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Supplemental: Concise List of Wilcock’s Best Evidence


Those who have studied Edgar Cayce’s work in detail know that he had a prominent past life as a priest in Atlantis known as Ra-Ta, who was responsible for transferring the knowledge and records of Atlantis to Egypt, as well as helping to design and construct the Great Pyramid. And, as Dr. Chet Snow writes in his 1989 book, Mass Dreams of the Future,

In a 1934 reading, [number 294-151,] [Edgar Cayce] predicted his own next incarnation here on Earth for 1998. At that time he will return as a “world liberator,” helping those still-unenlightened souls to understand the meaning of the New Age, which will include the Second Coming of Christ. In this way he will play a role similar to one he described he had once known in Egypt as the priest Ra-Ta.


- David’s great-grandfather Frederick Wilcock had a Ph.D. from Harvard University in engineering and a Master’s degree in law from Brooklyn Law School, and was the chief architect, engineer and legal advisor responsible for the design and construction of the New York City subway system under the East River:

“The1910 [Brooklyn Law School] Classbook allows a somewhat deeper glimpse into the diverse backgrounds and personalities of the students… Frederick ("Fredy") Wilcock, born in England in 1873, had graduated Harvard and was a civil engineer and senior assistant for the Public Service Commission on the construction of the [New York City] subway under the East River.”

[It is very interesting to point out that Ra-Ta was directly responsible for extensive tunneling beneath the Giza plateau in Egypt, which is only just beginning to be discovered and acknowledged by the mainstream. Giza was to Ra-Ta’s period as New York is to our period. Wilcock did not learn of his great-grandfather’s achievements until his own grandfather was two months from his death, saying it was a “family secret” that he did not want to brag about. Truth is, Frederick died when Donald F. was 12, and he always felt overshadowed by his father’s accomplishments.]

- David’s grandfather Donald F. Wilcock also had a Ph.D. in engineering and had many patents, including a bulletproof turret design that is now featured on almost every helicopter, in the area where the wings join with the body. He also designed computer programs in Fortran for various engineering problems. He was highly skeptical of David’s findings but began considering them more seriously in the last year of his life, saying, “You know, if you’re right about all this, you definitely deserve a Nobel Prize…” Dr. Wilcock encouraged David to expand his solar-system findings out to a larger perspective, which can now be seen in Divine Cosmos.

- David’s father Donald E. Wilcock chose the field of journalism, and outside of a wide diversity of publishing endeavors including magazines and newspapers, he has written a popular book, “Damn Right I’ve Got the Blues,” which shows how rock and roll music was inspired by the American blues music of the early 20th century, and quite prominently by the guitar work of Buddy Guy when he was still a young man. His “Northeast Blues Society” has its own publication, which he writes and designs, and is responsible for booking and hosting very well-attended concerts on a regular basis. He has literally interviewed thousands of the world’s most famous musicians throughout his career, and David had extensive celebrity exposure while growing up, as he was taken backstage at concerts about once a month.

- Both David’s grandmother and grandfather on his mother’s side were schoolteachers and devout Christians.

- David’s mother Marta Waterman is a piano and voice teacher and professional musician who performs in New York, Florida and Europe. She amassed quite a library of metaphysical texts, which David began consulting at a very young age, and is directly responsible for David’s perfect pitch and musical talent, as well as teaching him spiritual principles.

- David’s brother Michael Wilcock is a talented artist, musician and teacher, with a B.A. from Syracuse University. Recently he experienced direct ET contact through a ball of light that entered into his room, expanded into a seven-foot wide ascending vortex on the ceiling and then told him, “The Ascension that your brother is writing about will not happen all at once… it is a gradual process, complete with feelings like those you are now experiencing.” 12 hours after this happened, Wilcock had a daylight UFO sighting and said, “Now all I need is to have a ball of light (ET intelligence) come into my room.” He did not know what had happened to Michael just half a day earlier.


- When David was an infant, his mother could not leave the apartment for even a moment without him crying, even if he had been asleep.

- David grew very restless and agitated in his crib any time that Watergate information came on TV.

- From about age 2 and onward, David had epic UFO and Atlantis-related dreams and would wake in despair, longing to be back.

- David also had spontaneous flashbacks of grandiose, multi-dimensional experiences as a small child, triggered by things such as certain houses, certain objects and toys, certain places, riding in a bus, etc. These triggers put him into profound altered states where he knew that he was here to perform a high-profile spiritual mission on the planet. The experiences usually lasted about a minute and a half or two minutes, and after they ended David had a hard time understanding what they meant with his rational mind.

- At age 5, David has a fully conscious out-of-body experience where he traveled feet first out of his room and down the staircase, about a foot beneath the ceiling, before feeling afraid and coming back into his body.

- David felt as though he would have been taken somewhere important had he not felt fear and thus had a powerful longing for “one more chance.”

- David’s mother was into metaphysics, having already read “Nature of Personal Reality” by Jane Roberts channeling as “Seth” and the entire Carlos Castenada series of books. She was convinced that David could learn to do OBEs consciously if he really wanted to.

- David’s desire to induce another OBE led him to read his first adult-length metaphysical book at age 7, “How to Make ESP Work For You” by Harold Sherman.

- Within the first week of reading the book, David remote-influenced his friend Eric to wake up in the middle of the night and think of gold as his first thought. Eric reported bolting awake in the pitch blackness of the night, feeling a strong presence in the room. The first thing he thought of was his watch, which was gold. David had no idea that Eric used a watch, not a clock, as a timepiece, since he had never visited Eric’s bedroom in waking life. He confirmed all these details at lunchtime before telling Eric about what he had done.

- David got a team of friends together who would go around the corner of the kindergarten building and guess a number 1-10. David had 100% accuracy in getting the numbers correctly. This experiment was only conducted once as the other boys were spooked by it.

- David had the undying conviction that he could put a jump-rope under his feet and then pull up very hard on either side and he would levitate. He spent hours trying to do this in the driveway or on the playground, since it worked effortlessly in his dreams.

- Three or four times a year, David would awaken in the night to a massive internal pressure centered around the ears and the front of his head that felt like a thundering, screaming noise. At the same time, he would experience hallucinations where everything that he saw in three dimensions was rendered on a grid made of luminous light. Sometimes the grids would change shape if he directed his thought at a certain area. Invariably he would try to make the experiences stop by trying to scream louder than the “noise” inside his head. His mother would hold him and send him healing, nurturing energy through singing for 10-15 minutes in order to make the visions stop. This experience happened the same way roughly 20 different times as a child.

