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Who is protecting the earth

Who is protecting the earth from solar flares, greenhouse gases, asteroids, ozone depletion and other major catastrophes? Evidence of extraterrestrial intervention

In middle of January, 2005, the earth faced a horrific level of Solar flares. But nothing really happened on the surfaced of the earth. The greenhouse gases from hydrocarbons are devastating. But the little temperature changes are making scientists doubtful of their computer models predicating the sharp rise in global temperature. There are numerous unknown and unseen asteroids missing the earth by a narrow margin. The earth is not facing catastrophic effects due to slow but steady terrestrial polar reversal to be completed by 2012. The earth is not experiencing devastating ozone layer depletion either.

Scientists are worried and the same time perplexed looking at these devastating causes but little effects. There are geologists and astrophysicists that believe that the great Tsunami of 2004 December was artificially created to avoid much larger devastation.

Who is systematically protecting the earth?

The answer lies in looking at the methods used to protect the earth. There is increasing evidence that the earth is silently protected by the extraterrestrials though very advanced technologies.

The biggest evidence came from recent volcanoes in Mexico, India’s Andaman-Nicobar islands and Sumatra of Indonesia. There is a normal correlation between the harmonic tremor and the volcanic eruption specified by volcanic eruption. But these days the harmonic tremors predict much larger volcanic eruptions while the real volcanoes are lower in eruption size and force. The question comes – who is suppressing these volcanoes all over the world.

In a recent Mexican volcano, the local scientists found evidence of heavy electromagnetic field changes commonly called electromagnetic flux. The volcano was lower in eruption thrust and size than predicted through the statistical inference using harmonic tremor patterns.

Similarly, in the middle of January 2005, the earth experienced sever Solar flares never seen in modern times. That should have caused catastrophic damage to our electronic equipments and could have had disrupted life on the earth completely. Now the scientists are getting early evidence someone sopped the effects and actually reversed it at the earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere.

The energy and resource necessary to reverse the ill effects of greenhouse gases, volcanic eruptions, solar flares of huge magnitude and so on is so high, it is inconceivable that these were intervened by human hands.


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