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The ultimate propulsion of space modules

The ultimate propulsion of space modules reverse engineered from very advanced Extraterrestrial UFOs

Scientists are now finding that not all Extraterrestrial UFOs are equally advanced. According to some think tanks in the field, very advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations visit the earth with super sophisticated UFOs. Scientists have recently tried to model their propulsion system.

Normally UFO propulsion systems are primarily ant-gravity engines run with superconductors, which creates opposite electromagnetic force that negates the gravitation forces. But electromagnetic waves like that of gravitational waves are suction forces from the hyperspace from tiny openings in our 3-D spatial of the Universe.

Very advanced UFOs have different mechanisms. They create a propulsion system by creating an artificial tunnel to the hyperspace. The tunnel or the wormhole spatial is large enough to opposite infusion force instead of suction from the hyperspace. This causes a very high anti-gravity effect. The propulsion system is known as super-gravity-neutralizer.

According to scientists, it is possible to create propulsion systems for terrestrial spacecrafts that utilizes super-gravity-neutralizers. The problem is not in creating an opening to the hyperspace in a controlled space. The biggest issues surround the fact that once the hyperspace opening is created, how to control the infusion force because the propulsion force must be controlled so that navigation and guidance can take place smoothly.

Scientists say the concepts are on the drawing boards of the space agencies in different countries. The classified projects are little talked or mentioned by the officials.

The biggest advantage of these types of propulsion system is that it can be endless because the source of energy is endless. Once the opening is created to the hyperspace, the spatial position of the opening moves with the spacecraft. The onboard computers quickly compute the 3-D spatial equivalent of the 5-D spatial position. As a result the virtual opening to hyperspace remains alive during the flight of the space module and it provides energy continuously from the hyperspace.

Think about it the endless gravity in the universe is available from the suction of the hyperspace through openings that extends from the Physical Universe to the Hyperspace. Similarly spacecrafts with propulsion systems that work with similar concepts have endless source of energy and hence the space travel can be endless and free of energy cost!


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