- David gave a classroom demonstration of his psychic ability in second grade using a handmade deck of cards that had numbers, words and images on them depending on the card. He did manage to get a few accurate “hits” but not as many as he would have liked. The teacher was happy to have him do it.

- The second and third books that David read at age 7 were both about Hypnosis. David felt that Hypnosis and psychic ability were somehow strongly connected. He brought these books to school with paper covered over them for free-reading time while the other children continued reading 22-point font picture books.

- David was able to fix numerous appliances that went bad in the house simply by taking them apart, studying them and making changes. His first success was to fix the dryer, and his abilities enhanced when he learned to use a soldering iron.

- David was convinced that other people could hear his thoughts as well as he could hear theirs, and thus he would work very hard not to think negative thoughts about anyone if they should arise.

- At age 8, David overheard his brother talking in his sleep and felt that important information would be conveyed. He tried to set up a tape recorder to catch these fragments on voice-activation and had some measure of success. He felt that in this state, Michael could potentially answer any question he was asked, although they only slept in the same room while on vacation so he was never able to “catch” it at the right time.

- Also at age 8, David took a walkie-talkie and set it next to his father’s ear with the volume knob set to 1 while his father napped on the couch in the living room. He then went upstairs and broadcast messages about how delicious a sausage and mushroom pizza would be through the walkie-talkie at a soft volume. He then came back downstairs, whereupon his father then woke up from his slumber and said, “OK boys, how about we go get a sausage and mushroom pizza?” This confirmed scientifically to David and his brother that hypnosis and the power of suggestion really did work.

- David continued to reread Sherman’s ESP book over and over again. In winter of 1981, still at age 8, David affixed an American Lung Association Christmas stamp above the chapter heading “Your Healing Power,” in reference to the use of ESP for healing. This, of course, was what Cayce had done with his ability in the past life. David did not think at the time of how it would prove that he had read the book while still young.

- David developed a technique that he called “pulsing” to send a high degree of psychic energy to a person at once. One day he was tormented by a bully on a bicycle while he was walking home from school. As the bully was riding away, David pulsed him with vicious anger energy, and the bully immediately capsized on his bike into a ditch, then quickly getting back on his bicycle again, more embarrassed than hurt. David went home and cried and apologized to God for misusing his abilities, and never “pulsed” anyone for negative reasons again. [ Upon further reflection this turned out not to be entirely true. A few years later, circa 5th grade, David was walking down a busy sidewalk on a summer vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusetts with his parents. A man in his young 20s was riding his bike much too quickly through the crowd, creating a near-guaranteed likelihood that he would hurt someone. For just a split second, David connected into the man’s eyes with great anger and the man immediately capsized and fell off of his bicycle, sliding some eight feet on the sidewalk, not hurting anyone except himself. David spent a long time talking this event out with his parents, and concluded that it was somehow an activation of the man’s own karma for the strong possibility of bringing serious injury or death to a small child at the rate he was going. David’s father, always the skeptic, believed there was no connection between the two events.]

- David was able to repeatedly come home at the exact minute that his mother asked him to after going out on bicycle trips, without ever wearing a watch or checking Sun positions. His friends would be very surprised when it would be exactly 5:00, say, on the clock when they walked into the house. This was the norm, not the exception. On other occasions, when his mother wanted him home but had not specified a time, she would walk out to the end of the driveway and “Send” to him, as she called it. Both he and his brother would feel these calls and come home within five minutes.

- David could throw sticks up into the air and then decide on a direction to make them point in as they fell, which they would then do very reliably. He broke the stick on one side so that it formed a clear arrow and would need to have that exact 360-degree orientation in order for the experiment to work.

- On several occasions David and his brother were able to use psychic ability together in order to create rain or to start wind blowing.

- David was enrolled in the Pyramid Program for Gifted Children in school, and did independent projects in chemistry, astronomy, stargazing, computer programming, crystals and multimedia planetarium presentations all before the sixth grade.

- Although he was an A student in every other subject, David refused to memorize multiplication and division tables, as he had the strong feeling that you always needed to recalculate them each time. This of course is a memory of having a multi-dimensional existence, where the laws of mathematics were malleable depending on the coordinates of time, space and dimensional frequency that the entity was in. Though this caused him no end of trouble in timed math tests from third to sixth grade, he scored extremely well on the COGAT tests and was placed in honors math, English and science throughout Jr. High and High school.

- David took the SAT in 7th grade and scored 580 verbal, 610 math, putting him ahead of more than 95% of high school seniors.

- David experienced many accurate psychic results using Ouija boards, palmistry and Tarot readings beginning in 7th grade, based on his studies. By 9th grade he discontinued any use of the Ouija board due to its potential for abuse and focused his efforts on studying the Tarot, which consistently provided fantastic accuracy and insight.

- David read a book entitled “Body Language” in 7th grade that had a massive impact on his life. The book described how the subconscious communicates a person’s true feelings through their body language. He immediately began recognizing how frequently this would give information about people’s emotions and he learned many new things about interpersonal and group dynamics. This also led him to want to become a psychology major in college.

- David’s diet was poor and he became overweight beginning in 6th and 7th grade after his parents’ divorce. His favorite food at the time was pork hot dogs. Cayce also had a weakness for pork.

- David gave in to peer pressure at age 15 and began using marijuana sporadically, which continued until he quit “cold turkey” at age 19. He experienced very intense psychedelic states where he visibly detected geometric patterns of Light, experienced “instantaneous knowledge” about cosmology and astrophysics, had deep and profound realizations about the scandals in government and the damage that was being done to the environment, had a strong sense that an unbelievable energetic shift was coming to the Earth, and audibly heard phenomena that would later become useful in his channeling work.

- When David was 16, he went on a strict diet and rigorously lost 85 pounds in nine months, never gaining any of it back afterwards.

- At age 16 David read “Lucid Dreaming” and “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” by Dr. Stephen LaBerge. He was quickly able to use the “Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming” or MILD technique to gain access to fully-conscious dream states where he could levitate, fly, travel through solid objects, perform astounding feats, change his entire surroundings at the snap of a finger, temporarily fulfill his biggest wishes and talk to higher beings while aware that he was out-of-body. Some of these dreams brought him to the main deck of an ET spacecraft.

