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The Power of Prayer

God and The Power of Prayer Proven By Einstein's Unified Field Theory

Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory proves that God's Golden Spheres are the basic substance underneath all of Creation. These spheres form the basis of all physical forms, light and energy in Creation. These sub-atomic sized Golden Spheres are the underlying foundation of all atoms and molecules in Creation. Everything, all oxygen, water, food, physical bodies, etc. at their sub-atomic levels are unified, for everything is constructed from the same Golden Spheres. This proves we are all God, we have never left God and explains to everyone why God is everywhere.

God creates a Creation, by manifesting God's Unconditional Love in the form of innumerable Golden Spheres and sending the Golden Spheres through a "Worm Hole of Light" to our universe. Scientists say our universe is still expanding, but they do not know the reason. The reason our universe continues to expand is because God continues to breathe life into our universe. The central core which connects our universe to God through a Worm Hole of Light, also distributes the Golden Spheres of "God's Breath" to central distribution cores in each galaxy. The galactic distribution cores then transfer the Golden Spheres to the "Suns of God" of every solar system.

These Golden Spheres travel through the same "Worm Holes of Light" which scientists have been studying for years. However, these magnificent Worm Holes of Light contain energies far beyond our visual light spectrum and most of their energies exceed the abilities of present day recording instruments. Upon arrival in our solar system, the Golden Spheres exit from the "Worm Hole" above the surface of our sun which creates the conditions whereby the atmosphere of our sun is much hotter than the surface. The continuous fiery eruptions on our sun are created by the incredible energies produced by innumerable Golden Spheres exiting the sun's Worm Hole. These Golden Spheres sustain all life on our planet. Plants are at the bottom of the food chain and they grow by consuming the Golden Spheres eminating from the sun. It is our consumption of the Golden Spheres contained in the plants, and the animals who eat plants, which sustains our physical bodies.

However, understand we are not our physical bodies. We are not our toes, our ears or even our physical brain. Our bodies are merely vehicles which we have chosen in order to explore and experience life in the 3rd dimension. Who we are exceeds the size of our physical bodies. Who we really are, are our memories and all of our experiences in life. One's memories and experiences are the only items one can take with them from this life, when one's physical body dies. This physical body was created under God's direction for us to enjoy life and the sensory pleasures here in the 3rd dimension.

Upon your body's birth, a small portion of the real you, a miniscule portion of your personal spiritual energy fields of consciousness densified into a "Soul". Your Soul is located in the area of the thymus gland in your physical body. Your Soul connects your physical body to the real you, with your total consciousness, or "Spirit" which is contained within spiritual energy fields. Your spiritual energy fields at the 3rd dimensional level in Creation are in a geometric shape. Your fields are comprised of 2 "Tetrahedrons" interlocked into one form, called a "Star Tetrahedron". (An easy way to visualize the Star Tetrahedron is to seen in your mind, a three dimension geometric shape of the two dimensional "Star of David"). Our Star Tetrahedron spiritual energy fields contain the Golden

Spheres of all our memories and experiences of this life and all other lifetimes, the real us, our total consciousness. Thus, these spiritual energy fields of consciousness surrounding our bodies are the real us, they consist of all the memories of our individualization and they are eternal. The larger your spiritual energy fields of consciousness, the closer you are to God and the Heaven/Paradise of Creation. Gathering additional Golden Spheres into one's spiritual energy fields increases the size of their consciousness, bringing one closer to their Ascension and their return to God.

Ascension occurs when God's Golden Spheres have expanded a person's spiritual energy fields to 9 times their original size. A nine fold expansion means completion and that the person's consciousness has Ascended from our 3rd dimensional reality into the Heaven or Paradise of the next dimensional level in Creation. Ascension into the next dimensional level means a person has reached the Angelic level of consciousness. In other words, when sufficient numbers of God's Golden Spheres are infused into a person's spiritual energy fields and the person's consciousness expands nine fold, that person becomes "Enlightened". The term Enlightenment refers to a Golden Glow which emanates from the enormous numbers of Golden Spheres contained within an Ascended Master's or Saint's spiritual energy fields, as depicted in art and seen in old photographs.

Prayer, laughter and Love add Golden Spheres to your spiritual energy fields of consciousness. However, doubt, anger and fear reduce the number of Golden Spheres, which in essence are individual units of consciousness, within your spiritual energy fields. A huge loss of Golden Spheres occurs whenever one gets angry at themselves. Anger from others is deflected by your spiritual energy fields of consciousness. However, anger at oneself is within one's spiritual energy fields of consciousness. The negative energies of anger will dissolve large groups of Golden Spheres.

The dissolving of consciousness decreases our ability to Ascend and can even cause angels to "fall" from Heaven. "Fallen Angels" and those who wish to Ascend from our 3rd dimension can return to God and Heaven through prayer. Prayer is amazingly effective. In prayer one sends their Love to God. In sending the energies of Love to God or another person, one gives the greatest gift one can give in life. In the giving of Love, one gives Golden Spheres of their own units of consciousness to another. The giving of the energies of Love means one gives parts of themselves unselfishly to another. Thus, when one wishes to Ascend, one sends Love to God in sincere prayer. God always returns Love multiplied many times over to the sender of Love to God. One always receives more than one gives, and the more one prays, the more units of consciousness, the more Golden Spheres that God places in one's spiritual energy fields of consciousness. Upon giving one's Golden Spheres of Love to God over a period of time and God returning their Love in huge amounts of Golden Spheres, one can begin to develop a Golden Glow in preparation for their Ascension back to Heaven.

All forms of prayer and/or meditation will infuse sufficient Golden Spheres into an individual's spiritual energy fields over time, so the person is able to fully expand their consciousness and Ascend. However, accelerated expansions of consciousness are now available to people who use the "unceasing prayer" meditation of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques. The unceasing prayer has already resulted in a number of Personal Ascensions during the last 5 years. Unconditional Love is the key to Ascension. Unconditional Love is a state of consciousness used by all practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques to activate their spiritual energy fields of consciousness into "Merkabas". Merkaba is an ancient word meaning full expansion of consciousness. This full activation process enables people to receive Golden Flower of Life Spheres from God in "unceasing prayer", 24 hours a day. Additional information on the Sacred Merkaba Techniques is available at lectures and workshops given by certified teachers.


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