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Psychics and astrologers know that they are dealing only with the most likely of several possibilities and have therefore learned to couch their prognostications in suitably ambiguous terms. But for the average psychic reader, there isnt really much at stake. A miscalculation might mean the loss of a client, but there are always others, and the reputation factor is nil because nobody expects perfection. But for a public prophet such as Gordon-Michael Scallion, the stakes are much higher indeed. Watched closely by skeptics, every prediction in print read by thousands, he is constantly being tested, and his reputation rides on every sentence. Furthermore, Scallion is particularly exposed because he is seldom vague or cryptic. He gives specifics dates, geography, magnitudes. Its definitely not an occupation for the faint of heart. Scallions predictions go out monthly from his Chesterfield, New Hampshire compound, in his newsletter, Earth Changes Report, published by his organization, The Matrix Institute. The Institute estimates total readership monthly to be about 250,000 including copies, reprints and electronic versions. In every issue, Scallion describes earth-related future events in precise detail. Hes been doing this for over five years now, having published over 50 editions of ECR, and he's still in business.

Scallion claims an overall hit ratio of about 83%, which is phenomenal by any standards. One of his most remarkable successes is Hurricane Andrew. His prediction included the approximately correct date range, wind velocity, hurricane path and the extent of the damage! He also predicted the Northridge quake, in this case identifying it correctly as an unusual vertical thrust type of earth movement, and coming very close on the magnitude. Having survived this long at the game, Scallion has, in some peoples minds, become invested with the full robe of the prophet. His arrival at this estate was confirmed year before last by his inclusion with the likes of Nostradamus, Paul Solomon, Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Edgar Cayce in the NBC TV documentary Ancient Prophecies hosted by David McCallum. The show had an audience of over 35 million viewers, and was shown twice due to popular demand. It resulted in about 54,000 inquiring phone calls to Matrix, most relating to the Scallion segment. His public appearances draw large crowds and he is constantly being pursued by the media, including the foreign press. In this milieu, obtaining a personal interview is not easy. We were, however, able to set up a session over dinner in Virginia Beach where he made his only public appearance of 1995 at an A.R.E. conference. This was on October 7 when Scallion delivered his Prophecies for the New Millennium to an international crowd of about 1,000 on the last night of the four-day conference entitled Prophecies of Change.

A Clairvoyant Futurist

Scallion refers to himself as a futurist. Having previously identified this appellation with writers and think-tank types who extrapolate future trends from past and present events, and knowing very well that Scallion obtains his information from inner sources, we sought clarification. It appears that Scallion has expanded this term, by adding some new dimensions. He says, A futurist tracks scientific data like the stock market, for example. But somewhere along the line, he has to make a decision that somethings going to happen. If its based only on charting, then hes just a forecaster. But a futurist is looking at multiple things, including consciousness. But the ability to look at consciousness is not given to everyone. It requires clairvoyance, and Scallion claims to have this power. By the classical definition, a clairvoyant can see events remotely in distance or time, in explicit detail. Therefore, it seems, Scallions definition of futurism weds a study of statistical probability with the ability to see future events movie-like. This is a potent combination that seems to allow him to time events more precisely, usually a great problem for psychics who sometimes cant tell the past from the future because they dont take trends into consideration.

Scallion also gets information in dreams. He says, Thats one of my main sources because its so vivid. I see a vision and I have to figure it out. If I remember the dream when I wake up, I can recall it any time, any year, and as it replays itself, I can simply ask questions and get some understanding of what it means. We asked him how the answers to his questions were presented. GMS: Usually its auditory. AR: That would imply an entity of some sort. GMS: Not necessarily. It could be subconscious mind that little inner voice that tells us things. But there are different voices that I hear many times. Ive had conversations with prophets, and people who have recently passed over. He confesses to some perplexity about the information he receives. Its the interaction that I dont know about between my soul and where it goes for information. I keep hearing in my dialogues about monads that my monadic connection is directing me here, and directing me there. So Im not really sure what thats all about.

The Blue Star

From its very inception five years ago, the main preoccupation of the Earth Changes Report has been on what many believe to be the coming cataclysms. Although it also serves up generous portions of philosophy, this has been its fundamental raison dÉtre. Each issue of ECR reports on earthquake, volcanic and severe weather activity all over the globe so that the patterns of escalating catastrophe can be fully appreciated. In this regard, Scallion falls right in line with Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and the Book of Revelation, and in many ways, sees more gloom and doom than any of them. But in typical Scallion fashion, he has a unique viewpoint about many of the details and the whys and the wherefores. This, we learned, seems to be his trademark. He can be counted on for the unexpected, sometimes outrageous, and yet intuitively right-sounding explanation for any question.