- During this same time period, David asked his friend Jude to administer a dangerous hyperventilation technique that cuts off oxygen to the brain. The technique was only supposed to be done for seven seconds, but David wanted Jude to do fifteen. David’s body collapsed and he was unconscious for about ten or fifteen seconds. However, his own experience was of moving into a completely different lifetime in an clay hut by a river. He had an experience of 24 years of subjective time, reviewing the most important points of that life in linear sequence. At the time of death in that life, he saw his face, which looked similar to his current face but with the nose and lips of an African man. This was the first time that he remembered who he was in the experience. Later his readings confirmed that he was moved into a past-life review so that he would not see his body lying there in an OBE and be afraid that he had died. The ensuing panic might have endangered his return to his body, which was in tremendous pain and dizziness. The lifetime was in early Sumer and does not appear to have been covered by the Cayce Readings.

- David read “The Secrets of Shamanism” and became aware of how seemingly random events could actually be communicating messages in a symbolic language, once properly understood.

- At age 16, David experienced his first “ear blast,” (actually a sudden, overwhelming energetic pressure in the frontal lobes of the brain, caused by energetic activation,) exactly as the clock turned 3:33. This still happens to him about every other month on average. The experience is completely de-personalizing, with massive kundalini energy shooting up the spine. Historic Catholic accounts of “flying saints” reported that they would get this exact same sensation before they were able to levitate, but David has never demonstrated such ability.

- At age 17 David wrote the first of three short science fiction novellas where some of his experiences were processed and written down in an amusing and readable fashion.

- From early childhood through until the beginning of college, David would occasionally have experiences of walking and talking while asleep. His parents recalled one occasion where he walked into the bathroom in a trance as a young boy and was very insistent that he had to find the “telephone books” – a metaphor for contacting the Higher Self. David sat up in bed on several occasions during his first year of college and would talk directly to his roommate while still asleep, going on about “the water” on one occasion – another metaphor for spiritual energy. David recalls many occasions where he would wake up, take a shower, pack his bookbag, eat breakfast and leave the side door to go to school, only to realize that it was pitch-black outside. Only then would he realize that he had been in trance the entire time and did not register the times that he was seeing on the clocks.

- During a trance induced by high-potency marijuana in college, David was able to play Yahtzee with his suitemates and roll sixes over and over again. The minimum number was three, often four or even all five dice being sixes. This happened at least 10 times in a row. The whole time he was doing this he was impersonating a Southern accent and had a playful attitude about it. Once he got it started, he couldn’t get the dice to roll any other way, even if he wanted to get other numbers to stay competitive in the game.

- An incredible constellation of synchronicity led David to quit using marijuana on September 21, 1992, just after his sophomore year of college had begun. Just days after quitting, David spontaneously wrote a 22-page essay about Earth being a giant Experiment where each person was learning lessons through free will while being monitored by “Experimenters” who were higher beings. He was now convinced that such beings had to exist. He also began writing down his dreams in as much detail as possible every morning, hardly ever missing a single morning – a practice that has continued through to this day with only one major interruption in late 1993 to mid-1994. There are now well over 5000 pages worth of transcribed dreams and psychic readings.

- On Thanksgiving break in 1992, David slept over at his friend Jude’s house. David had a dreamlike waking vision of being chased by a monstrous fat person that represented his own unhealed issues created from when he was overweight. In the dream he had a gun and could shoot the man chasing him and stop the battle, but didn’t want to do it, instead choosing to continue running. Jude stirred in his bed, completely asleep, and said, “Shoot him… Just shoot him. Two bullets.” David had said nothing out loud to indicate what his vision had been. David eventually realized that Jude was the reincarnation of Edwin Blumenthal, whom the readings said had the potential for great psychic gifts.

- In December 1992, David spent time with his old marijuana friends and told them that he quit smoking because he felt that he was here for a prominent, public role as a spiritual leader. They doubted him so violently that he eventually stormed out of their house. At the intersection of their street and his, David held out his hands to either side Jesus-style, looked at a spot in the sky and said, “I don’t care what anyone thinks. I know that I am here on a very important spiritual mission, and I will perform it.” As soon as he said this, a shooting star went directly across his field of view and he had a tremendous “kundalini” experience that went from his feet on through the top of his head, leaving him shivering in ecstasy.

- In April 1993, David’s friend Ray revealed that his physics professor had worked for NASA in the 60s and early 70s and that it was “common knowledge in the higher echelons” that extraterrestrial spacecraft had crashed on Earth and that the technology had been reverse-engineered to produce fiber optics, LED lights, Teflon, Velcro, Kevlar, infrared night vision, lasers and computer chips. Other technologies that were found included room-temperature ceramic superconductors, compounds engineered directly at the molecular level, superior nanotechnology achievements, anti-gravity and near-light-speed propulsion and free energy generation. Three main types of ET were found inside the craft, the tallest of which was almost indistinguishable from normal human beings. The knowledge was to be unveiled to the public gradually in order to avoid fear, never by bold official pronouncement “on the front page of the New York Times.”

- The “NASA Disclosure” event profoundly changed David’s entire life. He decided that since the UFO phenomenon was in fact real, there was no better use of his time than to engage in a massive study of it. David began reading five books at a time, finishing one or two a week, which continued from mid-1993 to mid-1996, at which time he began switching over to extensive Internet research. He also cemented his resolve to completely stop watching TV, which had begun in 1991 after starting college.

- In fall 1993, David’s friend Ray revealed to him the work of Richard Hoagland on the Monuments of Mars. David subsequently bought the book and was utterly fascinated to see geometric alignments that were discovered between the Martian Monuments, the Giza plateau of pyramids in Egypt and certain crop circle formations such as Barbury Castle 1991. These alignments all described the notion of a tetrahedron, a four-sided pyramid made of equilateral triangles, being placed inside of a sphere. One tip of the tetrahedron would be at the North or South pole, and the other three tips would emerge at 19.5 degrees above or below the Equator of the sphere.

Hoagland then showed how energy upwellings occurred at this 19.5-degree point upon the Sun and almost all other planets in the Solar System. These upwellings included giant volcanoes on solid planets and cloud bands and cyclonic storms on gas planets, such as Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and Neptune’s Great Dark Spot. David spent untold numbers of hours trying to figure out how a planet could have forces ruling over it in the form of a geometric object. This, of course, was knowledge that he already had applied in his past life as Ra-Ta, the Atlantean-Egyptian priest, and would ultimately become the cornerstone for his own scientific research.

- Shortly after finding Hoagland’s work, David found “The Great Pyramid Decoded” by Peter Lemesurier. This book also had a profound effect on him as he realized the full scope of technology and knowledge in design that was implemented in the Pyramid’s construction. It also detailed how a language of mathematical symbolism was used to create a timeline for major events in human civilization, which had already shown extreme accuracy in the past, such as in the birth of Jesus and the timing of world wars, and continued on into the future, prophesying major spiritual changes ahead.

