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In June of 1968 Sheila Ostrander, a Canadian, and Lynn Schroeder, an American, were invited to attend an international conference on ESP in Moscow. The invitation was from one of the most fervent missionaries of Soviet psi research, Edward Naumov, then 36. A few years earlier, when overt interest in such subjects could easily result in a long holiday in Siberia, such a conference would have been impossible. Then suddenly, in the mid-sixties, the doors of prohibition in Russia, under the Troika rulership, clanged open. Ostrander and Schroeder, encouraged but still doubting the turn of events, started writing to Soviet scientists and researchers. For three years, the letters and packages describing Soviet psi research poured in, culminating in Naumov's invitation to come and see for yourself.

They did, also visiting Bulgaria, but even before the conference had ended the suppression returned. The conference was closed down and Ostrander and Schroeder had to take refuge in Prague. Once again they were one step ahead of a Soviet crackdown, getting out of Prague only days before the Soviet tanks rolled in. During that brief lapse in Soviet repression came an epic book that opened the eyes of the world to the astounding breakthroughs in psychic research in the communist countries. That book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, published in 1971, became an instant underground hit in New Age circles, and even though it never achieved best-seller status in the mainstream readership, it nevertheless has now become something of a classic.

Up to that point, all we had to go on was some very tentative research by Dr. Rhine at Duke University in the fifties. While some of Rhine's conclusions were positive and dramatic, the effect was blunted because the research results were couched in cautious, dry statistical terms, and consequently it was difficult to appreciate the real impact. But the publication of Psychic Discoveries made it all very real. The future of the human race became fantastic to contemplate, and at the same time very chilling. The authors suggested that while these discoveries could lead to a Utopia if properly utilized, they could also lead to a hell on earth if abused.

The authors have become world authorities on these subjects and are in great demand. Atlantis Rising was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview them at John White's 1997 UFO conference in New Haven, Connecticut. With publication of their new book by Marlowe & Company in New York (paperback), the pair is back in the public eye now. Basically an update of the original, the new volume bears the shortened title Psychic Discoveries. Publication of the new edition was primarily motivated by the flow of formerly top-secret information coming out of the Soviet Union since the end of the Cold War. The new book contains an abridged version of the old classic, and then a second part entitled Psychic Discoveries The Iron Curtain Lifted.

Far from idle since 1971, the authors published Supermemory (New York, Carroll and Graf) in 1991. This book, which evolved out of contacts and interests developed while researching the original Psychic Discoveries, bids to become a classic in its own right.

The revelations in all three books are nothing short of sensational, yet for over 25 years, the press and the public have barely noticed. Echoing the pattern found with the UFO phenomenon, some believe the situation may suggest a world cover-up. In fact, the authors told us that they have now recognized that UFO secrets and psi secrets seem inextricably linked. Uri Geller, after all, claimed to have obtained his powers from extraterrestrial sources. The new book includes a foreword by Geller in which he marvels that the press has taken little notice. He mentions a press conference in 1977 at which Stansfield Turner revealed that the CIA had a parapsychology program in place, and had found a man who could see through walls (Pat Price). The revelation created not even a ripple in the media!

Yet while the revelations in Psychic Discoveries did not get wide publicity, they were nevertheless revolutionary. The impact on society has yet to be fully appreciated. The discoveries of an obscure electrical repairman from the Black Sea city of Krasnodar were first revealed to the West in Psychic Discoveries. In classic Ostrander-Schroeder style, the drama surrounding the experimentation of Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina is brought to life. It was in this chapter where the terms energy body and bioplasmic body were first used, and the idea of the aura was first put forth. One of the most significant results was a new understanding of the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. A Russian surgeon, Dr. Mikhail Gaikin, showed the colored lights erupting from the body and appearing in the Kirlian photographs were actually coming from the seven hundred acupuncture points.