This certainly applies to his prophecy about the Blue Star. None of the previous prognosticators of mega doom have ever really given us a complete explanation of the cosmic events that some believe could bring about the changes. As he does with everything, Scallion connects all the dots, and paints a vivid picture. The changes, he says, will be sudden and drastic. We asked what would trigger it. Another sun is going to enter into our solar system. AR: This is the so-called Blue Star? GMS: Yes. It has already begun. Even from further out it influences us. Eventually when its close enough, angular forces will be set up between key stars, specifically Sirius B, Arcturus and our sun. That alignment along with this new Blue Star, will trigger a polar shift in the sun. The sun will re-position itself internally, he says, and will alter its field, and it will immediately transfer that change to the earths core (and presumably all the other planets). And instantly the earth will change its magnetic field and the north magnetic pole will shift its position. When does he believe it will happen? It has really been snowballing since the 1930s. But theres going to be an event sometime between 1997 and 1998. In fact, the magnetic north pole has been moving towards the northwest since 1931, and the magnetic south pole is now in the Indian Ocean.

The Blue Star is known to scientists as the Hale-Bopp comet, which recently disappeared behind the sun. It will reappear in 1998. Scallions name for the comet comes from the old Hopi legend about the dancing Blue Star Kachina. Several other prophecies have mentioned a new sun at the end of the age including Marys messages, the Ramala readings, and those of Nostradamus.

Scallion is the first to fully delineate the devastating and variegated effects of such a radical magnetic pole shift. It will change the weather, he says, all sorts of climatic conditions, the genetic codings (i.e., DNA), the vibration of the earth its actual frequency will increase. This will instantly affect all magnetic devices in the world, and will alter that part of the brain which accesses collective information, removing some of it, and allowing it to relate to the new consciousness. We understood this to mean that the new consciousness will result from the fact that the earth will be in a higher spiritual vibration, and that without the brain change we could all quite possibly go mad. We were reminded of the prophecy in the New Testament, and we will all be changed in the twinkling of an eye.

The New Age Begins

Some will adapt better than others, says Scallion, depending upon their state of consciousness when the shift takes place. Of this he says, You know in the 1920s, 30s and 40s you had a lot of time. You had a lifetime. But 1987 was the turning point. After 87 the die was pretty much cast. And now its at the stage of How fast can you catch up? If you do catch up, then you wont even know youre going through any changes gaining this kind of growth. Other people will have a very difficult time. And the difficulty will be with dis-ease, mostly in the electrical system of the body. So youll see new diseases, new plagues. Clearly there will be many casualties. How many? Scallion uses the phrase, a massive loss of life. Estimates by other prognosticators put the numbers in the billions. By when? Between 1998 and 2001.

For those who are left, it will be a total collective human transformation, and will usher in the much-heralded New Age. Says Scallion, Theres a whole new energy system out there, a new race of people. Everything changes. Its like you went to another planet. Six years from now, in the new millennium, people will have access to higher intelligences at birth. Whereas today we might question who can access intuitive information, in the next century, it wouldnt even be a question. Theres a portion of our soul, our monadic connection, that is going to be replaced with another one.

Go to Egypt

In January of this year Scallion turned his attention and his clairvoyant focus from the future to the distant past. In his newsletter that month, he described a vision which he claimed seemed to last for hours. He watched the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, with the Sphinx already there. As he watched, he heard a voice which he believed to be that of one of his alter egos, in this case his teacher-self. The voice said, Go to Egypt in January something wonderful is going to happen. He interpreted this as a message to go there to obtain intuitive information about the imminent discovery of the Hall of Records. While in Egypt, the original vision was expanded, and in fact, he felt himself actually there and part of the scene around 10,500 B.C. as the workmen constructed the Great Pyramid. This was a totally unique experience for him, since all of his previous visions had been like viewing a movie screen. Scallion claims the total Egypt experience to have been life-changing, almost like an initiation in itself.

He found himself in a semi-tropical setting with lush vegetation. The Giza plateau was an island. He saw large birds in the air, and cigar-shaped flying craft resembling dirigibles, anchored to the ground with cables. Suspended beneath them were cradles containing large granite blocks. We asked him to describe the construction. The large granite blocks, many of them weighing 100 tons, were cut by types of lasers at the Aswan quarry, and then transported by the airships. They were brought up the Nile on tethers to the site. On the site they used a technology involving electrostatic repulsion to levitate the blocks just enough so that they could then move them easily into position. Most of the limestone blocks that were used were from the base of the pyramid. Theres more construction under the base than there is above it. Everything they took out from underneath the pyramid was all re-synthesized, pulverized, if you will, or re-liquified, and cast on site.