- David began experiencing “numerical synchronicity” almost constantly. He would look at a clock just as it turned to 3:33, 4:44, 11:11, 12:12, et cetera, with no knowledge of what time it would be. This happened at least once or twice a day, and would always seem to be a favorable response to a spiritually-inclined thought that David had just had. After college, it also appeared regularly on license plates, in register tapes from the health food store and on the odometer of his car while driving.

- In his senior college year, David began dating a Japanese girl named Yumi, who woke up in trance on several occasions and gave him messages. Two of these messages involved telling him that he was “Shining” while he was reading books such as “Aliens Among Us” by Ruth Montgomery. The most interesting message was when she woke up, apparently stroking something in her hands and said “Kon no waraji ro katandakedo.” David quickly wrote it down and then repeated it back to her in the morning. It translated to “Look at these new warajis (sandals) I just bought.” The problem was that warajis are ancient Japanese sandals that haven’t been around for over 700 years!

- In December 1994, Yumi went back to Japan over winter break, and showed David’s picture to a very trusted and highly accurate Shinto priestess and psychic. The woman immediately said, “This man will be very famous. Spiritual leader. Famous spiritual leader.” David was obviously very surprised to hear this.

- Within a week of David hearing this feedback from the Shinto priestess, he and Yumi attended a concert that featured a female Siberian shamanic throat-singer. The woman could sing a low, growling voice and high-pitched shrieks at the same time, and make her voice sound like it was coming from any area of the auditorium. David closed his eyes and started to meditate in the front row. At the end of a long, deep exhale, he felt a massive clamping pressure on his chest, as if he had been punched, and could not breathe. Suddenly he was catapulted into a visionary trance, wherein he saw a luminous sphere of light, colored white, yellow, orange and red in decreasing intensity from the center. Within this space he felt that he had the answers to all potential questions that could ever be asked, and he wondered what he should try to take out of this area. Finally he was allowed to gasp for breath, whereupon he discovered that the woman was standing on the edge of the stage right in front of him, staring at him. As he opened his eyes, she nodded her head and smiled knowingly. Cayce also reported seeing an orb of light when he accessed the “Akashic Records.”

- David and Yumi separated after college graduation in June 1995, as she returned to Japan. David quickly moved back to his college town after graduation, as almost every dream he had while he was with his family featured that area. He then found the book “We The Arcturians” by Dr. Norma Milanovich and it was the first time that he took any of the “channeled” material seriously. He was very surprised when the Arcturians advised a strict diet of no meat, no dairy, no white flour, no refined sugar and no preservatives, but he nevertheless began doing it, which took about two years to really ground in as habit. He had already been heading in that direction, having given up dairy and meat a year earlier.

- In November 1995, David was fired from a job working in a mental ward because he was “too friendly to the patients.” Immediately afterwards he found the book “From Elsewhere” by Dr. Scott Mandelker, which set forth the notion of people having extraterrestrial souls. David was highly skeptical until he read the 12-part questionnaire at the back of the book, which began with, “You might be an ET soul if the following questions apply to you.” No living person had ever understood David’s inner psyche as much as this questionnaire had done – so he bought the book, which seemed to have a noticeable tingle in his hands as he held it.

- At the same time, David saw the book “The Mayan Factor” by Jose Arguelles. He opened directly to a page that featured a symbol that he had sculpted into a pin in jewelry class in high school. The meaning given to the symbol, CIB, according to Arguelles, was “Ability to Contact and Communicate with Higher Intelligence.”

- Two days after David began reading Dr. Mandelker’s book, he conducted an automatic writing session with his friend Jude to see if, in fact, he was a Wanderer. Once a deep trance was attained, David’s non-writing hand sprang to life while holding the pencil, making a series of very quick movements without any conscious thought. Immediately afterwards, David and Jude turned on the lights. The words said “Christ Cometh” and gave a Bible quote, EC 40 57, which turned out to be Ecclesiastes 2:22-3:13 expressed in the number of verses counted since the beginning. “EC” was also how Cayce’s readings would refer to him by name on many occasions. The entire passage began and ended perfectly in tune with the fact that David had just lost a job. David had nowhere near enough Biblical knowledge to have picked this out on his own.

- In January 1996, David again prayed for an answer about whether he was an ET soul or not, and went to bed before his roommate ever came home. The next morning, his roommate Eric was awakened by an anomalous early-morning phone call while David happened to be out starting his car to warm it up before work, which he never normally did. When David came back into the house, he was very surprised to see Eric awake, and Eric told him that he just had a dream where a man came out of a UFO, spoke on Earth Changes and Ascension and not to be afraid, that “they” were humanity’s brothers and sisters. Most of the people panicked and ran. The man eventually threw his arm around David’s shoulders and said, “It is very important that you know that he is one of us.” Eric had no knowledge of David’s prayer the night before.

- The best example of synchronicity happened twice in 1996. Both times he had gone to the health food store and had a synchronistic price emerge, such as .99 when he wanted not to exceed ten dollars but had not actively tallied the prices of the vegetables and grains he selected. Both times he drove home “the back way,” and he experienced a combination of a triple-digit clock synchronicity, such as 4:44, along with a triple or quadruple-digit lineup on his odometer, such as 125555. Most impressively, both of these moments occurred at the exact same intersection on the way home, just two obscure country streets in the middle of nowhere. David considered that he may be able to have a rendezvous with UFO beings if he went back to that intersection at a certain time during the night, but never had the courage or motivation to pursue it.

- Throughout 1996, David had an increasing number of extremely vivid dreams that indicated that the extraterrestrial beings appearing in his dreams wanted to communicate with him somehow. He did not achieve success doing this until November 10, 1996.

- At the end of David’s very first reading, the source suggested that David travel to the Mesoamerican pyramids through an out-of-body experience. As David was reading this the second time through and came to that spot, the phone rang. It was a man he had met at a UFO conference inviting him to a seminar on “how to induce an out-of-body experience” that was occurring that same day.

- Much of the information in David’s early readings was highly cryptic, metaphorical and symbolic in its use of words. Much of it seemed to be garbled speech, but it was also communicating some very highly metaphysical concepts. Clues were being given right from the very first session that David was Cayce’s return, though he did not figure this out for an entire year. One of the most blatant clues was “This is a rehearsal for our interaction near Williamsburg (Virginia.)” Other clues were when the source said “I was born in…” and then attempted to give a series of dates, clustering around “1877” which was the year of Cayce’s birth.

