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A Ritual for Beltane

A Ritual for Beltane

Materials Needed: (* denotes Altar Setup)

a. RIBBON - for each member (at least 10 yds in length in their choice of color)
b. MASKS - made by each individual (Including the Guardian!)
c. MAYPOLE - gathered by the men before ritual
d. FLOWERS - gathered by the women before...
e. ARM CIRCLET - made of flowers *
f. CROWN CIRCLET - made of flowers *
g. CANDLES - Red, Yellow, and White pillars *
i. WATCHTOWER Representations - Incense(AIR), Candle(FIRE), Water(WATER), Salt(EARTH)
k. SACRIFICE (representation) *
l. FOOD - must be cold items! Cheeses, salads, fresh fruits, vegetables, cold meats.
m. Packets of seeds



Each person will don their mask as we start out the back door. We will follow the children throughout the yard. They will be carrying the POPPET and calling out Death, and asking life to bloom... They will lead us to the circle...


EAST: From the East, House of Light, may wisdom dawn in us so we may see all things in clarity.

SOUTH: From the South, House of the Eternal Sun, may right action reap the harvest so we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being.

WEST: From the West, House of Transformation, may wisdom be transformed into right action so we may do what must be done.

NORTH: From the North, House of Night, may wisdom ripen in us so we may know all from within.

HP (lights God candle): From Above, House of Heaven, where star people and ancestors gather, may their blessings come to us now.

HPS (lights Goddess candle): From Below, House of Earth, may the heartbeat of her crystal core bless us with harmonies to end all war.

NOTE: do NOT light the Spirit candle!!!):

HP/S and The representatives of the 4 Cardinal points (who take one step in toward the altar): From the Center,

All who haved stepped forward say:

Galactic source which is everywhere at once, May everything be known as the light of mutual love.

The children hand the POPPET to the HP/S to be thrown into the bonfire
HP: Behold! Our Mother Earth is lying here, Behold! She gives of her fruitfulness. Truly, her power she gives us. Give thanks to Mother Earth who lies here. Behold! On Mother Earth, the growing fields! Behold the promise of her fruitfulness. Truly, her power she gives us. Give thanks to Mother Earth who lies here. Behold on Mother Earth the spreading trees! Behold the promise of her fruitfulness. Truly, her power she gives us. Give thanks to Mother Earth who lies here. Behold on Mother Earth the running streams. We see the promise of her fruitfulness. Truly, her power she gives us. Our thanks to Mother Earth who lies here.

HP picks up the circlet crown of flowers and places it on the head of the HPS.

HPS: Thank you Lord, for your free gift of fire. Because it is through fire that you draw near to us every day. It is with fire that you constantly bless us. Oh, Gods, bless this fire today with your power, enter into it. Make this fire a worthy thing. A thing that carries your blessing. Let it become a reminder of your love. A reminder of life without end. Make the life of these people to be baptizes like this fire. A thing that shines for your sake. Gods, heed this sweet smelling smoke. Make their life also sweet smelling. A sweet smelling thing that rises to you. A holy thing. A thing fitting for all the Gods.

HPS picks up the arm circlet of flowers and places it on the HP.


HP and HPS perform symbolic Great Rite.

HP and HPS pick up God and Goddess candles and light the Spirit candle together.

ALL: O our Mother the Earth, O our Father the Sky, your children are we and with tired backs, we bring you gifts that you love. Weave for us a garment of Brightness. May the warp be the white light of morning. May the weft be the red light of evening. May the fringes be the falling rain. May the border be the standing rainbow. Thus weave for us a garment of brightness that we may walk fittingly where grass is green, O our Mother the Earth, O our Father the Sky.

HP offers the wicker man to the fire, and the HPS will hand out seeds to each participant. Each practitioner will then offer these to the fire,as a "sacrifice" for good crops and harvests.

WEST: Everywhere is the green of new growth, the amazing sight of the renewal of the earth. We watch the grass once again emerging from the ground. We notice the bright green atop the dark green on the Pine, the Fir, the Hemlock, the Spruce, the Cedar. The Alder is already in leaf. The old Plum tree still blossoms, leafs, and gives forth fruit. The Locust is late as always. Everywhere and always the song of birds, bees raiding the orchard, raccoon prowling at nightfall, the earthworm tunneling the garden, chickens and rabbits pecking and nibbling, the goats tugging to reach new delights. All these are the ubiquitous energies of life.

NORTH: May we, today, be touched by grace. Fascinated and moved by this your creation. Energized by the power of new growth at work in your world.

EAST: May we move beyond viewing this life only through a frame . . . touch it and be touched by it, know it and be known by it, love it and be loved by it.

SOUTH: May our bodies, our minds, our spirits learn a new rhythm, paced by the rhythm of the whole created order. May spring come to us, be in us, and recreate life in us.

WEST: May we forge a new friendship with the natural world and discover a new affinity with beauty, with life, and with the Gods in whom all things were created.


Masks are removed by all and offered to the fire.


HP blesses the bread and gives offering to the Gods.
HPS blesses the wine and gives offering to the Gods.
HP and HPS offer bread and wine to each other then to participants.


HP and HPS thank the God/Goddess for being present, then extinguish the appropriate candle. The spirit candle will be left to burn.

Each Watchtower will thank the Powers/Guardians, perform a banishing pentagram, the offer their symbol to the Watchtower/Power.

(EAST-lay incense stick in sand,
SOUTH-extinguish candle,
WEST-pour water on ground,
NORTH-pour salt on ground.)
Guardian opens the circle....

Blessed Be!!
Food Time!!!!!!!!


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