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Cosmic Law Principle

Cosmic Law Principle

This is the Law that gives humans the perception of basic rules of the
cosmos. For example, all life forms are commonly observed protecting
themselves against harm, the principle of inherent self-preservation.
Humans regard the principle as a "moral value" defining right from wrong
for themselves at least, and they in turn make "murder" illegal. Such
is a measure of integration of the five-sensory intellect by the wisdom
of the soul, and the conscience it supplies.

Similarly, the Law of Principle has seen humanity rule out the
initiation of physical force by one human on another, as in rape and
robbery, but the collective group known as "government" was still not
held to the same moral value by the end of the 20th century. Such was
the slowness of soul integration.

Governmental systems still rested on using coercion backed by physical
force for their creation and survival, little different in principle
from practices of organized crime to achieve goals. The essential
difference was that one was called robbery, while the other was called
involuntary taxation.

Cosmic Laws work together to overcome the idea that wrong action is
acceptable so long as there are good results. U.S. Supreme Court
Justice Louis D. Brandeis once warned against government violating even
earthly laws in pursuit of "good" ends;

"If the government becomes a lawbreaker,
it breeds contempt for the law."

Beyond this, government not reflecting the highest principles is faced
with a situation of far greater magnitude, according to the wisdom of
the soul;

"If government is in disharmony with
Cosmic Laws, it breeds its own collapse."

The idea that moral ends justify forceful means, a pragmatic approach,
is an ill-fated position of five-sensory intellects unintegrated by the
principled wisdom of the soul, but the evolution of human consciousness,
and conscience, guarantees change.

The bottom line is, the Law of Principle ensures moral means to moral
ends, a voluntary association in governing practices, and an AUTHENTIC
CONSTITUTION is being advanced to this end.


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