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Power moves are movements that we make with our bodies that assist us
in concentrating and directing the energy. Most martial art use power
moves to one degree or another. When people dance from their hearts,
they are doing power moves, allowing the power to speak through their
bodies. Power moves are a dance of power. Tai Chi is an ancient
example of power moves. Whenever you handle energy, you receive it
with your left hand and send it with your right hand. Your left hand
acts as an antenna and your right hand broadcasts the energy you have
received. If you are open to its direction, power will instruct you-
it will "tell" you what to do.

Flowing with that energy can be a
powerful and centering experience. It can also be distressing when
you fight it or cannot control it. This dance of power begins as you
relax and become mentally centered. Stand quietly with your legs
shoulder-width apart. Mentally give the power permission to flow
through you and ask it to guide you. Raise your hands and hold them
in front of you. Let your hands and body move as you feel guided.
Your movements will be smooth and rhythmic, almost like a ballet.
Power moves are a form of moving meditation. They are relaxing and
energizing. As you do them, you collect a great deal of power in your
body. They are healing to both mind and body.

If it feels
appropriate, you can play gentle music or light a candle. Relax and
let the energy move your body. Notice how it feels as it flows
through you. After you have relaxed into the energy, allow it to move
you for about fifteen minutes and then stop. Gently sit down and
close your eyes. Ask the universe how to use the energy you have
collected. If you don't get a specific answer, send the energy to
Mother Earth so it can heal the planet, yourself, and the people you
love. Allow yourself to bathe in the joy of that energy. If you are
having a difficult time feeling the guidance of the energy, start
with your hands. Hold them in front of your face and move your right
hand clockwise and your left hand counter- clockwise. Move them
slowly and rhythmically in and out. Gently notice how it feels. Then
while you are sitting in a chair, begin moving your legs in a
circular motion, noticing how it feels.

After you are comfortable
with those movements, stand up and again begin with your hands. First
move one hand out and away from you and then step rhythmically out
with one of your legs. Next do the same with the other hand and leg.
Slowly begin moving around the room. Notice your body and let
yourself enjoy its movements. Allow the process to be sensual and
rhythmic. Be gentle with yourself as you practice allowing your
awareness to expand. Enjoy the process.


1. Practice finding power spots wherever you go.
2. Find your special power spot. We all have places on this earth
that are sacred to us. Take time to find your sacred place. Once you
find it, spend some time there. Let that place heal you and fill you
with its love. Let your heart guide you to that place. It will call
to you if you are willing to listen.
3. Buy a packet of seeds and divide it in half. Do some power moves
and then sit quietly with half of the seeds. Allow yourself to feel
their life energy and then slowly begin channeling energy to them.
Mentally see them growing big and strong. Plant each group of seeds
in separate pots and give them equal care. Notice how much healthier
the energized group is.


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