- The very first session also said, “One of our women Theresa, a sibling, inoperative. The Christian, psychically.” Five days later, Mother Theresa had a heart attack, and the reading implied that the heart attack was due to extreme success which had made Theresa “psychically inoperative.”

- Early along the readings warned David that his “road rage” was a serious problem that he needed to correct – or else. Nevertheless, it continued happening. Finally a car accident was “designed” and prophesied by the readings in advance, in a coded form. The key phrase, spoken on a Tuesday, said, “My gift to the world will be a 3 ½ by 11 sheet of paper. Expect it on Friday... 90 minutes till 10:00.” At 8:30 am that Friday, David had an accident on a slippery road while driving to a training seminar for his new job. The officer wrote David a ticket on a yellow 3 ½ by 11 sheet of paper, with the time of the accident listed as 8:30.

- Within less than a week of this event, David had several dreams of a fire, only to wake up and realize that indeed the house across the street from him was burning. This came at a time when David was feeling profound inspiration from his own readings and from the book “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts, which explained every new experience that David was going through.

- Eric was told in an early reading, “You will be happy to know that your student loans for New Paltz have come in.” This was strange, because Eric had graduated from New Paltz the previous December and was now going to Albany for a graduate program. Over a month later, New Paltz found an uncashed student loan check for Eric for 0 and phoned his mother about it before sending it. Apparently the envelope had slipped down inside a file cabinet and was discovered when the cabinet was moved.

- David received nearly 30 different pieces of data regarding Princess Di’s death before it occurred, in dreams and readings. David was not able to put it all together in advance, despite the overwhelming amount of specific information that was given. David’s data confirmed that it was an assassination due to her pregnancy with a Muslim man, blending the royal blood, and her overall rebellion against authority.

- Expert guidance was given to David for each job that he held, regarding how to handle the environment, what he was supposed to learn from it and how long he would end up staying.]

- Early in 1997, David finalized his separation from Yumi on the phone long distance, which was extremely difficult and very emotionally brutal. Shortly thereafter in a reading, he heard Japanese-sounding syllables and dictated them into his tape recorder, not expecting them to mean anything. “Yatsu wo ogoshi – no good. Mo yame koroshi.” Upon transcription, the Japanese translated into, “Threatening him is no good. Now stop murdering.” David had nowhere near enough speaking ability in Japanese to have come up with this on his own. He realized that this confirmed his suspicions, pieced together from dreams and visions, that Yumi had been a domineering husband to him as a wife in a past life, and that he had murdered the husband feeling no other way out, only to plunge off a bridge and die soon afterwards out of guilt. The vision also confirmed that the husband was killed by poisoning his soy sauce. Yumi flew back to the US one last time anyway and stayed with friends, and she and David resolved their differences peacefully and lovingly.

- Early in 1997, David received many different visions and readings describing aspects of the upcoming Heaven’s Gate mass suicide, including the involvement with the alleged companion object to the Hale-Bopp comet. David also kept hearing two words that he interpreted as “Marvin Gate” while receiving this data, the readings giving the hint of “Heaven’s Gate” in a metaphorical form. Marvin Gaye, of course, was murdered by his own father, as Applewhite convinced his followers to kill themselves.

- In Spring 1997, David joined an Edgar Cayce “Search for God” study group. He felt a strong pull towards Virginia Beach and the A.R.E., hoping possibly to attend Atlantic University. The group was led by Skip Weatherford, an early pioneer in psychic research and hypnotherapist. David showed an uncanny ability to interpret and understand passages in the textbook when no one else did. Surprisingly, Weatherford lived only five minutes driving distance from David’s house on country roads, even though it was one of only two local centers for the A.R.E. in the entire Northeast.

- Weatherford hypnotized David privately soon after meeting him. On the very first session, David reached down and touched the crystals he always used to channel while Skip plugged in a heater on the wall next to David. At the exact moment that David’s hand hit the crystals, a 3-inch-long spark of blue electricity shot out of the wire to the heater that Skip was plugging in. Skip had never experienced this problem before or since and could find nothing wrong with the heater or wire thereafter.

- During the reading, the forces apologized for their effects on electromagnetic equipment. Weatherford began asking questions telepathically and the readings answered the questions precisely, and told Skip of their awareness of what was going on.

- After the reading, David wanted to show Weatherford a new crop formation online that was in the shape of the Kabala. As Weatherford tried to dial AOL to see it, all the power in his house went out. It stayed out for exactly one hour and then came back on. David had left soon after it went out and was strangely pulled over on the short drive home and written a speeding ticket. This was the readings’ way of saying to David, “Don’t get too proud.”

- David had a vision where he saw himself lying in bed doing a reading, with the words “EDGAR CAYCE: THE SLEEPING PROPHET” written above his body in all capital letters. David saw it only as a metaphor, telling him that his work was similar.

- By the readings’ step by step guidance, David ended up landing a good job at Mohonk Mountain House, a very high-class Victorian resort hotel. He was quickly promoted from Front Desk to Reservations and loved his job and the historic atmosphere.

- Eric began doing readings similar to what David’s earliest had sounded like, using the same technique. He would wake up while he could still remember his dream vividly and would write down any stray fragments of speech that emerged in his mind, without analyzing or interpreting any of the data. The source called itself “Michael” and spoke in very Christian terms.

- David had a bizarre German-sounding phrase come in during the month of July: “Scarstahldig.” Eric confirmed that it was German, and it translated into “A group of German steel helmets.” David had also received the words “Great Neck” a few days earlier without knowing why. He would learn the implications of these statements in October. He also had a vivid out of body experience where he drove down a road that was lined with trees on either side. This turned out to be a vision of Shore Drive as one heads in to Atlantic Avenue from the North, where the A.R.E. building is.

- David felt strongly that he would move to Virginia Beach. This was then confirmed in an out of body experience where he met a woman with gray hair and blue eyes who told him, “You know you have to move, don’t you.”

- David had another OBE where he went to the Akashic Records, seen in this case as an endless hallway lined with library books on either side. David went directly to a section on Edgar Cayce and was astonished to find the incredible amount of information that was available there. His astonishment was so great that he snapped back into his body.

- Eric received a reading in German that went well beyond his capacity to speak the language. Translated, it said, “Everyone is leaving the lady’s house. A toast to the working fireplace.” Their landlady soon tried to get David to sign a one-year lease, thus forcing him to make a decision and leave. (Eric moved into a different apartment and left less than 9 months later.) The rooms that David sold for Mohonk on the phone all had working fireplaces, and David was very disappointed to discover that he would receive a seasonal layoff in the middle of October.

