidly-conducted scientific tests, he was able to correctly predict exactly who would be sitting in a certain specified seat in an auditorium a week or more in advance of a public meeting! Stringent measures were taken to ensure that the seats were occupied entirely at random after Croiset had described the future occupant a week earlier, in full detail, as to their sex, physical description, their job, and personal details about their life. There was no possibility of trickery of any sort. Once the audiences were assembled and seated, his predictions were then read out to the audience, with amazing results. He succeeded time after time in this experiment, and clearly demonstrated his abilities to the full satisfaction of the eminent scientists present.

Remote Viewing.

This is a very similar gift to that exhibited by Croiset, but it involves a degree of Astral Travel since it requires the use of psychic powers over much greater distances. This has been closely studied for military purposes, such as long-range-spying and the location of missing aircraft, personnel and hostages. Both the US Miltary and the CIA are reported to have spent millions of dollars on developing programs which entailed the use of trained psychics for such tasks. However, probably due to skepticism from “On High”, the exercise was finally abandoned in favor of other, more orthodox methods

Nevertheless, psychics have also been tested out in astronomical roles, and their results were claimed by scientific experts to compare favorably with those obtained from both the Mariner and Pioneer spacecraft. I don’t know if any psychics have yet attempted Remote-Viewing the planet Mars - especially “The Face” and Cydonia - but It would certainly be an enormous coup for ESP! Particularly if the results of the psychic viewers’ reports were subsequently verified as being correct by such an august scientific organization as NASA! However, a distance of forty million miles or so might prove to be rather a big “ask” even for the most accomplished of astral travellers!

Meanwhile, we still hopefully wait, with bated breath, for the return of detailed Remote-Viewing reports regarding the hollow interior of our own Earth - which ought to be well within range. Especially since so many psychics claim to be in regular contact with its inhabitants! This kind of Remote-Viewing would be far better done by ESP-endowed artists who could then memorize their impressions in full detail and visually illustrate their psychic observations for all to see. Hasten that day!

Astral Travel or Projection

Astral Projection is actually a form of OBE (Out-of-Body Experience) during which a person’s “astral form” is able to leave the physical body and the soul, in order to travel at will, but in a dreamlike state, to any place in the world or even the universe, and may often meet and share experiences with other Astral Travelers, including friends and acquaintances, who possess the same psychic ability. It’s of interest to note that a person’s astral form, particularly if they are middle-aged or elderly, may quite often reflect their appearance as in their youth – much, as is believed among several religions, will be the case with the soul (or spirit), when it goes to Paradise or Heaven after death!

Fortunately, the soul remains dormant within the body during Astral Projection, so the widespread belief that an “unoccupied” body can be taken over by some evil spirit during the Traveller’s absence is really nothing more than alarmist nonsense. During an OBE caused by a near-death-experience, (NDE), however, the victim’s consciousness also becomes separated from the body, so that they have the clear experience of hovering or floating overhead, watching and listening as surgeons or paramedics endeavour to bring them back from the edge of death. Some such persons have even reported travelling along a tunnel toward a brilliant light where deceased friends or family, an angel, or even Christ Himself waited to greet them. But they were generally informed that it was “not yet their time” to die, and were immediately returned into their bodies.

In such cases, the memory is always extremely vivid, and doesn’t begin to fade away upon awakening as it does after a purely “astral excursion”. Experienced astral travelers have to train themselves rigorously to be able to recall their astral adventures and observations. Most keep a journal of their travels and experiences. It’s also worth noting that the Astral Body is the form which emits the person’s “aura” – a colored “Life-light” effect which can actually be captured by Kirlian photography .

In addition to this, the astral body is also reported as remaining connected to the physical body by a extremely fine and highly elastic silver cord or “thread of light” umbilical during astral projection. Again, there is a widespread belief that if this should ever be severed during such an “out-of-body” trip (usually by an astral enemy or an evil spirit) the subject is then doomed to roam, totally lost in limbo, for all Eternity. However, from all accounts, this “Silver Cord” is virtually unbreakable by all except the perhaps the traveller himself - or by God!

