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Rising solar flares

Exponentially rising solar flares can cause our consciousness float out of our bodies by 2012 – an amazing phenomenon

The polar reversal in the Sun and a million year cycle are creating huge solar flares. Earth’s magnetosphere is resisting as much as possible. The solar wind in the form of electromagnetic storm is harmful in many ways. But scientists are wondering if it can cause an amazing effect around 2012 when the solar wind will peak. There is a possibility that we will experience out of body experience by 2012. It will depend on the intensity of the solar storms experienced by the earth and how much earth’s magnetosphere can protect us. If the solar storm is excessive, then our consciousness will float out of our bodies by 2012.

An electromagnetic storm is an intense phenomenon where a region of the universe experiences a very strong electromagnetic field. This is most analogous to a rainstorm. Normal rain poses no threat, but can be incredibly dangerous in heavy amounts. The same applies to electromagnetic fields. In small amounts, electromagnetic fields will not cause noticeable disruption to electronic systems. However, in large amounts, they can cause charged particles (for example, in wires) to feel a significant force, moving them. Since wires aren''t usually free to move, the flow of electrons can become extremely disrupted. This can also be extremely hazardous for delicate systems, such as those found on sensitive electronic equipments sensitive to these disruptions.

The Earth's magnetic field is in 10s of microteslas, which doesn''t cause significant problems to existing systems. Electromagnetic storms are rated in the magnitude of milliteslas or whole teslas. With wires, such intense fields can only be felt within extreme proximity to the wire with an incredible amount of current. Such close proximity could allow electrons to "jump" from the wire to whatever was nearby (as they do in spark plugs), and the amount of current would be fatal to humans.

It is possible, intense solar wind will cause us to feel out body experiences. The life forms in the universe are Zero Point Energy Modules (ZPEM) and are electromagnetic in nature with specific vibration sequences. The extreme solar storms from the Sun can cause the ZPEMs in the earth to lose its natural bonding to the body as their natural frequency of vibration will be disturbed.

In that case we will experience for a year or so something amazing – out of body experiences. Hopefully, nothing of that will happen. The solar wind may not go that intense and the magnetosphere of the earth will be able to protect us.

If our consciousness float out of our bodies by 2012 for a temporary period of a few years, all living beings will be less concerned with the material world and focus more on the spiritual needs. The world may actually become a very peaceful place.


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