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Reincarnation and the Soul

Reincarnation and the Soul

When the embryo of your physical body was forming within your mother's womb, and you were hovering near waiting to incarnate within the new "tomb" of flesh, you brought down with you from the causal plane a "cloud of glory" which was attached to you and as much a part of you as the embryo which was to become your physical vehicle. This auric cloud did not enter the physical form at your birth, but only attached itself to your psychic centers (chakras) and remained as the vehicle of the Soul (Permanent Witness) above your head.

This auric cloud is the focal center of the real You. The "home" from where your intuition and superconscious mind unfold...This auric cloud is a "magnetic field" in which your Soul (Permanent Witness), the all-wise, the god you will become resides. It is the "place" from where your "Perfect Model" appears... and from where Primordial Wisdom unfolds its mysteries.

The question is often asked: Is the Permanent Witness or Soul an all-wise Being separate and apart from your self consciousness and ego self? Or is it simply a level of consciousness manifesting on a higher plane of your inner life such as a sixth and seventh sense?

The answer is that it is both. It is a great BEING of which you are a part and a small "being" of which you are also a conscious self...just a fragment of that infinite YOU. This limited fragment of who you are operates on your waking conscious level as your everyday personality, aware somewhat of the subconscious mind and its mysteries, and only vaguely aware, if at all, of the operation of the higher aspects of your Real Being (the superconscious levels of the Permanent and Spiritual Witnesses)... the pure Being which is the real YOU expresses on four levels of consciousness: the waking conscious - the subconscious - the superconscious - and the WISDOM MIND.

Your Spirit Self (Spiritual Witness) is often called the Parental Spirit in that you are its child. It exists in states of consciousness on the Causal Plane that cannot be known or attained by anyone except initiates and invisible Masters. The Spiritual Witness (the Monad) exists beyond time and space in an impenetrable dimension of its own...

The Spiritual Witness is your Immortal Spirit, it is immortal since it does never incarnate or take "form", that is why it remains "uncreated and "unmanifested". On the other hand, the Permanent Witness, or your Soul is only now becoming immortal through its many and various incarnations in the field of matter. As a substance and an essence the Permanent Witness is immortal, yes, in the sense that it does not die... However, the "role" and goal of the Permanent Witness is to awake Cosmic Consciousness in the ordinary level of consciousness of man and reach the Cosmic level of its Spiritual Witness - the level of the Perfect Model. Therefore, we could say that the Spiritual Witness is the truly immortal part of who you are... it is the subtle Presence of Being within...the part that you call your Existence... the Being within you that cannot reflect because it simply "IS" and "EXISTS"... and remains fully conscious always, whether in incarnation or out of it; whether you are asleep or awake.

The purpose and the object of the Soul or Permanent Witness is to perpetually evolve and awake consciousness through the creation of your various personalities. It is through the experiences of these various personalities that the Soul ultimately completes its cycle of evolution, at the end of which it may return to the exalted level of its Spiritual Witness (or Monad) and unite with it. That is when "you", uniting with the Divine Spark of your Perfect Model become divine...In hermetic and mystical writings this divine accomplishment is called
"Union with the Beloved" and "Alchemical and Mystical Wedding".


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