The modern day psychic uses Astral Travel as means of investigating places of great interest or observing exciting historic or even future scenes which are beyond any possiblity of reach by normal travel. They often travel back in time to witness such scenes, although being in a multidimensional plane of time and space, there is no reason why they cannot go forward just as readily as backward in time and space. One can well imagine the tremendous wealth of new knowledge such gifted people could, and do, bring to a group of historical or astronomical scientific researchers!


This is the psychic gift of being able to “tune in” to the minds and thoughts of other persons at a great distance, or even at close range, purely by the medium of ESP and without any form of vocalization or other normal means of communication. This is one of the most common ESP phenomenona that can be experienced by persons who have no developed psychic ability. It often occurs quite spontaneously, especially when one of the subjects is under great mental or physical stress. The psychic disturbance this causes can be picked up by almost any sufficiently sensitive and sympathetic mind, regardless of range. (This may be one of the ways those lost dogs find their way home!)

It’s also the only real way in which one can communicate one’s actual personal inner feelings directly with animals. (It was originally the only way between humans, too, before they developed coherent vocal speech!) Spoken words are generally nothing more than command-sounds that the animal has been conditioned to associate with specific things, like walks, ball-games, exercises, lying, staying or sleeping. Or food, drink and defecation, too. The same applies equally well to manual signs, and facial expressions – even tones of voice. But these are all physically-sensed communications. Consider those other psychic signals we put out unconsciously, which pet-animals and, of course, often other humans, so often can readily pick up on as if by radar!

How often have we been in a situation of deep emotion, such as grief or pain, and our dog, cat or even horse, has come over to nuzzle against us exactly as if to offer us their comfort in our distress. That’s what the animal really is offering! It’s also the fundamental “commonality” we share - the original bond between man and beast.

In remote times, when human beings first took pity on starving or freezing wolves, this ESP sense of silent empathy and understanding was what forged the first communion between animal and human, a bond that has lasted millions of years. One which many of us today take so much for granted – by foolishly assuming that the dog, cat, bird or horse is actually able to understand our spoken language! Scolding a pet for some infringement of household rules isn’t communicated or understood by the torrent of abuse that is hurled at it. The pet takes its cue from our psychic output during such an outburst or tirade - which is usually reinforced by threatening physical actions and facial expressions, like finger-wagging and scowling!

Sure! They do come to understand certain key words (or vocal sounds and tones, to be more accurate), but they cannot grasp actual sentences, in terms of syntax! I often talk utter gibberish to my dog if I feel he’s a little down in the dumps, but what he hears are really the pleasant tones in which I speak it, and this cheers him up no end. (As it probably does my more skeptical readers!)

How many times do we hear the phrase:“If only they could talk!” or even use it ourselves? Certainly animals and birds are able to communicate vocally, or by body language and postures among their own species to some limited degree. But what most humans don’t realize is that most of their real communication takes place upon a psychic level, by means of mental telepathy! Perhaps if we all strove a little harder to project our inner feelings directly into our pets’ minds we might finally re-establish that rapport that used to exist between men and animals many eon ago! Most of us understand that animals can detect fear in a human who is afraid of them, and we aren’t surprised when they pick up on this and take advantage of it. So why not try putting out feelings of love, peace and gentleness, instead! It certainly works for me - and it will for you, too!

Telekinesis or Psychokinesis and Teleportation.

Here, as with Telepathy, we begin to encounter some inkling of the real powers of the ancients which are lost to us today. The dictionary’s definition of the term “Telekinesis” means “The movement of a body or object by thought or willpower without the application of physical force”. I feel certain that most of you who are reading these words will already be aware of the current concept that this might well have been the ESP force that was used - in close conjunction with Teleportation – to lift and move (often over very long distances) those massive blocks of stone that were used to build the pyramids and other massive ancient structures, entirely by the psychic power of the mind.