- Less than two weeks before leaving New York State, Weatherford called David and said, “You need to come over to my house, right now.” David arrived and Weatherford had a magazine with a piece of white paper over it, with a square hole cut out of the paper. Inside the hole was a colored pencil rendering of Edgar Cayce’s face from the cover of A.R.E.’s Venture Inward magazine. “Now who is that?” Weatherford said. David answered “Edgar Cayce”, although he had never seen a picture of Cayce from that age. “Yeah, but who else does it look like?” Weatherford asked. David acknowledged that it was extremely similar to his own face, but refused to believe it meant anything.

- David used the A.R.E.’s volunteer housing list to find his first rental in Virginia Beach with Linda Cornett. Linda’s house ended up being off of Old Great Neck Road, which was directly off of Great Neck Road. Amazingly, the other man subletting at the time, Dennis, was a collector of German steel helmets. On the second day, David remembered his reading having said “Great Neck,” and he grabbed the book of transcripts and sat at the sofa to try to see if there were other examples of prophecy. Before he even had a chance to look at his transcripts, his eyes went to the bookshelf where he saw a book entitled, “The History of the German Steel Helmet: 1921-1945.” Dennis hadn’t even looked at the house until August and did not move in until September, though the German phrase had come through in July. In December he learned that his entire collection of helmets had been stolen out of storage from his hometown.

- Across the street from Linda was a relatively high-ranking A.R.E. employee. He heard about David and wanted to meet him right away, and was astonished at the facial resemblance. He later had his boss meet with he and David at the Nawab Indian food restaurant, and at the end of the dinner the boss told David that he “nearly fell over backwards” when he first saw the resemblance of David’s face to Cayce. David still wasn’t willing to fully believe that there was an Edgar Cayce connection at this point.

- The owner of a major business devoted to Cayce’s work saw David, and without knowing anything about him, said to his friend, “My God, he looks just like Edgar Cayce!” Later, this man asked for a reading from David to establish “proof,” and was angered when the reading chastised him for illicit sexual activity. He did not support David’s case after this.

- David confronted his readings about the reincarnation issue on November 27, 1997, and they confirmed that it was true, and “with this knowledge comes responsibility – great responsibility.” They told him that he was “not as configured this time for medical readings” and should devote his time to “teaching universal concepts to the masses.” David had a hard time believing what they told him and was slightly argumentative as the reading came in.

- Soon after this, David began having specific dreams that detailed various aspects of Cayce’s life, and he gradually accepted his reincarnation as fact.

- David received the name of a well-known local psychic in a reading, as well as the exact name of her son, which was an unusual name, and a warning that he may try to use drugs. His friend arranged a meeting with the woman, who seemed threatened by the whole thing and said David couldn’t be Edgar Cayce’s return because he occasionally used profanity while speaking and “Edgar never would have done that.” More likely, she was afraid of losing her clientele if Edgar Cayce had indeed returned to Virginia Beach. David stopped using any profanity after this, a habit that he had learned from his father.

- Throughout all of these experiences, David was working miserable temp-jobs, and did not become self-employed doing readings for others until July 1998.

- A friend of David’s arranged for him to meet Edgar Evans Cayce, the surviving youngest son of Edgar Cayce, in January 1998. Edgar Evans was extremely rude, and hardly ever looked David in the eye. He would ask David a complicated question, start getting a solid answer and then abruptly cut David off after one or two sentences before he ever had a chance to express his answer, then asking another entirely different question. At the end of the ordeal, Edgar Evans said that though he still didn’t believe it, he agreed that David’s case was far superior to any other person he had met who claimed to be Edgar Cayce. They have never spoken again.

- David attended a Search for God study group in Virginia Beach that Charles Thomas Cayce, the head of the A.R.E., would occasionally attend. David presented Charles Thomas with a packet of prophecy information, including the idea that the Arab-Israeli conflict would grow into a “great war” and that Earth Changes would continue intensifying. David later presented the A.R.E. with a reading that indicated that if the A.R.E. did not take a more active stance in promoting the existence of Atlantis and the Hall of Records, then negative forces in the Egyptian government would insure that the discoveries and information available would never get to the public. None of the suggestions were taken and the A.R.E. made no attempt to contact him.

- One day that January, David decided to cast a comparison chart between the time of Edgar Cayce’s birth and that of his own. He was shocked to see the similarity between the two charts. All of the inner planets were in almost the exact same positions on the two charts, and the outer planets were in near-perfect aspects to each other such as square, trine and sextile. He later realized that both he and Cayce were born in the Year of the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac, and that the vertices or “balance points” of the two charts were in a perfect 180-degree opposition.

- In February 1998, David deliberately avoided taking any new temp jobs for three weeks and put together his first edition of his book entitled “Convergence.” The book compiled David’s years of scientific research into Atlantis, the Global Grid, Ascension and extraterrestrials. It was published on the Great Dreams website in March 1998 and received wonderful public appreciation.

- David realized that his ex-housemate Eric was the reincarnation of Edgar’s closest friend, David Kahn. He would later discover that his college friend Chris had been Morton Blumenthal, Edgar’s chief financial backer. Morton’s brother Edwin had reincarnated as David’s high school friend Jude. Edgar’s original estranged business partner Dr. Wesley Ketchum reincarnated as David’s brother Michael, even wearing the same style glasses. Edgar’s father came back as David’s father, who wore the same mustache and would only buy clothes at the “Squire Shop.” Cayce’s father was known to everyone as “The Squire.” Edgar’s wife Gertrude reincarnated as David’s female friend Angelica. In all of these cases there are stunning facial and character similarities, as well as bold hints from the readings that pointed out their relationships.

- Edgar and Morton had a major falling-out after the Crash of 1929, after which Morton pulled the plug on funding the Cayce Hospital. Chris, Morton’s reincarnation, had come to live with David in Virginia Beach on 70th street, just three blocks from the A.R.E., whose offices are in the hospital. Just before David was to visit the hospital for the first time again in this life, in order to formally present his case to the A.R.E., he and Chris had the most major fight of their entire friendship.

- After David presented his case incorporating pictures, astrology charts and many of the psychic stories listed above, the A.R.E. worker given his case said that he did not look like Edgar Cayce, the astrology “meant nothing” and “lots of people come in here from all over the country with great sounding psychic stories like yours and they’re all convinced that they’re Edgar Cayce.” David also presented the man with a manuscript copy of Convergence, his first effort to put together his scientific material regarding Atlantis, the Great Pyramid, the Global Grid and a scientific method for validating the idea that the Earth is undergoing an energetic transformation, backed up by new, unique research from the Edgar Cayce readings and other sources. The man soon read the manuscript and said it was “nothing special” and that he didn’t believe any of it.