In the ECR of May, 1995, Scallion identifies the builders of the pyramid as Atlanteans, in conjunction with Egyptians and Dareans, thus agreeing with Edgar Cayce. The high-tech capability came with the Atlanteans. With Sitchins and Bauvals theories in mind, we asked where the Atlanteans obtained the technology. Scallion confirmed the extraterrestrial hypothesis and contributed some new details. Atlantis got its major technological breakthroughs 70,000 years ago from other consciousnesses, predominantly from the Pleaidians who came in and helped move them technologically in a certain direction. Then they came back 30,000 years ago and helped them again. This time they intermarried and lived side by side in communities for a long time, and they were eventually absorbed into the races.

The Great Pyramid as a Time Machine

Presumably, the other consciousnessess may have included Orion, which would support Robert Bauvals theory . And in a remarkable corroboration of Bauvals belief that the Great Pyramid was used for time travel, Scallion says that it was indeed a time machine. Scallion first discussed this subject in the May, 1995 ECR, five months before the Bauval interview appeared in Atlantis Rising, so theres no question that both men came to this conclusion independently. We asked for elaboration, and Scallion delivered one of his more incredible explanations one we are very unlikely to hear or read anywhere else. The tuning device, the instrument for bending time, was housed in the grand gallery. It was able to move up and down in a special cradle. Gases were brought up from deep within the earth underneath. There are deep shafts that go down miles and miles and miles until we hit the magma core. They were able to take that heat and gas, and fill a whole chamber, and then when the instrument operated, it was able to bend time in that chamber. The pressure exerted in those chambers was unbelievable. Thats why it (the pyramid) required so much mass.

AR: So thats what its purpose was to take individuals in there and to send them on a journey? GMS: Yes. The test was simple. You went into that room with a priest who has already mastered it, and if you were at the right attunement you could go there, and if you werent you would try again another time. People who perfected all of it were then able to go the stars to instantly be on other stars. AR: Instantly? You mean through a time warp? GMS: Yes. It was the ability to project your astral form and have total awareness there, or if you were well developed you could send your whole image there.

Scallion also clairvoyantly corroborated the research of John Anthony West. The Great Pyramid was underwater for quite awhile, salt water, up to the Queens Chamber. That occurred when there was one of the great cataclysms, around 11,600 years ago. The blocks in those chambers have an epoxy resin the outer ones dont. And thats why even when it was flooded the water only permeated some slight areas. It was hermetically sealed, literally. Scallions use of the word literally here obviously refers to the fact that the phrase hermetically sealed may have had its origin in Hermes waterproofing of the Great Pyramid.

The Hall of Records

As predicted in his initial vision, Scallion was able to obtain complete information about the Hall of Records while in Egypt, by projecting his mind inside and below the monuments. More information was added after the trip. He claims that it contains a chronology of written records of all past civilization (as well as present and future) that have existed on Earth since Man first became a spiritual being, including all the cataclysms. Also to be found here will be prophecies to the year 2001, when a new race begins. Scallion says that there are many underground temples, but in front of the Sphinx is the Great Hall which contains most of the ancient records. The temples may be found on either side of a line drawn from the center of the south wall of the Great Pyramid, to the center of the hind paws of the Sphinx. He says that the entrance to the Great Hall may be found at a depth of 86 meters below the front right paw of the Sphinx.

In our interview Scallion described the incredible, elaborate protective mechanism designed by the priests to insure that only the right individual would gain access to the chambers at precisely the right time in history. They are protected by a form of psychotronics, which is machinery without moving parts that is still connected to the invisible consciousness that guards it. To gain entrance, the vibration, the auric field, of the person entering the room must match the vibration of the statues protecting it. And when it does, the statue stands down, and you just can walk right by. If your vibration doesnt match, then the statue begins to vibrate harmful radiations, and drives you insane, or will kill you. There is much more rich detail about Egypt in the ECRs of 1995
Scallions vision for the future of earth was sketched out in his Millennium Prophecies, given as a lecture at Virginia Beach and published in the ECR of October, 1995. He claims to have received this prophecy from a panel of three androgynous-looking entities in white robes whose blue-grey eyes emitted a white stream. After the catastrophic events of the late 90s, which he now calls the quickening, a new human race will emerge, attuned to the new consciousness. Time, as we know it, will no longer exist. Instead, all change will be dictated by the collective consciousness. It will become the Millennium of Oneness.


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