This is one great secret that has completely eluded modern man, who has to rely upon ponderous machinery: giant flat-bed semitrailers and enormous cranes to achieve even a tenth of the lifting and haulage power that was evidently readily available to our ancient ancestors. It’s a curious thing to contemplate that the so-called and much- vaunted ”Industrial Revolution” of the late 1700s was really the start of Man’s admission of having lost the marvellous technological powers of the ancients! Even if we were to say that these massive blocks were moved entirely by the sweat and struggle of sheer manpower alone, it is interesting to think that the population of the world in those ancient times was a mere fraction of what it is today and the sort of labour forces that could be mustered then in most of those countries must have been comparatively tiny. Yet we still cannot come even close to the abilities and skills of the ancients!

A Salutary Lesson to Modern Pyramid Builders!

Some time back I watched a documentary on TV about group of British scientists attmpting to construct a very tiny stone pyramid at Giza in Egypt. It couldn’t have been more than two metres high and long on each side, at most, and yet their efforts at quarrying, shaping and and smoothing the stones were utterly pathetic. They were endeavouring to reproduce what they believed were the methods used by the Pharaonic Egyptian tradesmen and laborers. That is, to extract the stone slabs from the solid mass in the quarry, lift them free by manpower and levers, cut and dress them by hand with copper tools, then transport them to the site by reed boats on the Nile, and drag them overland using sets of rollers made from palm trunks. The end results were highly predictable.

As I have said, their efforts were at once pathetic and hilarious. It took them several days to drill (or hack) holes into the raw rock of the quarry, and they ended up having to cheat more than a little in order to finally release what blocks they did manage to split off the main mass. Then, when they attempted to roughly shape the blocks by hand using the copper tools (which they insisted the ancients had used), they failed abysmally, and finally had to resort to using modern steel stonemasons’ chisels and crowbars! After all this pantomime, one debacle swiftly followed another.

Their home-made reed-boats proved almost impossible to load, and several bitterly-won blocks plunged into the Nile to vanish forever. Then, en route to Giza, the boats themselves began to disintergrate and sink, resulting in the loss of several more blocks. At the unloading point, the wooden sleds upon which they then attempted to transport the blocks from the river, succeeded only in squashing the palm-tree rollers flat. The blocks eventually had to be laboriously loaded upon and transported by an ancient urgently-hired and clapped-out truck to the construction site, one at a time. The last two blocks finally wrecking the elderly truck’s battered springs!

In the end, after many more false starts and ineffectual attempts, they succeeded in erecting only one section of their mini-pyramid, around ten days past schedule, and which bore no comparison to the geometry or finesse of the real pyramids. In fact it was just a complete comedy of errors, and a giant slap in the face for the practicality of the learned university scientist dons who erected it. Even with the sweated labor of some twenty or thirty latter-day Egyptian descendants of those laborers, who had allegedly toiled on the originals countless generations earlier. That is of course, IF any vast army of peasant laborers was, in fact, ever employed to build them, in the first place!

My own firm conviction is that the huge stone blocks from which both the Giza pyramids and those huge foundation blocks in that vast stone platform at Baalbek - as well as that of the Acropolis - were all lifted and moved by the combined psychic force of perhaps a mere handful of adepts skilled in the arts of levitation and teleportation!

Nor do I say this lightly. Many attempts have since been made to cut and shape similar monolithic stone blocks by the use of modern stone-drilling and cutting equipment. But, their accuracy and finish completely baffled the modern construction engineers involved. If those ancient builders had possessed tools and machines similar to those we have today, their buildings would have easily taken ten times the construction-time that ancient historians like Herodotus claim! We simply don’t have the knowledge that the ancients possessed, so we try to make up for it by devising massive and expensive machinery and plant to achieve far inferior results over longer timescales!