- Later, through the grapevine, David found out that he had been judged harshly for his marijuana use and the opinion was, “If he is Edgar Cayce, he’s too young, nervous and inexperienced to be of any use to us, and his former drug use makes him too politically sensitive to be revealed to our members.” Instead, the A.R.E. worker got David selling candy bars at the concession stand for the A.R.E.’s production of the “Man of La Mancha” play. This was the man’s way of “introducing David to the public.” Shocked and discouraged at the way he was being treated, David broke off all contact with the man after the play had ended, and only rarely has visited the A.R.E. since then. Joseph Myers confirmed in late 2001 that the A.R.E.’s Board of Directors still has a standing policy in effect to completely ignore David, avoiding either positive or negative press about him and hiding his existence from their 20,000 members.

- On July 1, 1998, David received data from dreams, visions and readings that New York might be attacked by a portable nuclear bomb on August 17, 1998. Extreme detail was given about the astrological configurations on that particular day, which turned out to be remarkably correct. His psychic description of the man involved clearly indicates in hindsight that it was Bin Laden. He was told that he needed to take action on this prophecy as it would disrupt the entire world’s spiritual progress if it actually happened. David called the FBI with all the details, and they began maniacally tapping his phone less than a week later. David is still under surveillance to this day, where if he says certain keywords he will hear an audible click, indicating that he is being recorded.

- Less than two weeks after David received this data, Bin Laden bombed US embassy buildings in two foreign countries, thus beginning to confirm the accuracy of the prophecy.

- Amazingly, August 17 turned out to be the exact day that Clinton first admitted his affair with Monica Lewinsky to the world – in New York. Grand Central Station had been shut down due to “terrorist threats.” Two days later, Clinton bombed Sudan and Afghanistan, due to the previous embassy bombings and in retaliation for an “undisclosed major terrorist strike planned against the United States, confirmed by multiple sources.”

- In the same July 1, 1998 reading discussing this issue, David received a prophecy that said, “World Trade Center bombing in 1993 really shook things up. Next time it will be a far more serious issue, if the planners have their way.” Data regarding these synchronicities was published on the Great Dreams website.

- David began a business doing psychic readings in mid-July 1998. Literally within a week, he had enough clients to support himself financially. He charged 60 dollars a client at the time.

- David’s third client would not talk to him or tell him anything about herself when she came in, so David just started the reading without any chit-chat. David’s reading went into great, specific detail about the problems she was having with her health and with her marriage, and what to do about them. When he came out of trance, she was in tears.

- By early 1999, David was able to follow the guidance of his readings and establish a webpage online, http://ascension2000.com, where he featured his scientific research, articles, readings and dream interpretations. The site quickly grew in popularity.

- David realized that he was having dreams about his clients on the mornings before he was to do their readings. The dreams had extraordinary detail about what the clients’ issues were. This led David to begin offering “Dream Readings” off of his webpage, where the client would get to talk to David on the phone for at least an hour in an “intake” conversation, followed by David getting a dream for the person and then doing a psychic reading on audiotape, and a 15-minute follow-up conversation after the reading was received. His initial rate was 80 dollars, then 100, finally 150. He made enough money from this to eke out a living.

- Without exception, every dream reading that David performed for his clients had remarkable accuracy and picked out many pieces of data that he had not been told consciously.

- One man was flying out to California to apply for a new job and wanted to know if it was a good idea. David’s dream went into extremely specific detail, including the structure and mirrored appearance of the building, its position next to a body of water with a small footbridge, the yellow backhoe seen outside the building, what the woman interviewing the man looked, sounded and acted like, what food would be offered to the man, what the office looked like, what the bathroom looked like and the fact that he would walk through a party on the way out. At the end of the dream, a monster came out of the lake that looked like a combination between Godzilla and a hippopotamus, and destroyed the building entirely. The man was so shocked at how accurately David’s dream came true that he was very concerned about the destruction prophecy and booked a flight out of California just hours after he left the interview in haste. The business he was applying to ended up collapsing in the dot-com crash of 2000-2001.

- Another dream-reading client contacted David and told him of her frequent UFO experiences, which often happened at night and were of a very intense nature, featuring pulsating sounds and light outside her bedroom window, extraterrestrial presences coming into the room and giving her messages and the like. The night that David did the dream reading for her, she had another of her experiences. A UFO appeared outside the window with bright light and pulsating noise, and a robed man of light who looked like David appeared before her. This was the first time that a human being had appeared before her in such a vision, and she was convinced that it was David as his Atlantean incarnation of Ra-Ta. The man said to her, “Remember the giant cathedral,” and she wrote it down. She burst into tears on the phone the next day as David went into detail about his dream for her, where he was trapped inside of a giant cathedral. She had said nothing to David before he started describing his dream to her.

- David had another client who was told in a dream reading that she had been a Mayan priestess in her past life. Her husband was unwilling to perform human sacrifice rituals and thus was killed. After he died, they astrally projected themselves into the bodies of dolphins and whales in order to enjoy each other’s company, but it still wasn’t enough for the man who longed to be back with her. After getting the tape, she called him up and reported a dream from two years ago where she was frolicking in the ocean as a whale with another whale named “Elelaka.” She ended up leaving the water and turning back into a human, which caused “Elelaka” to be sad. She responded to his protests by saying that “I have to go take care of the children.” No dream analysts had been able to figure out exactly what this dream was supposed to mean, but David’s bizarre past-life account explained it perfectly.

- In another dream reading case, David’s client Marshall Dudley awoke with a dream where he had trouble setting up a tripod. Still remembering his dream, he then went out, found the tape from David in the mailbox and listened to it. David’s dream also featured a person having difficulty setting up a tripod. As soon as the reading began, after one standard opening statement it began by saying, “The tripod represents…” et cetera. Marshall was so impressed with this that he paid for David to fly out to Knoxville, Tennessee to do a lecture and workshop at Pellisippi State University, Goins Auditorium. It was David’s first out-of-state lecture and was very well attended.

- In January 1999 David befriended Dr. Hideo Izumoto, a Shinto teacher and acupuncturist, whose angelic guidance informed him that David was Edgar Cayce’s reincarnation. David had never told Hideo anything about such a connection, and was glad that a psychic had independently verified his reincarnation without front-loading.

- David had a dream where a maladaptive fragment of his personality was to be “killed” by having a person wearing a clown wig blast him with a bright light. As he woke up and dictated the section about the strange attack, still feeling some residual fear from the dream, a clown wig on the shelf in his closet spontaneously jumped off the shelf and fell to the floor, causing David great fright at first and then great wonderment. This was the most dramatic of an ongoing series of telekinetic events – which always occurred in a way that left open the possibility that they were “coincidences.”

