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All kind of Relations Astrology

All kind of Relations Astrology


What is Synastry?

Synastry is the astrology technique of comparing and contrasting two or more natal charts in order to 'tell the story' of that particular relationship. There are several major ways to do this, and we use a combination of the most proven methods.

What kind of relationships can be analysed?

Any kind! The most common requests are for marriage/romantic partnerships, together with parent-child, sibling-sibling and business partnerships. However, any two or more charts can be compared, so this technique also works for analysing friendships, relationships between work colleagues, and many other kinds of human interaction.

What does a Synastry Report show?

Synastry gives us a revealing and accurate insight into the way in which each person experiences the other. It examines what each party wants from the relationship, and to what extent they are getting what they want. It also shows how each party perceives the other, and highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of that particular partnership.

Who could benefit from a Synastry report?

A synastry report is a beautiful gift for a newly-engaged or newly-married couple, or for a couple celebrating a special anniversary. At these times of happiness and joy, a report provides valuable insights into how the couple can keep the 'magic' going.

New parents will also be delighted with a parent-child synastry report, which is able to shed light on how their child experiences them, as well as how they can each best deal with the joys and trials of parenthood.

Business partnerships and other family relationships can also benefit from the insight synastry provides. Any relationship that is going through a rough patch, particularly a love or romantic one, can be greatly helped by a synastry report that is able to highlight the real problem (as opposed to the perceived problem) and suggest concrete solutions acceptable to both parties.

What does it contain ?:

-2 natal charts.

-synastry chart.

-detailed text (over 50 pages)

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