There is no evidence whatsoever around any of these ancient construction-sites to suggest that they used any of the sort of machinery and plant we would use today. So the antiquarian scholars, who probably never lifted anything heavier than a pen, assume that it was all done manually, by sheer brute force and ignorance. No doubt assisted by extremely long but puny ropes made from papyrus reeds, and soggy rollers made from soft-cored palm trees. Plus some feeble leverage from wooden levers and copper crowbars! One need hardly mention the ocean of human blood, sweat and tears, that would probably have helped lubricate the drag-ramps! No! There had to be an infinitely simpler and easier way, and I have already suggested it!

It is even pointed out in the Bible by Jesus Christ : “….If you have the faith and doubt not … ye shall say unto this mountain: “Be thou removed and cast into the sea”; it shall be done”. (Matt:21:21) What greater authority do we need on the matter? The trick is to believe implicitly and unwaveringly in one’s own innate psychic power!

Psychic Power of the Ancients.

From all the foregoing what are we to conclude? Well, in my view, I rather feel that establishment “Church-Religion” has played a major role in our loss of these ancient and arcane, yet perfectly natural psychic powers and abilities. They were outlawed by the mediaeval priests and religious leaders as being “gifts and attributes of the Devil” and therefore to be stamped out at all costs. All this despite the urgings of Christ, Mohammed, and various other great founders and leaders of similar faiths, that we should use our God-given spiritual skills to the full! Spiritual gifts, in my understanding, mean psychic abilities – otherwise why does the dictionary, US or British, define”Psyche” as “the human soul or spirit”?

Unfortunately, our illiterate forebears were never made aware of this distinction, so anyone who employed these natural and God-given talents for the benefit of others was automatically branded as a witch and a servant of Satan! The Church and its priests could not allow their tithe-paying flocks to place their trust directly into God’s Hands, and be guided and propered by their own faith – and also cut out the ecclesiastical “Middle-Man”, who might then have to turn his manicured hands to common labor for his upkeep!

Thus followed the great religious holocaust of the “Inquisition” in which millions were put to death by the Church for simply following the very faith that Christ had taught! The scriptures that were quoted in justification of this abomination were the ones that alluded to witches, crystal-gazers and sorcerers, none of whom could be described as true “psychics” such as I have mentioned in the foregoing article. People with really genuine spiritual-psychic power would never stoop to such demeaning practices as fairground fortune-telling, communicating with dead relatives, reading tea-cups, and so forth. And, since everybody possesses a spirit - whether its powers and talents are active or latent - we have to include ourselves as psychic beings, too!

The Final Question.

Thus, we come back finally to our original question: “What Happened To The Amazing Natural Skills and Psychic Abilities of our Ancestors?” The answer is simply that down the intervening centuries or millennia, our developing species have allowed their spiritual psychic senses to atrophy and wither, choosing instead to pursue more carnal pursuits and pleasures, and aim for more materially-rewarding objectives.

Whether we can reawaken those seemingly lost abilities rests entirely with ourselves and our motivation for doing so. But we should never do so merely to apply them to the pursuit of personal fame, power or profit – as have many really talented psychics - people like the Harry Houdinis or Yuri Gellers of this world. Inevitably, the thing turns into a “power-and-glory trip” and the true psyche gets lost among the legerdemain and “stage-magic”. I pity such gifted people who choose to squander such God-given talents just for fame and fortune. They so often end up with nothing, and sadly, many of them may even lose their own souls along the way.

These innate psychic abilities are truly spiritual gifts; a sacred trust which should be applied by their exponents to seriously useful purposes. Gerard Croiset was a fine example of this, but there are many many others who are contributing on a psychic level to help our understanding of the mysteries of the the world around us, and of the Creator’s wonderful universe, in which we all have our own very special and unique parts to play if we are prepared to take a little time out to study for them.

I urge all those who manifest such powerful abilities to use and develop them for the good and the benefit of Humanity - and of all those other lifeforms with whom we also share these same brilliant sparks of the Creator’s Spiritual Fire!


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