- In another example, David had a dream where his old marijuana friend had can-openers for hands and was very sad. David told him that he could still pick things up by putting his hands together. The friend was so excited that he slammed the two can openers together very hard. At the exact second that the can openers came together, David was awakened by a smashing noise in his room. The clip-on light next to his bed had fallen off of the windowsill, symbolizing “the death of the light.” Three days later David learned that his friend Chris had engaged in a very illicit action at that exact time on Friday night. Chris eventually rehabilitated from alcoholism in early 2000, based on David’s ongoing counseling.

- In July of 1999, David received two cryptic sentences that said, “The vice president considers this his own authorship, while not realizing that he is completely naked. The interim period decides the next victor.” The quote was published in two different places on the Internet. Over a year and a half later, David realized that this was a prophecy of the election crisis of 2000, where Gore thought he could “author” a win for himself in the Presidential election by ordering recounts in Florida. The reading implied that he never had a chance to win, as political elements in Florida were on Bush’s side, thus leaving Gore “completely naked.”

- In 1999, David’s companion Sabrina stopped him while he was transcribing his dreams and readings to tell him a story. At this point David was about three months backlogged in transcription. She had visited the A.R.E. over the weekend and met a man who showed her pictures of a building where the top floor had been designed to look like a UFO. David continued transcribing right after Sabrina told him this, and less than a minute later the dream was describing a building where the top floor was designed to look like a UFO. David called Sabrina into the room and played her the tape immediately, and they were both astonished. This is but one example of many, where David’s transcriptions would refer to events that had just unfolded in his life, regardless of when the actual dreams or readings were done. Again, every time David sat down to transcribe this would occur – it was the norm, not the exception.

- in January 2000, world-famous psychic Uri Geller also confirmed that David was Edgar Cayce’s reincarnation and publicized it on his website.

- Also in January 2000, David discovered “The Wilcock Constant,” a single number that is a common denominator for every planetary and solar orbit in the entire Galaxy, down to the second. He was literally “on fire” with excitement about this, and just 24 hours later, the house only 15 feet from his own next door burned down. Cayce also had several occasions where his houses burned down – one occurred when he was sleeping on a couch, and the couch appeared to be the cause of the fire.

- In May 2000, David moved into his current residence. An acquaintance of his needed a place to stay and David ended up hosting him longer than he felt was appropriate. David finally confronted the man and told him that he needed to leave. The day after the man left, a giant tree came down in David’s yard over the exact spot that the man’s car had been parked, which the man was spending most of each day working on. Had he not left 24 hours before, the car would have been completely ruined. David’s landlord has still not replaced the shed that was ruined by this tree fall, which did not even occur in a hurricane, just a rather strong rainstorm.

- In late 2000 and early 2001, David had a series of dreams that equated plane crashes with sudden economic collapse. These were published along with readings that warned of an economic crash by summer of 2002 that would be precipitated by “a series of unforeseen catastrophic difficulties” in America. An amazing series of symbolic experiences, psychic data and readings clustered around the September 11th date for the WTC / Pentagon terrorist attack, showing clear prophetic knowledge of the event in advance, which David has preserved in four articles on his website.

- Throughout the summer of 2001, David had dreams of houses catching on fire and burning down. After September 11, he received a massive burst of inspiration that led to the creation of The Divine Cosmos as a new book to package his latest research findings. Within two days of this exciting breakthrough, the house right down the street from him burned down, as had now occurred on two previous occasions when David got really excited.

- As of February 2002, David is still supported solely on public donations and is finalizing his scientific work by completing “The Divine Cosmos,” his third and final book in a trilogy that discusses the concept; the first two being “The Shift of the Ages” of 2000 and “Convergence: The Physics of Ascension” of 2001. [David began doing client readings again in March 2002.]

- David’s second book was inspired by a rejection letter of the first book from a major publishing company. He eventually followed the suggestions and rewrote the first book. He had a dream where he was referred to as “the father of anti-gravity,” and was surprised as he knew nothing about it. What he uncovered when he began looking into it in late 1999 became so substantial that it has now triggered the two additional books, and David has presented a complete scientific basis to explain how technologies involving anti-gravity propulsion and limitless “free energy” from the vacuum are already within humanity’s reach.

- In December, 2000, David was hired by Dr. Scott Mandelker as the Research Director for the grant-sponsored Time of Global Shift multimedia seminar tour, which presented the core message of David’s scientific research to cities throughout the US, featuring a slideshow with new images every 10 to 15 seconds to go along with the lecture.

- In January 2001, David discovered the work of Dr. Alexey Dmitriev, who convincingly demonstrated a scientific case that the entire Solar System is showing a continual increase in its energetic charge. This proved to be the final piece of information that proved that David’s core hypothesis was correct – humanity, the Earth and the Solar System itself are on the brink of a sudden burst of evolution, triggered by the Solar System’s transit into an area of higher energy in the galaxy.

- In April, 2001, David appeared twice within two weeks on the Art Bell international radio program, with an estimated listening audience of 2-4 million people. On the second occasion of April 31, several of his East Coast friends “just happened” to wake up early in the morning and tune into the show without knowing in advance that David was on.

- In January 2002, David posted his first complete prophecy article, detailing possible future events and their timelines. Time will tell whether or not they come true. More articles have been released since then, as well as Part One of Divine Cosmos, which had consumed almost all of David’s time and attention over the previous half-year.

- On the exact day that we released this book for the first time, David’s new DSL service for the Internet also began. Since David originally connected to the Internet at 2.2Kbps in 1995, this certainly represents a “raising of vibration” in its own right, pushing the connection speed from 26.4Kbps to 1.544Mbps.

The Mission Statement for Wilcock and Mandelker’s seminar tour is an excellent expression of what they feel is the heart of the information that they have to offer this planet:

"We believe the Earth today is on the verge of a critical transformation in both its physical form and energy body -- a shift which has been long-predicted throughout the world.

"We believe humanity is at the end of a major cycle of human soul evolution, and that we now stand before a radically new phase of planetary life -- literally, a renaissance of civilization.

"And yet, we each have the freedom to decide if we will join in this momentous event -- for despite the grandeur of the moment, we believe the keys to participation are quite simple…

"Each of us holds the keys, as they are but elements of our own true nature: basic human kindness, open heart and mind, and the desire to build a loving world society. And thus, it is a special time on Earth, a time of global shift.”


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