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The Pyramid Builders

The Pyramid Builders
& Draco Alpha

I modified a star map to try to get an idea what the Pyramid builders were seeing in the northern sky. There is only one star named and this is Draco alpha. (the starmap's date depends on Draco alpha it was 3 deg. 43 min. from the polar point in 2160 B.C. and 3440 B.C.) This star is important because when it moves to the position indicated by the arrow it would be able to be seen at the bottom of the descending passage deep in the Pyramid.

When the Pyramid was built there was no north star but just a dark area of the sky which all the other stars rotated around. The more I thought about it the more I wondered if you could use the other stars to form some geometric shape that would help find where this rotation point (or polar point) was. The shape I found is below but you could try to find it yourself in the star chart above before looking.

The minute I saw it I recognized it immediately. I had seen it in a picture of a wall carving that I had puzzled at before.

The three shapes on the left are not tables but tools to help find the polar point. But knowing this made me wonder what the sitting guy was all about. The shape of the space he is in is similar to the table shape. But there is no crossed lines. And what is the roof for? After a brief time with ruler and compass I had the answer.

So the man is pointing at the polar point. Showing future generations how to find it, if they put the right crossed lines in. The idea is that maybe, just maybe, the reason that pyramids were built in the first place, was as a sighting device to find the polar point. All it would take is some kind of mark on the ground south of a pyramid to indicate where to stand so that the tip of the pyramid pointed at the polar point. I've already asked somebody who was traveling to Egypt to look for such a mark south of the Great Pyramid. Even after the Egyptians stopped building pyramids, they usually built an obilisk (also a great sighting device) at every special place.


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