Before the publication of Psychic Discoveries, there had been several books written about the unique and strange dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, speculating about their significance. But thanks to their side trip to Prague, Ostrander and Schroeder were the first to tell the world about pyramid power. It was there that they were introduced to Karel Drbal, a Czech radio and television engineer who had discovered that small pyramids of the same relative dimensions as the Great Pyramid could sharpen razor blades! The pyramidal shape apparently focuses cosmic energy when precisely aligned on the north-south axis, which can renew the crystalline structure of good-quality steel.


Without exception, all of the Soviet researchers interviewed hoped that these discoveries would be used only for good, but clearly recognized that many of them offered potential in intelligence and counter-intelligence, and that some could be used to make very destructive weapons and so did the CIA. Although we now know that U.S. intelligence agencies have been conducting clandestine, black-funded psychic experimentation for many years, there is considerable evidence that many of the top-secret government psi programs were triggered by Psychic Discoveries. Extensive U.S. programs to monitor the Soviet research started up about that time. The authors were invited to speak to the new Congressional Clearinghouse of the Future, and parts of the book were read into the Congressional Record by Congressman Al Gore, who later became the chairman of the committee, and who has maintained a high degree of interest in psychic matters. Apparently during the Cold War, both sides were in a no-holds-barred race to perfect psi weapons but, just as with space programs, they may now be cooperating.

From the original version of the book, the world first learned of an astonishing Soviet development the ability to control behavior and consciousness telepathically! In the chapter, entitled The Telepathic Knockout, the authors reported on experimentation dating from 1924 in which Soviet scientists successfully placed subjects in hypnotic trances and awakened them telepathically across thousands of miles. Once the connection was established, the subject's behavior could be manipulated by suggestion, just as in face-to-face. Typically, they can carry on conscious conversation and activity while in the trance. In the new book we learn that the CIA has picked up this ball and run with it.

But it was from the Czechoslovakians at the conference that the authors learned of a discovery that promises to ultimately make twentieth Century explosive weaponry seem as primitive as the horse and buggy the psychotronic generator. And while in Prague they met the inventor, Robert Pavilita, a design director for a large Czech textile plant. In a documentary film produced by a major Czech studio, the authors saw small, strange-looking metal objects that appeared to be designed by Picasso, arrayed on a table. They had no moving parts. In the film, Pavlita explained that the secret was in the form. The generators accumulate human energy, he said. Then they focus this energy to carry out various types of work. Pavlita and his daughter Janna charged the generators by gazing at them in a staring pattern. Once charged, they turned rotors, attracted nonmetallic particles, caused seedlings to grow larger plants, and purified polluted water. This human, psychic energy has had many names since ancient times, variously referred to as prana, chi, vital energy, animal magnetism, odic force, etheric force, orgone (Reich), and now bioplasmic and psychotronic energy. At Pavlita's home in Prague, the authors handled the devices and saw personal demonstrations by the inventor himself. But what happens when a psychotronic generator is pointed at a human? Pavlita's daughter volunteered to be a guinea pig. She became dizzy and lost her spatial orientation. The devices can also kill flies instantly.

In the new edition we learn that former KGB Major General Kalugin started talking in 1990. He claimed that Yuri Andropov gave orders to move full speed ahead with psychic warfare in the early 70s, and obtained funding of 500 million rubles. The Soviets then developed sophisticated Pavlita-type generators. Dr. Nikolai Khokhlov, a Russian CIA operative, uncovered over 20 heavily guarded, well-funded laboratories working on psychotronic devices for military use in the 70s. Some of this effort may have been cooperative with the U.S.


At least one U.S. psi program that we know of pre-dated the publication of Psychic Discoveries. In Supermemory, the authors reveal details of the CIA EDOM program. EDOM means Electronic Dissolution of Memory, and apparently this technique was perfected years ago. The CIA can zap long-term memory and turn someone into an amnesiac zombie by blocking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and by electronically interfering with the bioplasmic body. Apparently, they routinely employ this technique to neutralize former top-secret operatives, just as in the movie Total Recall. This capability was developed under the MK-ULTRA program when they performed bizarre memory experiments on mental inmates, prisoners, and research volunteers in the 60s, before the program was halted by Congress in 1976.

