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The Psychic Vampire

The Psychic Vampire

At one time or another, most people have come across another person who seems to drain them of energy as they are around them. Some people have suddenly been awakened in the middle of the night, to find themselves totally paralyzed as a dark figure or mist seems to hold them down and drain their very life. The two above examples are that of psychic vampirism, a subject that only recently has begun to be studied by modern science in a serious and valid manner.

Whereas the blood sucking variety of vampires exist only in the imagination of many people , psychic vampires are a very real thing. Throughout history there have been many cases of night attacks, where people have been paralyzed by something and had the life taken from them, creatures that the Greeks called lamai and were the Medieval European incubus/succubus. It is considered that such attacks are done as the psychic vampire either willingly or unwillingly finds random people to gather vital life energy from, either to sustain its own life or as an attack. The preferred way that most psychic vampires like to get their energy is through osmosis, usually centered at the solar plexus or the heart chakra, to instill fear and awaken the victim. After the vampire takes enough energy, it generally, flies away and the victim falls back asleep, and awakens the next morning, slightly tired due to the loss of energy, most of which would have already been replaced. These attacks seem to occur between 3 and 5 AM, because that is when people have the most amount of life force available in their bodies.

Psychic vampires have been known to attack nightly, to keep their energy level at the same level. Some people have even been attacked by the same vampire night after night, year after year, although most psychic vampires feed on different people each night. Psychic vampires can even attack during the day, although this is not as common. Intentional psychic vampires are usually very evil people who freely choose to be a vampire, upon their deaths, become eternal in their astral bodies and live there. More often than not psychic vampires are just people who unwittingly take other people's energy because they are not able to make enough of their own. These people draw the energy from anyone who happens to be around them.

There are many ways to protect one's self from a psychic vampire, the most simple way being purification, if a person has been attacked. To prevent an attack entirely, it is best to practice meditation and/or prayer.


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