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Remote viewers see Sirius B

Remote viewers see Sirius B the nearest dense dead star getting detached from its orbit and colliding with our Sun and earth – extraterrestrial UFOs trying to avoid the havoc?

For more than fifteen hindered years remote viewing Buddhist monks in Tibet, India and China have seen a big lightless dense star colliding with our earth and eventually with our Sun. For so long no one gave any importance to these legends because there was proof of such happenings. Now some astronomers and astrophysicists are finding some thing wrong with out nearest “White dwarf star Sirius B”. The dead star which is one million times smaller weighs almost the same as our Sun. The dead star is in an orbit around Sirius A. The two stars are both blue-white, but radically different in all other respects. They orbit around one another in about 50 years with an average distance between them of roughly 20 times the Earth-Sun distance. Sirius B is in the process of getting detached from its orbit and will be on a collision path to our earth and eventually Sun. This heavy star with super high gravity can literally detach earth from its orbit around the Sun and draw it in a collision path to itself. What keeps Sirius B in check is Sirius A. But that may end soon.

According to some scientists and engineers, for a long time the Extraterrestrials are trying to save our civilization from the coming danger of Sirius B. Some say this is inevitable in 2012. They also say that extraterrestrial UFOs are playing with earth’s and Sun’s gravitational and electromagnetic fields to make sure our solar system can repel the eminent attack from Sirius B.

The bright jewel of our stellar neighborhood -- the ``Dog Star'''' in the constellation Canis Major -- is really a double star, and each member is remarkable among local stars.

Sirius A, electric blue-white and roughly twice as wide in diameter as our Sun. is by far the brightest. hottest (nearly 10,000 degrees Celsius at the surface), and heaviest (about 2.2 times the Sun's mass) star close to the Sun. (The closest star which is even hotter and more luminous than Sirius is Vega, about 25 light-years away from us.)

Sirius B is our nearest example of a white dwarf star: an ultra dense, collapsed core of a star which long ago ran out of fuel to keep its energy-producing nuclear reactions going. While it is only about the size of the Earth -- about a million times smaller than the volume the Sun takes up -- it weighs fully 94 percent as much as our star! Its material is so compressed that a quart bottle full of its material would have about as much mass as a jumbo-jet airliner. The force exerted by its gravity would literally be crushing; if we could somehow stand on its surface, a 100-pound student would weigh something like 10,000 tons. (The next-nearest white dwarf star orbits around the bright star Procyon, about 11 1/2 light-years away from us.)


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