Perhaps the most bizarre development in memory control was inspired by the multiple personality disorder. Also in Supermemory, we learn that the CIA can artificially seed multiple personalities in the same body, each with its own memory bank not accessible to the others. Gil Jensen, an Oakland, California, CIA doctor, claimed that he created a personality named Arlene Grant in the body of famous super-model Candy Jones in the 50s and 60s using hypnosis and memory-altering drugs. Grant was trained as a super-spy and given a complete memory history and top-secret information which Jones knew nothing about. Whenever Jones went on celebrity trips, Grant was summoned on the telephone through a series of electronic sounds, and carried out her spy missions. The primary personality can never reveal information from the secondary memory bank, even under torture, and therefore makes the perfect spy. This program is now called Radio-Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control and is apparently based on Soviet discoveries related to electromagnetic manipulation of the bioplasmic body.


By far the most sensational revelations coming out of the post-Cold War Soviet Union are concerned with UFOs and the moon. In the new edition we learn that information from now-opened KGB files tells of widespread UFO sightings reported to the Soviet military in the years following the incredible Voronezh public landings in September 1989, which made headlines all over the world. Hundreds of adults and children saw the spacecraft landings and giant aliens and small robots moving freely about downtown Zavodsk Square in broad daylight. Thousands more saw giant discs hovering over the city's nuclear power plant. According to the KGB files, in March of the following year, over 100 military UFO observations were reported to the Air Defense Forces, and a 300 foot disc hovering over the headquarters of the Soviet Air Defense Command was reported in April. Also in the KGB files, according to the Hungarian Minister of Defense, George Keleti, a former colonel in the army, UFOs swarmed over Hungary at the same time as the Voronezh landings, and alien craft landed at military air bases all across the country. Keleti claimed that the four-foot robots actually attempted to climb into Hungarian MIGS and they repelled guards with ray guns! Then the ten foot humanoids became invisible when fired upon with machine guns. According to Psychic Discoveries, an avalanche of formerly concealed sightings, landings, close encounters, abductions and more have seeped out to the press and to newly formed UFO groups in Russia since 1990.

But the secrets eking out of the Soviet space programs are even more exciting. Soviet Air Force Colonel Marina Popovich showed photos of a fifteen-mile-long object flying near the Martian moon Phobos, taken by the Soviet probe Phobos-2, at a conference in San Francisco in 1989. Russia's Luna 9 moon probe, which landed in the Ocean of Storms on February 4, 1966, took some spectacular 3D photos over the Sea of Tranquility, which showed a group of spires that appeared to be obelisk-shaped, and were obviously artificial structures. Soviet space engineer Dr. Alexander Abramov subjected the photos to a complex mathematical analysis and concluded that they were archaeological ruins. Furthermore, he told the authors that the obelisks on the moon were arranged in exactly the same pattern as the pyramids of Giza, when placed on an abaka, an ancient Egyptian grid of 49 squares (see illustrations). Then Dr. S. Ivanov, one of Russia's most eminent scientists, published an analysis in the Soviet magazine Technology for Youth, claiming that the monuments were arranged according to definite geometric laws, and were evidently artificial structures of alien origin.

U.S. photos taken by Orbiter 2 on November 20, 1966 tended to confirm the Soviet findings. Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson, science editor of Argosy magazine, analyzed these photos and claimed that the tallest structure was about 15 stories high, and the smallest about the size of a fir tree. The authors later found out that NASA had classified hundreds of lunar photos and still refuses to release them.

We conclude with a succinct and eloquent summation of the situation by former astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary, as quoted in Psychic Discoveries, The cosmic Watergate of UFO, alien, mind-control, genetic engineering, free-energy, antigravity propulsion, and other secrets will make Watergate and Irangate appear to be kindergarten exercisesâBut, the truth will and must be known eventually.


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